Sept. 10 Menu and Events (Day 15)

Just a gratuitous sausage shot

Weigh in Day!

Usually I weigh in officially, but because of Labor Day last Monday, it has been two weeks since I’ve attended a TOPS meeting.

And I know a few things (don’t let my kids know).

For starters, their scale weighs roughly four pounds heavier than my new scale does, so I can’t calculate my losses at home if I am calculating through TOPS. This means my weight losses will be slightly less.

Over time, they’ll be more even, but it’s a little bit discouraging seeing my new scale saying one thing and theirs saying something else. (First World Problems, though, right?)

So, anyway, according to the TOPS scale, I’m down 12.75 pounds for the last 2 weeks. Not bad! (My home scale has be down even more, but I’m sticking with the official scale).

How cool is this?

Some cool news: My friend Trish totally rocked out a 137 pound loss in 16 months from low-carb/Atkins and is featured in September’s issue of Woman’s World magazine! Buy a copy and support ketogenic lifestyles for health, and help send the message that you can lose weight and feel great–both on a budget, and even with a large family (she has a family of 9!)

Kind of motivational, no? Grab a copy (the girl on the cover has a yellow shirt).

And I forgot to mention that she gave a shout out to this site, too.

This is where I say that I am so lucky to be considered a resource to so many hundreds of thousands of readers. I thank you for your support most deeply and sincerely. It means so much! You’re why I do what I do.

Now what I had yesterday… First of all, here’s the plan I’m following and here is the introduction post to the Mid-Year Resolution Challenge. While you look at what I’m doing, be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled to give some ideas, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). I am, however, here with you to cheer you on when you’re so skinny you will have to watch slipping through the cushions of your couch. Be sure to subscribe for updates by adding your email right (in the sidebar) or through Feedburner in the title bar up top!

Monday, September 10

I ate this:

Breakfast: None
Lunch:   That casserole I’m tweaking + my zucchini bread (still tweaking)
1/2 sausage patty + zucchini bread (I wanted to finish them off)
Late Night: cottage cheese, 7 green olives, and 10 honey mustard almonds

Notes: I know it might seem silly to count things like olives and almonds, but if I’m not always cognizant of the amount, I can too easily overindulge and eat too many.

What I learned:

I really lost the entire day due to the hacker who knocked GoDaddy out for the day.

What an annoyance that was! I will write more tomorrow. Today I’m wiped.

Sometimes when I’m tired it’s easy to make bad food choices, but I’m going to lay in bed and relax. Maybe I’ll go to sleep earlier tonight and wake up ready for an amazing new day.

Sometimes that’s good enough.

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  1. Thanks for the gratuitous sausage pic! Congrats on you 12+ lb weight loss and thanks so much for all the great recipes on your site. I can eat pizza again, guilt free! Congrats also on the mention in Woman’s World mag, people need to know about all the goodies on this site!

    • Thanks so much, Scott! I am pretty psyched! I am also really fortunate to be able to do what I do. I’ve always been an activist, and if it’s one thing that unites people it’s food.

      • Silly question, but I am new to the site… what is TOPS?

        • It’s not a silly question at all. TOPS = Take Off Pounds Sensibly. It’s a not-for-profit with hundreds of chapters around North America where you can weigh weekly and attend support meetings. It keeps me so accountable, and it’s a chance to get out of the house and talk to friends. Here is the site for more info:

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the magazine! I need the encouragement and tips on budget friendly tips… I have a family of 11, so food is our big budget item! Congrats on your first two weeks! Keep up the great work!

  3. Yay for you! I have also been counting olives and nuts etc and entering into myfitnesspal. I eat without thinking sometimes and those do add up. I am down 5 for the last two weeks. Its slow but in the right direction, so I will take it.

  4. Awesome weight loss. You go girl!

  5. Awesome work, Jamie!! I’m pretty much following the same eating plan as you. What are you doing for exercise?

  6. I might add I always count nuts too. They are so EASY to overindulge in, and although healthy they are still very calorically dense. I count olives too! Don’t count numbers but always weigh out portions for South Beach.

    • I love that you do this, too. I was afraid people were going to think I was obsessive, but I’m trying to make note of each thing I eat or I forget and overeat. I want to be conscious of every decision.

  7. That’s wonderful! Congrats to you. I’m just starting again, so I hope I see fabulous results like you.

    Also, could you share more on the supplements your taking? Low carb helps knock my cravings, but I want to be sure and add in the right supplements. If you shared that elsewhere, please forgive me and kindly point me in the right direction. 🙂

  8. Oh, and I wanted to mention my BIL who has lost 30+ lbs in the past month on low carb. Kills me! lol But I’m proud for him. I asked him what he’s been eating and he said mostly ribeyes. 😀 So…I’m doing a little experimenting of my own. 😉

    • Eating meat alone will definitely help lose weight, but it has to be sustainable, too. I would make it through one steak and be done with it for the rest of the week. Way to go on his losses! that is so cool!

  9. Never doubt the power of our MD…Dr. Atkins…and the delicious food we eat!
    And the weight our bodies shed…and the health we gain! Jamie, your loss is more than fantastic! Keep going! We will all do the same! You are there for us and I sincerely hope that you believe we are here for you!


  10. Congrats on your loss, Jamie!!!! Okay as we say tomorrow is a new day and I have my Atkins book out on the table and taking notes. I think I can manage breakfast with eggs and sausage, lunch is where I want to be stuffed. So 4 cups of lettuce with protein and my own dressing. As for dinner, hmmmm. I know by the end of the day I will want to eat my toes, but only if they are covered in chocolate and sweetened. Guess one day at a time. sigh….. Got to do this, you are doing so well.

  11. Awesome loss! Keep up the good work 🙂

  12. Way to go, Jamie! I count my olives, nuts and string cheeses too. Makes me more conscious of what is going into my body. I lost 3 pounds this week for a total of 8. I thought I lost more, then remembered I was going to do measurements every 2 weeks. For the bi-weekly measures I am including the neck, waist and hips, and also calculating the body fat measurement. I have lost 5.5 inches in 2 wks and my body fat has decreased by 3.1%. Yesss!!!!

    • Wow, Linda! I am so proud of you! 8 pounds is phenomenal. Your diligence is paying off. I am so excited! I love that you’re measuring, too, for those times the scale doesn’t show anything but the tape measure does.

  13. I have found out that the older you are, the harder it is to lose. But I am losing, although not very fast. I lost 4 pounds the first week. I haven’t lost any this week, but I haven’t gained any either and I am eating well. I would like to lose 20 pounds, but will take any loss over gaining. thanks for all you do and your good recipes. My husband is enjoying them very much!

    • Rebecca– I can attest to the older = slower, but it’s also a more mature, sensible process this time. I haven’t fallen off of the wagon at all. When I’m tired I sleep, when upset I go breathe and when hungry, I make healthy choices!

      I know you are going to drop those 20 pounds.

      I am so glad hubby likes your cooking (because that’s what it is!).

  14. Can you ask your friend Trish to share some tips. How did she manage to do that while feeding a family of 9??? (Timewise and budgetwise.)

    • Amberly– It’s all in the article! *tease tease*

      I can tell my tips for cheaper eating with ravenous teens is to know when the manager specials go out in the meat department and buy as much from there as you can. We just enjoyed some amazing salmon this week for only a fraction of the typical cost. Chicken is inexpensive and really stretches menu items. Eggs are another budget stretcher. Don’t buy school lunches, because packing is always easier. And even if a meal is mostly meat and veg, it’s really filling and healthy.

  15. Awesome weight loss Jamie! Congrats to your friend. I’ll be looking for that mag tomorrow! So nice that she mentioned you. There are so many recipes that you’ve created, no one who comes to this site should be unsuccessful because there is a great deal of info and recipes.

  16. Jamie, I went back to TOPS tonight for the first time since joining last Tuesday. I lost 3 1/4 pounds. I am pleased but know I should have done better. I started using but after the first 3 days, I stopped–I need something that is easier access than having to get on the computer each time I want to record I ate. I am still very happy with the loss but I know I need to tighten things up. I’m still not just low carb and I don’t like this

    • Hi, Linda!

      1. I am so proud of you for going to TOPS! Yay! I love the support.
      2. Wow on your weight loss! You are doing seriously well.
      3. I love having a pretty pen and a beautiful journal or notebook to keep track in. That way you can log into fitday only once per day and calculate for the foods you wonder about most. It saves you time, too!

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