Sept. 1 Menu and Events (Day 6)

Yay, Saturday! I am tired so this will be shortish. I did some incredible baking today and had so much fun, but the main part of what we did was move bricks and sell them on craigslist. Those are just a few of the bricks. There were more. They all sold within 24 hours. Yeah! Now my yard is emptier and I can buy more baking schtuffs.

But I’m so pooped I feel like a ton of bricks! Ba dum dum! I’m ever every Saturday, folks. Enjoy the chicken.

Now what I had yesterday… First of all, here’s the plan I’m following and here is the introduction post to the Mid-Year Resolution Challenge.

While you look at what I’m doing, be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled to give some ideas, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). I am, however, here with you to cheer you on and help you hold you when you’re so slim you blow away when you sneeze.

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Saturday, September 1

I ate this:

Breakfast: Chili with cheese, onions and sour cream + Diet Coke
Lunch: Zucchini bread (still in development. No recipe yet.) + *28 chili lime Almonds + Diet Coke
Snack: I licked some cream cheese frosting– Probably about 1/4 cup?
Dinner: Peanut butter cookie pizza, 1 slice (recipe Monday)
Late-night snack: *Macadamia nuts, 2.5 Sugar Free Toffee candies *sigh* (I won’t be buying those anymore)

Notes: I love developing recipes, but some days when it’s all sweets, that’s when I have to break out the freezer wrap and bags and put a bunch of it away for later. I can’t eat sweets all day every day. Sometimes it is fun, though. I am wrapping as individual slices by serving, so I’ll only take out what I need as I need it. The zucchini bread is almost there, but I want to tweak a bit before I share the recipe. It tastes wonderful, though!

*I ate some nuts for a snack and I feel blargy. It’s probably the combination of the almonds and the soy in the flavoring, but man, are those chili and lime almonds pretty righteous. I also had some macadamia nuts (one serving). I am thinking I need to kick nuts. (har hee!)

But seriously…

I exercised:

Erm… Ah… I was in the kitchen? Does that count?

Today I Learned:

I am already becoming lax in my food journaling. Lazy! Bad bad me! (BTW) that sneak peak picture at the right is a recipe coming Monday. Stay tuned!)

Day 6 and I’m already slipping back into old habits of not recording everything on Fitday.

I have decided I am going to have to kick my efforts up a notch. I’m definitely not eating off plan, but I don’t want to become too comfortable and find out I’m not losing weight, too.

Response: I am going to use my favorite pen or pencil and journal in a notebook I’ve had for years and just never used. There’s something so wonderful about putting ink to paper, so I am looking more forward to recording what I’m eating that way. I’ll still share what I’m having here, but instead of logging everything into FitDay only, I’m going to write what I know and then use FitDay for everything I don’t.

Who knew I would become less and less willing to journal my food off of this site? It’s a good thing I’m sharing with you. I’m not even sharing with me.

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  1. Oh miss Jamie! I love your humor. I find I like myfitnesspal better than fitday…its MUCH easier to use. But I’ve also used the notebook method successfully so you just do what you need to do. Regarding the almonds, I have a friend who had a food allergy test done and discovered that she was allergic to almonds! No other nut allergies and she could not put it together on her own that THEY were the problem. You might think about getting tested for that. Love you girl, keep on keeping on!

    • Hey sweet sonya! I am thinking it’s the soy for sure, and the nuts are a close second. It’s probably an intolerance for the nuts. I am definitely allergic to soy. And since so much in this world contains soy, it’s an uphill battle, even in the low carb world. Still, it’s a good thing to have to live more conscious of what is being put in food.

      I hear a lot of people like MFP. I have had an account there for years but I haven’t done anything with it. I’m just so used to Fitday!

      • I sincerely hope you have sensitivity to only soya….Nuts are so important in this eating plan…they produce a variety of baked goods for us to enjoy! Hang in there!

        You are doing fine!
        You are wonderful!


  2. Dear Jamie,
    As long as you KNOW you were within your 20 carbs on OWL….in MY book that is quite fine! Just follow Billy Shakespeare….”to thine own self be true!” and all is well.

    Breakfast…one NATURAL sausage fried with 2 eggs and 2 tbsp onion and 2 tbsp zucchini…I wanted coffee….but the weather is already too hot….so I enjoyed a frosty coke ZERO!

    Lunch…cocoa flax muffin…and cheese, diet coke ZERO! It was half price on sale, yesterday…and so…at half price, I treated myself! Two cases (12) for $5.99! YES!

    Dinner tonight…. will be sirloin! And Caesar….I have eaten iceberg lettuce for the last three weeks….so having purchased romaine hearts …it is a thrill to enjoy a great garlicky Caesar! Last night I went to bed hungry…..the night before too……I will make a little extra and have a bite of beef….while watching Masterpiece Theatre on PBS! Nine p.m……after Prince Charles’ jubilee tribute to his mother Elizabeth II. At eight p.m.

    Keep up the good work! Do not forget your vitamins…when exhausted…they help!


    • I love your day! I was definitely pretty well within limits. The nuts might have pushed me out slightly.

      Wew hew on your amazing day sticking with it!~

      • It is the only way….we must eat a fantastic array of foods WE TRULY love. Or else the devil called temptation will bekon. I know my weight…I know I did go walking 2 1/4 hours yesterday until I was very tired, I know I am doing my best…and that is OUR best. All of us still must live, work etc.

        Sadly, the new version of the magic bullet in Canada includes only the chopping blade…and it on sale, darn, for $29. ($40. Reg.) The U.S. model has two blades….one for whipping cream! I need a new set….my old set died…form over use… is at U.S. Costco for a whopping $45. I need that second blade so I can make whippwd cream….and one minute ice cream that tastes just like Hagen D. But is all protein and low carb….it is a true hot day meal replacement! Lunch and junk food all in one……ice cream! Yum! I will share the recipe once i recreate it and write the actual measurements downI believe I will go to Costco USA and buy another set this week. Before the manufacturer changes that set too!

        Have a delicious day!
        When in doubt, eat bacon, or cheese!


        • I had the most marvelous all-beef hotdog for breakfast with some cheese, onion and mustard. Heavenly!

          Love your experience with heavy whipping cream!

          • You are making me very hungry… dog and mustard…..yum! Time for a snack!

            By the way….I am in desperate need of advice….

            The dairies here in Canada seemed to have changed the nutritional values of cream…..

            Whipping cream…35%….. 1 tbsp = 1 carb = $7.99
            Table cream………18%…… 1 tbsp= 1 carb = $5.99
            Half and half………10% ……1 tbsp= 1 carb = $1.99 on sale all the time!

            What cream should I use, please? They all cost the same in terms of carbs.

            I buy macadamia nuts….at Dollarama….the U.S. Dollar store that moved into Canada….two ounces…were $1. Then they too increased in price to $2.00 excellent quality…same company supplies Costco Canada….Basse is its name. Freshness dated…zip lock little bag.


          • I tend to use thw heavy whipping cream, but there are times the half-and-half is cheaper and more practical.


  3. Ohhhh…the preview pic! Monday is grocery day 😀 Btw, I love journaling in a notebook. for some reason, that doesn’t make me crazy like sites like fitday do. Weird huh? Keep sharing here – *I* need you!!!! Just ate hibachi chicken and veggies from our local Japanese restaurant. Mmmmm The appetite suppression has definitely kicked in as has the increased energy. Wheeee!

    • I love how you are using a journal! I have one right here on my desk! I am going to write everything in it and then calculate on fitday (or using the product packaging).

  4. Personally, I find no joy in soy…..

  5. peanut butter cookie recipe…enough said! Cannot wait till Monday’s recipe!

  6. I would much rather see an honest accounting of your food diary, warts and all, than a pearl of perfection that shames us all in giving up. It helps to know that others are struggling along their journey.
    I’ve recently learned that macadamia nuts are in the super food class for us LC’ers. Their ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids is ideal, and can ‘cancel’ out some of the damage done with less optimal choices. And they’re delicious.
    Anyone have suggestions where to buy them economically? I bought a small jar for (ouch) over $7 at the grocery store.

    • I buy mine at WalMart or Walgreens for the best price. I like macadamias and nuts to a point. I typically try to limit nuts so that I can develop recipes using them and get my allotments in that way. Yesterday, I had two-three servings, and that’s just too much for me. I was a walking nut muncher! (Not meant to read dirty)… 😀

      • LOL! Walking nut muncher. Love it. Nuts are my go-to-in-emergencies snack/meal. I have so many darned food sensitivities that eating away from home can be a pain. So, I always carry a baggie of home made trail mix in my purse, and keep one in my desk drawer at work. So many times it has saved me from making bad choices, or being hungry.

        Just last week, my family went to a theme park for a very long day out. We filled up on bacon and cheesy scrambled eggs at home. By late afternoon, we were all hungry but every single one of the available choices were carb laden. Fresh produce is harder to keep on tap, I guess. The carby fix is cheap and easy to sell. Thus, I had trail mix for lunch.

        • I love your plan of action, Jill! You stayed on track and burned a bunch of fuel walking around and having a great day with your family, too (and not in a carb haze).

  7. Oh, Jamie, I so love your sense of humour* (*Canadian spelling), your incredible wit and most of all, your “realness”! OMGosh, your “realness” is so REAL that sometimes it seems that you are voicing the very thoughts/opinions that I am not brave enough to share. You are incredible! Thank you!!!!

    Also, thank you for sharing that you tweak your recipes before you share them. That will save me from all the tweaking (and failing) of all your recipes that I try. I have found that if I stick to your recipe that it turns out great! Although I do like to add chia seeds and/or nutritional yeast to everything savoury that you post.

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I totally enjoy your site, your posts and I’m rooting for you (and me)!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Gail. It is so nice to meet you!

      Yes, I am so totally constantly reworking recipes. I spend a lot of time and sometimes a lot of money trying to get something precisely where I want it because I know if I don’t love it as a super taster, why would I eat it again, let alone share it with friends?

  8. For macadamia nuts, shop Costco or have a friend buy them for you. I think it’s $16 for 24 ounces.

    Trader Joes also has them but not as cheap. Still lots cheaper than $7 for a tiny bag.

  9. Collene Perry says

    Hi Jamie
    I love your site. You are so funny and so REAL. I want to share something with you just because I care! Sodas make people fat. Diet sodas do it even worse. I’ve been into health for 35 years and I don’t just say stuff if I don’t know what I’m talking about. You can do this test and it works everytime: stop drinking sodas you’ll immediately start to lose weight. Start drinking them again you will immediately start to gain.
    ANY KIND OF SODA. Sodas are nothing but a chemical cocktail and not meant to be in our bodies. I really hope you’ll try it. It’s a hard habit to kick but worth it.
    I just hate seeing you try so hard to lose weight and those sodas screw everything up. P.S. you ought to check out the movies Supersize Me, and Food Inc. They can be found at Blockbuster. You’d be shocked and discusted .

    • Hi there! I appreciate very much your kind words and your advice. I will definitely kick the sodas soon. I have seen those documentaries, too, and I love them! I am down ten pounds this week, so I am thrilled with my losses, but I will definitely remove soda at some point in the future to keep those losses consistent (and for health naturally).

      You rock!

      • I drink diet soda periodically too, but knew someone that worked where they make the artificial sweetner and he told us that nutrasweet is more radioactive than an xray. I have cut back to only one glass a day if that. Now I am drinking tea or water. And using soda as a special treat. (yea yea, good for me right [sarcastically said]) hahaha I sounded a bit holier than thou there for a second…damn the fall hurts when I get knocked off my pedistal. hahaha

        • Linda, naw, you’re just sharing your experiences! I am already cutting back. Eventually, I’ll be down to very few, if none. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Jamie, I just have to tell you. I am glad my husband met me and not you haha…and you having this great website. My husband has already lost 20 lbs in about 1 1/2 month. I am down 10 lbs…not fair that they lose weight faster haha.

    Today, I tried the oopsie rolls for the first time. Since I am making the bacon burgers for dinner. I also made the cole slaw and “potato” salad. OMG!!!!! They taste so good. My oopsie rolls stuck to the pan pretty badly, although they are still usable. Here in Germany we don’t have the non stick spray. ;( I did oil the pan…any suggestions? OH and another thing I did with the oopsie rolls, just to make them look more like hamburger buns was sprinkle a little poppyseeds on them. They sure look pretty.

    And just so everyone knows…Yes Germany is beautiful…but I miss Walmart!!!!! hahaha

    • Hi there! and way to go on your losses! I am so proud of you! Do you guys have access to parchment paper? Parchment keeps things from sticking. Don’t buy waxed paper; it melts on contact with heat.

      • Haha, you read my mind. After writing this and knocking it around in my head all day. (don’t obsess much do I?) I was thinking of trying parchment paper. They turned out tasty however quite thin. haha My husband was shocked that the “potato” salad was so good.

        Anyway, thank you for confirming my guess. Can’t wait to try them again.

  11. I saw the chili lime almonds on a road trip and they are awesome!!!! They were in the single serving packs so it made it easy! Everyone else was eating chips and I had the nuts!!

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