A Quick Thought for Sassy Saturday

Don’t use words like stalled or plateau.

Try trial/mini maintenance; after all, this is where the proverbial rubber hits the road.

For most of your weight loss/fitness journey, you’re going to spend much of your time not losing but maintaining your hard work.

Those days that try a man’s (or a woman’s) patience are the ones that define success or recidivism.

I know you choose success, so look for successful, positive terms that define what this is rather than the drudgery of the stall.
You can do it! Be fabulous.



  1. I understand but it is so hard for me to step on the scale for 3 months now and it is the same every day!!!! When will it go down again. This is the second time since January that my scale has not moved at all. I don’t cheat yet I see no results. I’m not going to give up.

  2. Thank you for the pep talk! Lately my weight loss has seemed to stall but I remind myself that this is a life time commitment so whats a week or two? However the mind set is important, thanks for a more positive way to look at my journey to become healthy. 🙂

  3. GREAT thoughts Jamie! Defeat the negative with the positive!

  4. Cheryl Moroe says:

    Love the thought process behind this! Thanks Jamie!

  5. I like to say I’ve hit a little “speed bump” 🙂

    I will absolutely start using those terms from now on!!!

  7. you are so right. If I can maintain for a while, I know I will start losing again. And I’m eating some wonderful food!

  8. Thanks Jamie, I needed this, especially today which has been a trying day for me in terms of scale, food choices, etc. I’m moving past it and continuing on my journey. These are the days where I learn, re-asess and move on. Thanks again for always being so supportive and inspiring! xo

  9. JoAnn Mantych says:

    Thanks Jamie,
    I have been on this low carb journey ( number 9321) since Feb 1st. I am (now) 4’11” inches and in feb weighed 140 pounds. I am now at 29 and have sat here for a month, despite sticking to LC, exercise, accupuncture and no wine (sob). While I feel 1000% better, I am getting a bit down about the weight. thanks for your words and insight. Mini maintenance is a very good thought to keep me on the straight and narrow.

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