Sept. 16 Menu and Events (Day 21)

Doesn’t this look yummy?

Hi there, my sweet glittery butterfly kisses! I am so excited about all the things happening right now.

First of all, I have a new treadmill desk! I used it tonight for a half an hour and I love it. Love love love it! I type better sitting down now and my sweet hubby wants to play with the treadmill desk so I’m here typing on another computer. *sigh* But you know, I was so excited I didn’t wear any shoes, so my poor feet have treadmill wear. I will wear shoes tomorrow when I walk.

I walked for 36 minutes and it was still exercise, and it was fun! And I am starting very slow so I don’t kill myself and fall off (only about .7 mph). Most people work at 1 mph. I will get there eventually. I am loving this!

I will share pictures of the desk soon.

The picture of the tuna is how pretty even a simple salad can look if you have fun with it. Go ahead! Play with your food. I won’t tell.

Now what I had yesterday… First of all, here’s the plan I’m following and here is the introduction post to the Mid-Year Resolution Challenge. While you look at what I’m doing, be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled to give some ideas, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). I am, however, here with you to cheer you on when you’re so skinny you will have to watch slipping through the cushions of your couch.

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Sunday, September 16

I ate this:

Breakfast: Unsweetened Iced tea
A cute little nacho salad (recipe coming soon) + Zevia
Snack: About 8 cherry tomatoes + Diet Dr. Pepper
Dinner: Egg salad + cherry tomatoes

Notes: Keeping it simple still tastes delicious. Wait until you see some of the fun recipes I’m sharing this week! I love cooking for you and for your families.

What I learned:

It takes 21 days to make a habit.

The first week back on any ketogenic plan is so difficult. Between feeling groggy, nauseated, foggy, and cravings every food under the sun, it’s almost more fun to revert back to old eating habits and slather on the guilt along with the hot fudge.

Now I can’t believe that every little moment has led up to this: 2 days of clean, healthy eating that hasn’t raised my blood sugar, has helped me have more energy than I’ve had in moths, and has kept me from catching two major colds that have run rampant through the house.

I thought this would be more difficult somehow, and yet, in some ways it’s been difficult enough; trust me. Still, even on days I felt horrible or craved everything under the sun, I stuck with it for two reasons:

1. Because I’m smarter now than I was, and I know nothing is worth derailing this effort; and

2. Because we’re all working hard together. What kind of cheerleader am I if I peel off the butt glue and climb down off of the wagon (and then eat the horse in ranch dressing)?

Twenty one days. I got here one day at a time, and now this lifestyle is a habit. Does that mean it’s easy? Not every day. Not all the time. But what it does mean is I have stuck with this for 3 weeks, and I’m that much closer to achieving everything that is important to me as a result.

21 days. Hello, habit.

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  1. Is this all your ever eat? i can’t believe you are still alive with such few calories

    • It might not look like I eat much, but I do. I eat to hunger so I’m definitely not starving myself. I love food too much and have recipes to develop! I couldn’t tell you to try my food if I’m not eating it. That would make me like the gardener who has a concrete front lawn.

  2. Woo Hoo!!!! I am there with you Jamie, with the rah rahs!!! I have stuck to the LC diet too, along with my supportive honey, who was so dubious as to whether or not the diet actually worked. Now he sings YOUR praises everywhere. Telling everyone how creative I am with the LC recipies, and how happily surprised he is by each and every one.
    Now, it hasnt been all peaches and cream. (just the cream for me please haha). I have tried the oopsie rolls and they stuck. I tried the marti gras cakes…they stuck…but I have learned, that with each failure…I won’t give up..I will master them oopsie rolls yet. In fact today I think I am going to make those voluptous (my spelling I know) cookies, but instead of chocolate filling, I am making vanilla. it will be more like an oreo cookie. And since they don’t have that wonderful oil spray here in Germany. I am going to take your advice and use parchment paper.
    I am proud of all of us who are sticking with you Jamie. I feel better, with more energy than I have had in a long time. (probably since the last time I was on a LC diet haha). I am proud of my husband, who is sticking with the diet too, and looks so amazing. (Not that he didn’t before haha)
    So I raise my coffee cup to you and all the others saying “Here’s to the next 21 days”

    • I am so proud of not only your hard work, but your positive attitude. That’s what matters in the end, especially when the scale stops moving for a week or two. But it always pays off.

      Favor; would you let me know what you think of those cookies? I keep hearing mixed reviews on those. I haven’t made them yet (Vaneta did).

  3. To Linda: Where are you in Germany? I am from Germany and I always have to send Pam (oil spray) to my sister. When I go visit I find it very hard to eat low carb, because the bread I grew up on is just too good!

  4. well done Jamie, and LInda too (I have no luck either with many baked egg white dishes)!! 🙂 I stumbled a bit yesterday 🙁 I had ordered a meat soup in a new local Spanish tapas restaurant and thought I was being good (had asked if there was rice or bread or something in the soup.. no no) so when it came and was filled with oxtail (YIPPIE!!) and potatoes… and carrots… and I ate it all, with a glass of wine and it was gorgeous. So I slipped a little but hey, I didn’t eat a whole cream cake meant for 8, right?? 🙂 I am feeling a bit down after reading what you eat on a daily basis as I am beginning to doubt whether my portions are out of control… Way to go, thank you for sticking with us (lord knows it isn’t the ‘easy’ way out) and know we are here for you too. xxx

    • You’re doing great, Nikki! Remember, my menus are only because I was asked to share them. I never mention quantities because i’m too lazy to, but that doesn’t mean I’m eating too little. I am so proud of you for making a decision, sticking with it, and then moving forward. You work it!

  5. Yes, these bad habits have been hard to break, but breaking them I am, woo hoo! Those first few days were all I could do to not stick my head in the frig and eat anything and everything (animal, vegetable, minerals, which I think are basically rocks, but at that point, who cares, right?) Thank you for your support by sharing not only what you are going through but your recipes that are out of this world (and tasty!!!!).

  6. Iced tea is not breakfast!! Eat some eggs, some omelets, some protein!!!!! To have a true LC diet, you need to eat lots of veggies and some protein! Lost 100 pounds on LC, but didn’t eat as little as you do. However, that said, good for you, keep it up, love your recipes, (maybe read up some more on healthy LC).

    • Oh, that! I totally slept in that day so I skipped breakfast and went right for beverages. Normally I do eat some protein and fat for breakfast. I see what you mean. If I had that tea every day I’d have to be sleeping in… a lot! lol I like my 2-3 meals per day. I typically eat this much when I’m low carbing it and it’s enough food for me to keep from being hungry and to keep energized–especially now that I walk at my treadmill desk. Yeah!!

      Way to go on your 100 pounds lost!

  7. just wrote u but when I went to send it disapeared.Darn. any way heres part of it.A recipe show up on my facebook wall{I didnt even look for it) its for ice cream by Paula Dean—its good but has no carb count.Can you tell mewhat the count is???? I dont want to mess up.ITS —3eggs—11/2 c stevia ( it may have called for sugar but I used stevia) 1 c whip cream and vanilla. so simple and its good. keep up the good work i will stick with u even if I dont lose just because your recipes are so good.

  8. So Jamie do you only worry about the carbs, fat and protein figures, and not count the calories???
    I have been using myfitnesspal for over a week now, great for tracking, but the calories are worrying me.

    • Hi, Dee! Dr. Atkins always said, “I never said calories don’t count; I said don’t count calories.”

      I think calorie amounts are amazing pieces of data, but I only refer to them in passing, if that, and only typically if stalled.

  9. MMMmm, mine always sit around the 1200 mark. I would like it to be well under, but I think my dependance on my soy latte’s are the problem!!! 🙁
    I so don’t want to give them up, especially while the weather is still cold. I have upped my fat intake and am hoping that will help…

    • Upping fat should help. Are you vegetarian? Is there something you could sub for soy lattes? I haven’t heard of soy lattes. Educate me. Pretty please with foam on top.

  10. Awesome love this first read thanks

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