Hug the Planet While Nourishing Your Kids


School is back in session and while bells ring, and the pitter patter of feet wend their way through the halls of academia, chances are you’ve put a lot of love into their lunches, too.

From healthy fruits and vegetables to yummy, gluten-free sandwiches, you’re filling those young bodies with plenty of brain food to keep them going.

The question now becomes, how do your kids transport their mid-day meals?

I totally love that Annie’s Homegrown, Stonyfield YoKids, Honest Kids and Seventh Generation have teamed up for the second consecutive year to help curb lunchtime waste by offering families free Kids Konserve reusable lunch sacks this back-to-school season.

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 31 tons of plastic waste was generated in 2010, and only 12 percent of the plastic bags, sacks and wraps created were recycled? Boo!

Additionally, every school lunch creates an average of 67 pounds of trash per school year. So  just one average-size middle school creates over 40,000 pounds of lunch waste each year! Wowzers, right?

Want your own free lunch sack like the one pictured above?

Through Oct. 31, 2012, with the purchase of products from partner companies, families will receive a free Kids Konserve lunch sack!

Eligible products include:

  • Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt 6-packs or Squeezers
  • Honest Kids Organic Drinks 8-pack carton or 64-ounce bottle
  • Seventh Generation Disinfectants (sprays or wipes)

The adorable and easy to use (and fold flat) re-useable lunch sacks are washable, made of recycled cotton and cut a great deal of waste that you tend to see from daily paper or plastic lunch bags. I played with them and love how soft they feel. The handles are quality, and the Velcro is no-nonsense.

And, because the bag folds flat, it can go right into the back of a backpack for easy transporting.

Also, I so love the companies listed because there’s something for every low glycemic load family out there. Whether it’s Annie’s Organic Caesar Dressing or Honest Kids‘ low-sugar Goodness Grapeness drink (with recyclable pouches), Stoneyfield’s Organic Yogurt, or Seventh Generation’s natural botanical cleaners and laundry detergents, there is something for everyone–plus a super cute lunch sack? Hello. I’m there.

Fan Share Closed. Thanks for entering!

Want to win one of these adorable lunch sacks for your very own?

Thanks to the generosity of these terrific companies, I have TWO lunch sacks to give away, along with valuable coupons for free products from Annie’s Organics, Honest Kids, Stonyfield YoKids,  and Seventh Generation Disinfectants! (And a super cute bunny decal I had to play with, so my fingerprints are all over it. Sorry.)

That’s a supremely generous prize package worth over $20 for two of my fabulous readers. 

To enter, all you have to do is share an answer to one of the questions below in the comments:

What tips do you have for a waste-free lunch?

What is your child’s favorite lunch box item?

What brain-boosting food do you add to your child’s lunch? 

I will randomly draw from two comments below on Wednesday, September 12 at midnight MST, and will contact you via the email address you use to leave a comment.

Leave a comment below to enter today!


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  1. Lisa Murphy says

    We use real silverware rather than plastic. I bought a cheap yard sale set that I only use for lunches.

  2. My son needs an apple and an orange in his lunch box daily as well as granola bars to keep him going!

  3. What tips do you have for a waste-free lunch?
    I’ve got two!
    #1: Wrap food in tinfoil, instead of plastic. Tinfoil can easily be recycled into any can receptacle (which are becoming more and more popular in schools).
    #2 Bento Boxes! They’re washable and there’s built-in compartments for all the sides that would require their own individual wrapper.

  4. I bought the cutest fabric sandwich bags on etsy – they zip closed and wash well. I don’t feel guilty now about all those plastic sandwich bags per kiddo each year!

  5. Favorite lunch box item, celery with almond butter, also a good brain booster.

  6. I own three stainless steel thermoses … THIS is the time to buy…at the start of school.
    And look around….even here in Canada last week, the $15-20. sizes were all on sale for a mere $5. ea. ….500 ml, 1 litre, and food container sizes. They are not just for kids, all adults should invest in them…they do not break, they are NOT our mother’s thermoses!

    Plus Tupperware, is always a better choice. If it breaks it is replaced FREE… truly leak proof!

    I agree with Jamie, she is “spot on!”


  7. String cheese would have to be their fav lunch box item…chilled or warm, it’s still stringy fun 🙂

  8. Reusable plastic containers (Tupperware, Rubbermaid) and the coolest lunchbag they can pick out. Kids have to like what they are tote-ing! An apple with cheese or celery stuffed with cream cheese is their go to snacks!

  9. Jill Walden says

    What is your child’s favorite lunch box item?
    Apple slices with peanut butter.
    Slices of raw milk cheese.
    Note: These are my favorites too!

  10. michelle rodriguez says

    My kids fav. lunch is any kind of fruit. They would eat fruit all day. and I reuse everything they bring the forks home, I use plastic containers.

  11. I use stainless steel containers and reusable bags. We don’t buy individual serving sizes.

  12. Carrie rogers says

    We use little Bento boxes with lids and hinges for my youngest’s lunch (it’s not big enough for my older kid. I can fit a sandwich or wrap in one compartment along with a milk, fruit, snack and morning snack. She LOVES them. And no more lost plastic containers. We also broke our expensive bottled water habit last year, I bough a Britta water filter and reusable water bottles and we are all hydrated for so much cheaper and no more plastic bottles!

  13. I am a big kid – I work in a school so I can qualify! I take my lunch – greek yogurt in recyclable containers for a snack. Also, instead of plastic or styrofoam plates and bowls, I take my everyday dish and silverware to work and bring it home empty for washing. Also, adding a cute cloth made napkin to my lunch bag, makes others who see it asks questions as to why. I jump on the chance to spread my low carb way of life as well as my recycle mania.

  14. For a waste free lunch, I have always let my kids choose their favorite healthy lunch foods and snacks. That way they usually ate what was packed.

  15. Debbie Frick says

    I make a large batch if homemade delicious energy bars each week. Perfect for lunches

  16. We’re all just big kids!

  17. I make chia seed pudding and package it in small BPA free plastic containers.

  18. What brain-boosting food do you add to your child’s lunch? String cheese which also has calcium for strong bones.

  19. Karen perkins says

    My sons favorite snack in his lunch is green grapes. Or bananas. Or strawberries.

  20. anniewoodfin says

    hard boiled eggs are yummy brain-boosters!

  21. My daughter must have fruit. Her fav is watermelon or cantaloupe. Makes me very happy.

  22. almonds are so good for that boost! use real dishes, utinsels and wash them. it also makes your food more appeal ok ng on a plate!

  23. Jen Crandall says

    Favorite lunch box item has to be string cheese. then grapes!

  24. Maria in NJ says

    My girl is in her second year of HS and yes I do make her lunch, and I swear for the whole year she will have a turkey and provolone cheese sandwich, maybe an occasional PB&J…thank you for a chance to win this…m

  25. If you put frozen blueberries in a small container, they’ll be a perfect brain booster by lunch time.


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