Aug. 31 Menu and Events (Day 5)

Greek tuna salad I’m playing with.

Happy Finally Friday (Well, now it’s Saturday, but I write these the day before to reflect what I ate)!

It’s the first Friday of our Mid-Year Resolution challenge and I’m in it to win it. I am sitting here eating some tuna fish salad and thinking about how much better I feel today than last Friday.  I do wish I could sleep more, but I attribute that to my bad ‘caffeine-after-7pm’ habits, so I’m cutting back.

Now what I had yesterday… First of all, here’s the plan I’m following and here is the introduction post to the Mid-Year Resolution Challenge.

While you look at what I’m doing, be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled to provide some ideas, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). I am, however, here with you to cheer you on and help you hold you when you’re so slim you blow away when you sneeze.

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Friday, August 31

I ate this:

Breakfast: Dr. Zevia cola + Greek tuna salad (It was nasty. No recipe coming.)
Lunch: Zucchini bread (still in development. No recipe yet.) + *Burger Toppings (lettuce, tomato cheese, onion)
Dinner: Chili with cheese, onions and sour cream, Blueberries (about 1/4 cup)
Late-night snack: Zucchini bread

Notes: I can’t stand the texture of canned tuna because I am too spoiled by fresh-grilled tuna steaks (recipe).
* My kids went to Carl’s Junior and all I wanted was the discarded lettuce, tomato and onions! I layered those on a slice of American cheese and was in Heaven.

I exercised:


Today I Learned:

No more caffeine after 7 p.m.

I am having a really hard time getting to bed before midnight and then getting up to spend time with my teenagers in the morning at 6:30.

I love waking up with my teens because it is a quiet time to wish them a wonderful morning and see to any needs they might have. Sometimes I can even help make them breakfast or help pack their lunches, sign papers and give plenty of hugs. I am missing out on all of those moments due to a slight miscalculation in caffeine, so that ends today.

As an aside, this tuna salad was nasty! I am not a girl who likes canned tuna. Going to buy some tuna steaks…


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  1. Breakfast was a luxurious sirloin and steak and one egg….easy over. I love it when the yolk provides its own sauce! I was so hungry for this I lept out of bed to cook!

    Lunch…spicy grilled sirloin (the other half of the breakfast steak) and a very garlicky Caesar….dressing made with olive oil mayo!

    Going to walk the entire Costco….twice…in A/C bliss…and if there is cheese to sample….or meat…so be it! Rewards are welcome!

    Dinner, I am planning…a rich ham, onion and egg omelet…which was supposed to be breakfast! Yes, an upside down day….but delicious!

  2. Jamie, I had to stop having caffeine after 7pm as well, or I’d be awake all night. For the most part now, I drink decaf and though the first couple weeks I was a groggy mess, now after doing it for years my body has no problems getting “going” in the morning without it.
    Sorry the tuna didn’t turn out. I’ve taken to chopping up baked chicken breasts and adding diced onion, celery, and radishes and mixing it up with a 50-50 mix of mayo and ceasar dressing and having that as lunch. It seems to be working – I’m down 5 since the Mid-Year challenge began 🙂

    • Yay on your 5 pounds down! You are doing so well!

      About 30% of my “great ideas” end up being crap, but I’m always glad I gave it a shot. I learn from the failures, too.

  3. Sounds good Jamie!! I have the same but due to a caffeine intolerance I drink decaff anyway but even that after 20.00 has me sweating and shaking and staring at the ceiling… so no coffee for me after then either. I have not been writing down my carbs but they have been very low these last few days due to much eggs, bacon, lettuce, mozz and meat. Last night was an organic lambs sausage with spinach, lunch mostly 100 gr tomatoes with mozz and basil, snack is celery sticks, salted and slathered with mayo. Nice food, not too much variation for me yet but I like regularity and predictability. Already I notice I’m losing water weight (peeing so much it isn’t funny ;)) and am feeling fine to be honest. Thanks again for your input, I love the way you write and I can’t wait for induction to be over so I can get back to eating the lo carb granola and stuff that I am missing now. xxx

  4. I w/i yesterday morning (after 3 days in) and was down 3#. I’m so grateful for you to starting this challenge because I have been wanting to get back on the wagon for literally years and never make it more than a couple of hours! I feel SO good! Clear headed, full of energy…yes! Last night for supper I had parmesan crusted shrimp, buffalo wings and a salad. Love “diet” food. lol

  5. I don’t do caffeine, not it that it ever had any effect on me at all. Drinks are now decaf coffee, seltzer water and red wine.
    Breakfast was pumpkin pancake with sausage and strawberries. Lunch was a couple of slices of turkey with some pickles. Dinner was scrambled eggs with ham, cheese and salsa. Today, I’m not hungry yet but I did have a couple a macadamia nuts before going to the store.
    Went to Walmart to buy some fat pants since I’m down to only one pair that fits, and they were in the wash. I wore jeans, in 80 degree plus weather because I still have fat jeans. Very disappointed to find either Daisy Dukes (I wouldn’t subject anyone to having to look at my butt in those), capris which come almost to the ankles on my short legs, or 4XL pants. I’m not quite there (yet). So I left empty handed then went to the market. I bought meat and veggies, plus beer and chips for my DH. I mused on the fact that there is so much more stuff that is off limits to me, than stuff I can eat.

  6. Oh Jill, my heart goes out to you! Please look through Jamie’s blog. She is a WEALTH of LC information and recipes, and (dare I say) there are others as well. Your cabinet may look bleak right now, but PLEASE do some research, buy a cookbook or five, get on the internet, that is free! Start writing down some things that you CAN have. Jamie is very creative when it comes to putting things together, cole slaw (going to make that Monday), lasagna (love hers, have some now in my freezer) (no real pasta, mind you, but I know I do not miss it), cheesecake, dip, mock potato salad, oh my the list goes on and on. I make myself very large salads for lunches with my own salad dressing including olive oil and I am full for hours. And dare I forget BACON!!!!!!!! Jamie is the QUEEN of bacon. Never had it while on a low fat diet for YEARS but oh my gosh. I have to have it only once in awhile because (blushing here) I cook the pound and eat it. Now it that embarrasing or what? Anyway, yes I go to WalMart and see all the PREPARED food I won’t touch and should not on this way of eating, but I get excited to find the ingredients to make things I CAN have. I do also admit to not being someone who shares her goodies very well with those non low carbers, namely my daughters. Ha!!!! I also keep in mind what good I am doing for my body, as you too should focus on that. Okay, now off of my soapbox, I just get so excited and so few people around me don’t really care about this way of eating. Made some LC ramen soup last night, going to have spaghetti sauce (made it myself) over zoodles, made some chocolate chips today to make some cookies later on. Okay, I said I’d stop. So guess what I am saying is, yes I sometimes get down on this, too. You pretty much have to make everything yourself and maybe that is what you have to make up your mind to do. But to me that is half the fun, and of course hearing from Jamie, she just makes me laugh!!!!!! And that has no carbs, no calories, just plain fun, thank you, Jamie!!!!

    • You are such a sweetheart. I love reading what you have to say, too! You have some excellent advice to share.

      The queen of bacon

    • Thank you, Jamie and Nancy for your inspiring words. I will get to my goal one day but not today and probably not tomorrow either. Apart from an over indulgence with the red wine, my body is very happy with the new way of things. Most days, I do fine with cooking everything from scratch but just now and again, I think we all like to take a break.

      I’m so happy to be here, where the LC way of life is understood and appreciated.

    • What are zoodles?

      • Zoodles I believe are zucchini noodles made by either drawing a potato peeler or a julienne peeler along the side of the squash and then prepared either in butter on the stove, or brief boiling in a pan. There’s a recipe for them under Main Dishes in the top recipes tab.

  7. Hi, again!
    I have an idea for canned tuna…turn into a melt!
    This is what I do….

    Fry half a very small onion just to sweat it out…in lots of butter.
    Add a dash of red pepper flakes for heat, to taste.
    Add the drained can of tuna…I use white solid albacore!
    Toss quickly in the onion mixture to heat through…and break the tuna apart.
    Top with mild shredded mild cheddar, or any preferred cheese.
    Allow cheese to melt….and slide quickly onto plate…cheese side up!
    Squeeze a little fresh lime juice over this…it brightens the taste!

    • Mmmm!! Tuna melt. Thank you Gladys for that delicious sounding recipe.

      • Thank you for thecompliment, Jamie…that coming from the Gold Medal Winner, too!

        I find that tuna eaten warm is much more filling and satisfying than eaten cold.
        If you don’t like tuna much, go heavier on the onion, and red pepper flakes and cheese….but this is very good…..and I do NOT like fish at all!


  8. Hey. Try your recipe with canned chicken instead. It is yummy. I also add some boiled eggs. Blessings, Sheatina

  9. I can’t handle regular canned tuna (and haven’t been able to for years), though the albacore works pretty well for me. There’s one brand/type I really love. It is:

    and well worth the little bit of extra cost than other albacores. Very nice product!


    Now, to contradict myself, I did find this Starkist variety and like it a lot too:

    It isn’t over oily to me. I usually just eat it straight out of the can because it’s a quick breakfast at my desk at work, but veggie additions would be nice too.


    Just wanted to share this in case it might help you find a nicer canned tuna!

    • Thank you, Alice! If you haven’t tried a tuna steak yet, it puts all of the tunas in a can to shame! I think I wrecked myself with that steak… :^o

      • Yes – tuna steak is fantastic! I’m fortunate enough to work in a fishing village, so can buy whole tuna at a *cough* reasonable price. A few weekends ago, hubby and I canned 58 1/2 pints of tuna with just a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of sea salt, and a slice of fresh jalapeno pepper in each jar. Yum! Not hot, but adds just a little definition in the flavor of the fish. We made sure we held out several servings of tuna steak for the freezer & had tuna steak for dinner that night – topped with fresh homemade pico de gallo – lovely!

      • I plan to try tuna steak also! I’ve had it in restaurants but never cooked it myself.

        Thank you for all you do and share, Jamie!

  10. Jamie –
    It doesn’t seem like you eat very much. It makes me question how frequently I eat. Thank you soooo much for posting. You’re a great inspiration!
    Blessings –

    • Hi, Julia! I eat when I’m hungry and stop when no longer hungry, but I typically eat 2-3 meals per day. If I’m hungry, I definitely eat, though. I don’t want to “crash diet” my way thin for sure.

  11. Well…at least the picture looks good!!! lol I will be trying the tuna melt, though, that sounds good!! I love tuna steaks, but most people would cringe when they see mine…cooked all the way through with just a little pink!!!

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