Sept. 11 Menu and Events (Day 15)

Today is September 11 and I want to say how thankful I am for the men and women who risk their lives everyday for us. You are welcome to my bacon any time. And no, that’s not some weird innuendo. Mostly.

I finished the first book I’m ghost writing for Random House (not a cookbook) and am embarking on the second now (both hit the shelves in in the spring). I don’t talk much about writing for a major publisher because tons of people write books these days, and I don’t want to sound all weird about it. Plus, it’s not related to this site. It’s a lot of work but it’s been a tremendous learning experience.

Also, these images are an example of the terrible things I make my kids do for images for this site. Thanks to you and to my site sponsors, they’ll be able to afford the therapy bill later. (The lighting was terrible in that room.)  As an aside, that cool shirt he’s wearing is the British flag made up of the names of British comedy. Isn’t that pretty sweet?

Now let’s talk other stuff, including food… First of all, here’s the plan I’m following and here is the introduction post to the Mid-Year Resolution Challenge.

While you look at what I’m doing, be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled to give some ideas, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). I am, however, here with you to cheer you on when you’re so skinny you’re mistaken for tall, gorgeous, leggy twigs.

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Tuesday, September 11

I ate this:

Breakfast: Bacon (too salty. Icky! I think it’s time to change over the lard I cooked it in)
Lunch:  Meatloaf I’m testing for you for a future recipe
Snack: 1/3 cup Chili Lime Almonds
Dinner: I went to bed from 6pm until 11pm!

I had a great, somewhat insanely busy day. I scored the most awesome desk ever that I plan to convert to a treadmill desk so that I can walk while I walk to you. Can I walk and talk at the same time? Soon you’ll know!

What I Learned

Today I learned that I can overcome things that give me anxiety.

As ridiculous as this sounds, I have never gone alone to a big town nearby to score something cool from craigslist. But there she was– A beautiful Ikea Jerk desk that is no longer being produced and are harder to come by all the time. I found one for a song on the nationally-acclaimed “buy/sell/trade” site.

The problem? Going there by myself; being able to move the pieces (solid wood and metal); getting it home in one piece.

I performed all three tasks. All by myself! I am so proud of me.

I went outside of my comfort bubble, I didn’t let anxiety talk me out of my find (don’t worry; I know all about not meeting scary people alone) and I even was able to spend a little less on the desk because I love love love to haggle!

Today for me was a huge victory in my nervousness and a big face smooshprint on social anxiety. Take that! *smoosh*

And I have a great desk.

Sometimes it pays to just do something a little bit scary. The sense of accomplishment is so fantastic.


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  1. I am so proud of you! I know exactly how you feel. I did the same thing on Monday,drove into the big city ALONE and went shopping(for smaller clothes!!) Yea me on both counts!! Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Jamie – it doesn’t seem like you’re eating all that much daily. Aren’t you starving? I’m doing a low carb, high protein type diet and I find that I am so hungry all the time!! What’s your secret??

    • Hi, Nicole! I eat when hungry and stop when I’m not hungry–and I eat high fat/moderate protein which keeps things simple. My ratios are about 65% fat, 30% protein and 5% carbs from calories, if that helps. But believe me, I do eat when hungry! It might not look like much, but you’re not always seeing portion sizes, too. I am too lazy to weigh and measure everything.

  3. I should also add, per the menu, that when I woke up at 11 pm and worked until this morning, I’ve eaten three times! so yesterday was a less hungry day and today is a more hungry day.

    • Jamie! Congrats on your two books! Toot your horn lady! I think, no matter the release, it is a HUGE accomplishment. My secret life dream is to be able to write a good book! Going outside my comfort zone is also something I need to work on, thanks for sharing this experience, it gives me a nudge in the right direction!

      Your son is so cute! What a ham! You certainly are a blessed lady! 🙂 Keep the recipes coming, I so totally appreciate them! 🙂

      • Thanks so much, Kim, for your positive energy. I am really lucky. I get to do what I love and be around really great people–and that includes my family and friends like you.

        Who could ask for more?

        Definitely go for it and live the life you imagine for yourself. If you believe it, enough of it will come true to give you a real sense of accomplishment. It definitely puts one outside of their comfort zone, for sure.

  4. Hi, I am new to your site, but I also feel as if there are days when you eat so little. It concerns me to start this journey. I see your weight loss, and would love to mimic it, but I read what you have eaten and I believe it is not enough for me at all!
    I started my first day on Monday and I have had a headache since Tuesday. Is this normal for this particular regime?

    • It is normal to have headache the first day or two as the body moves into lipolysis. Other physical symptoms include grogginess, brain fogginess and nausea. It definitely goes away.

      Yesterday I didn’t eat much, but I made up for it today! I drank a lot of liquids yesterday, too, so that might have had something to do with it. I always eat when hungry, so I’m not starving myself by any means. I like food too much. 😀

  5. I think you will enjoy walking and typing at the same time. I recommend slower speeds (like 1 – 2 mph) in order to retain control of your keyboard. I use a laptop on my treadmill and essentially crafted a shelf for it. I use the mousepad on the laptop for basic navigation. Adding a small incline helps increasing the calorie burn without too much difficulty with basic computer tasks. If I need to do extensive mouse work (like while using photoshop or illustrator) then I’d simply stop walking and just stand as this too will burn calories one would not while just sitting.

    Check this picture of my treadmill set up out:

    I no longer have the macbook and I graduated from AI — but I’m still walking and working. It is a great way to browse, do work and drink coffee… even eat breakfast sometimes… all while expending calories otherwise not used. It’s a great way to utilize your time and exercise helps with oxygen to the brain to help you think more clearly! Just awesome.

    Hope this helps anyone who wants to do this! It’s seriously easy. And if you get tired — just stop and go back to your sofa, kitchen table, regular desk.

    • Trish, that is faabulous! I positively love what you’ve done with the space. I plan to do one even better and start out at .5mph until I get the hang of it! I am a klutz.

      I love that you walk and work. Thanks so much for sharing what you’re doing that works for you. I hope hope hope we can set mine up this weekend so I can get to it!

      Trish = awesome!

  6. So today I’m back on track and find that if I drink some chicken broth or beef broth like tea, it helps to keep me full and doesn’t add to the carb count. I remember days when I was hungry and days when I wasn’t so much. Today, not so much!

  7. Woooo hooo, way to go on the getting over some of the scary stuff!!! I know how that is. I am basically a shy person (till someone gets to know me hee hee) But I did the ultimate scary thing. I met my current husband online (we have been married for over a year now) I lived in Cali, and he here in Germany. It took him a year to convince me to come meet him. I did!!! Flew across the ocean to a not so strange (since I lived here as a kid) country and met the man of my dreams. Even with people who were telling me he could be a killer haha.

    And I agree with your statement about the service folks. I have a daughter who is a police officer, a son who does firefighting, not city building stuff, the forest fires. And my son in law is in the Air Force. Me, I am an Army brat who’s father served 20 years. I am a proud American who is so proud of her family.

    So Thank you ALL you service people who fight so hard for our freedom and liberty.

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