MyTide saves money, works harder, smells better

New kid on the sock. I mean block.

When something works as hard as it can, it usually smells bad and costs a lot (I’m specifically picturing the time I let my son use the chain saw).

But oh, how pretty Tide remains, with its fresh, barely-there scent of Febreze. It’s like a laundry goddess with flowers in her hair and a lightness in her every footfall.

I’d always been a Tide user in the past, but I ended up switching to a bargain brand to save a little cash. But more on the cost later.

I am seriously excited about the new, fabulous options Tide offers. There are so many specific and helpful products, like Febreze Sport (which excels at removing tough odors and stains), that you might not know which detergent serves your needs best.

That’s where the new MyTide selector quiz comes in handy.

I’m not great with quizzes, but this one was fun and simple, and you can’t fail (like the Physics 101 exam: Centrifuge, centripetal, which one is which? Oh look! A squirrel!)

I learned that because I love ease and a fresh scent, my product of choice is the Tide with Febreze. Well, that was easy peasy, but was I going to like it?

First of all, know that I am a skeptic because I’ve always relied on laundry detergent and fabric softener to achieve the desired end results. After washing four loads of dirty, stinky clothes with Tide with Febreze, imagine how happy I was to see that these items really came out of the drier soft and fresh–and with only one product. And believe you me, there’s typically little soft and fresh about boys’ undergarments.

What pleased me beyond even the clean scent and the softness of the clothes I folded was that the product cost less than what I typically pay for both the detergent and the fabric softener. And, what’s more, I get almost 60 loads from one bottle of myTide with Febreze.

Now I’m saving space in my cupboard, money in my wallet, and I’m not dealing with the added mess of fabric softener in my washer spilling all over the clothes.

As well, my arms didn’t break out as they typically do when I fold clothes. I always attributed that to the roughness of the clothes coming out of the drier, but now I’m thinking it was the harsher chemicals in my other laundry products. I didn’t have these same issues with the myTide. Thank you, no itchy arms.

So let’s review:

1. A laundry product catering to what I need in a detergent. Check.

2. A clean fresh scent that negates the need for fabric softener. Checkety check.

3.  No skin irritation from harsh chemicals. Check.

4. Cost savings at buying less products. Oh heck yes with the check.

Now I want to know: Which Tide suits your laundry needs? Take this quick quiz to find out!  MyTide selector quiz

MyTide with Febreze

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Price:  $11.99 for 100 oz bottle (roughly 60 wash loads)
Usefulness: This product replaces a detergent and a fabric softener.
Negative: We can’t stop sniffing it
Found: Store Locator
Website: MyTide Product Selector

From dingy whites to tough stains, Tide has a cleaning solution designed for any laundry needs. Need to eliminate odors from active wear? Looking for a solution that’s free of dyes and perfumes? Tide has a product to fit any lifestyle. Find out what Tide is right for you with the MyTide Selector.


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Tide via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Tide.

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  1. I actually just switched from regular tide to something else to save a few bucks. now I last have to revisit it. lol

    • I love having one product combine the fabric softness with the detergent in lieu of risking spilling two cups of stuff everywhere. I’m not the most graceful laundress.

  2. I make my own detergent and haven’t bought any for over a year. One batch lasts for six months and costs pennies. I hate sulfates. I really love knowing what is washing our clothes and extremely well, I might add. 🙂

  3. I do the same as Mary- my clothes come out nice and clean. If I do have a particular stinky load(or left some in the washer for too long!) then I add a half cup of white vinegar and let it sit for a few hours(or overnight) and they come out perfectly clean and scent-less. I know you like the scent of the Febreeze, but it is nice to smell nothing when before it smelled moldy or BO or whatever!
    Oh and I’ve heard you shouldn’t add fabric softener to towels because then they’re less absorbant and therefore they don’t do their job as well! Something I’d never heard before. I ALWAYS used to add fabric softener to towels to make them nice and cuddly soft!

    • Vinegar is great at removing smells. AND it is the BEST fabric softener (yes, you shouldn’t add fabric softener to towels). When i replaced my old washer (the $10 special) the guy installing the new one could not believe that there were no hardwater or other deposits on any of the hoses. When I told him that I used vinegar in the rinse cycle he told me that was probably the reason. And he estimated that the age of old special was well over 20 years.


  5. I so agree with you about Tide…I have switched off and on…and always come back to Tide….

  6. we don,t get tide in south africa. like many other goodies.

  7. Well, your Tide is about half the price it here in the Great White North…er, Canada!
    I have used the powdered Tide with Fabreeze and I love it! I love Tide…nothing cleans better….I love Tide with bleach…that has now changed name to Vivid….I think! I thought it was discontinued….then I caught the end of a tv commercial!

    Tide is worth every penny! Fresh, clean…no odor left!

    The best! Not a luxury…a money saver!


  8. Disappointed to see an informercial on my favorite spot for recipes.

    • Hi, JBS. It’s actually an honest product review of a product I am *actually* using. If it concerns you, know that I have turned down quite a lot of money refusing to write reviews or to work with companies who I didn’t agree with. Open the posts that interest you and bypass the ones that don’t. It’s painful to turn down money in this economy, but I do it constantly. The fact that there’s a review here for Tide means a company I believe in passed my muster.

      • I appreciate the clarification

        • Thanks so much for listening! I appreciate your honesty and want you to know that I was raised with loads of guilt. I wouldn’t sleep well at night if I wasn’t completely honest! At the end of the day I want to look back and feel proud of my choices. To me, that means more than anything. It really does.

          I appreciate you, JBS!

  9. Just wanted to leave an interesting fact concerning Tide. We never used to buy Tide because I thought it cost too much money. Surely a cheaper detergent worked as well! Then a few years ago my daughter had to do a science fair project. We chose to see if expensive laundry detergent was worth the money. Tide was the ONLY detergent out of all those tested that got the laundry 99% visably clean. We have been using Tide ever since
    🙂 And I LOVE the febreeze smell to it! I don’t mind spending a little more knowing now without a doubt that it’s worth it because it really is getting my clothes cleaner.

  10. I, too, have been making my own laundry detergent for pennies a load for many months now, and I’ve come to the sad conclusion that it’s just not working for me. I’ve noticed that the smells and stains just aren’t coming out as well as I would like. This review came at the right time, as I’m in the market for a new detergent, and I very much miss my delightful-smelling clothes. 🙂 The Tide sounds like something worth trying.

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