Thank you. Such an honor


It is always so special to have this site noticed. I love being able to help, and having work get out there to positively impact more people makes me really happy.

Today, I received an amazing tweet that made me smile. I am Foodista’s Food Blog of the Day! What a wonderful honor to be featured on such an amazing site. They feature so many terrific recipes and beautiful images, so having my cheesecake featured means so much.


Another boost came from seeing my frozen yogurt recipe featured today on the front page of! What’s more, it’s my picture that I took, which means my efforts with photography are paying off. I am such a fan of Bliss, so it means so much to me to see my work featured. Bliss features some of the most amazing content from around the world and from many sites. To make their front page is a supremely cool distinction.


Finally, Hebrew National paid us such an honor yesterday by featuring out party on their Facebook page!


Yeah! Party party party! My daughter felt like such a celebrity showing up on their Facebook page. I know she felt supremely snazzy for the entire day over that one.

I do what I do because I love you guys so much. Seeing my work branch out into other forums and pages is such a thrill and an honor.

Thanks again for all of your support.

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  1. Congratz! but such a slap in the face you didn’t get something like Foodista’s food blog of the year or at least a Gold Medal. I mean come-on……………….

  2. Gladiolia says

    Dear Jamie,
    You, my dear, deserve all the greatest honours and accolades that media can bestow upon you!
    Each and everyday….you deserve to be honoured for your personal generosity to all of us who embrace the low carb eating plan. You keep us faithful and away from temptation…no matter how boring some of our own quick cook meals are! After all it is still food…and WE ALL promise to remember to try a new Your Lighter Side recipe tomorrow….instead of cooking “that same old thing!”

    Smile a smile of greatest personal satisfaction, you have earned it! All the best to you!


  3. That is so awesome, Jamie. I rarely comment, occasionally like, but ALWAYS follow the work you at Your Lighter Side. The numerous accolades you receive are truly earned.

  4. That is so great. Congrats to you and all your hard work.
    I do not comment daily but you can see I do read your blogs, even if I am a couple of days late.

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