Sept. 4 Menu and Events (Day 9)

I slept in today. Boy was I tired!

A few quick notes before I go all forgetty: I figured out I CAN darken link text (herpaderp), so I ran through the recipe indexes on the site (<– see the green color here? A little too light for many) and made everything darker.

Now you won’t have to go blind in your eyeballs anymore with the bright green. It was like radioactive Hulk words.

Also, I have cleaned the menu up top a little bit. Instead of all of the busy drop-down menu foolishness, see the TAGS section in the sidebar (at right). Need a recipe with Zucchini? Just click the “Zucchini” tab. Need a fun way to use jicama? Choose that tab. Hovering over tabs also gives you a pretty solid idea of what this site has to offer.

I have also moved the CATEGORIES to the side as well! Check there for all of your favorites, from “Less than 5 carbs” to “Humor” to “Tips” to “Sugar-Free” to “Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian”! They’re all there now.

At almost 1,000 posts and 400 recipes, we have a lot more to come so I want to keep the site as tidy and as organized as possible.

I really love this new site design, our Mid-Year Resolution, and my renewed sense of purpose: To work with as many wonderful friends and families as I can to help you to love your food, too.

Now what I had yesterday… First of all, here’s the plan I’m following and here is the introduction post to the Mid-Year Resolution Challenge.

While you look at what I’m doing, be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled to give some ideas, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). I am, however, here with you to cheer you on when you’re so slim you have to run around the shower just to get wet.

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Tuesday, September 4

I ate this:

Breakfast: I slept in and got right to work, so…
Lunch: 1/2 of a Radical veggie omelet and sausage patty + Dr. Zevia Cola
Snack: Diet Coke (hey, I’m being honest here)
Dinner: Spectacular meatloaf recipe I’ll share with you very soon… + green beans + Dr. Zevia

I am going to work more fats and proteins into breakfast, starting today. I forgot how much I like omelets loaded with veggies and some cheese. I also forgot how filling they are. I will save the other half for tomorrow.

Today I Learned:

That I really need that protein-y/high fat breakfast back to kick the weight loss into gear (that French Toast at right? Mmmm).

Sure, I had an amazing first week of weight loss, but I want to keep these metabolic fires burning, baby! As a recipe developer, I tend to eat my latest work, meal after meal, until they are gone. Unfortunately, at the same time, then I miss out on some of my favorite dishes–like three-egg omelets.

I am looking forward to having more fun with eggy/beefy/porky breakfast offerings and will be sure to share those explorations with you, too. It’s fun to have ideas for fun, different omelets, wonderful waffles, marvellous muffins, and perfect pancakes, and all without the guilt.

And when I have a main course or a dessert I feel I have to put first, I’m going to, instead, freeze it for later when I really need the quick meal to keep me going.

What are you enjoying for breakfast?

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  1. Kathy Fuller says

    Hey Jamie…I’m such a dolt, but I have gathered by reading here so much lately, that I should be getting a lot of fat. But I’m not really sure how to increase my fat. I know you’ll have tons of ways to do it, and maybe it’s already listed on this site somewhere. I don’t think I’m getting a lot of fat…probably not even close to what I should be getting.

    • Hi, Kathy! I never judge questions. Ever. Why? Because we were all new once. To add healthy saturated fat, look to things like butter, mayonnaise, coconut oil, olives, cheese, fatty, marbled meats, egg yolks, and bacon. It’s really easy to slip an extra Tbsp of mayo into a salad, or to add a couple of strips of bacon to your meal. I use Hormel uncured and I love it! If you’re not in Atkins induction, you can look to macadamia nuts as an excellent source of fats, too.

      • Kathy Fuller says

        Thanks, Jamie!! 🙂

        • You’re welcome! Let me know what you try and like! Also, as an aside, flax seed meal is another winner. Schmear it with cream cheese as a cracker and you’ll add some more fat (and some fiber), too:

          • Kathy Fuller says

            Thanks, I definitely try this, too. Do you know if WalMart carries the flax seed meal? I’ve never heard of it before. I live in a very tiny town (about 6000 residents), so we don’t have a lot of variety. We do have 2 Super WalMart stores within about 15 minutes in either direction from my house in the neighboring town, and we have Kroger in that town, as well. But mostly, I shop at WalMart.

          • Kathy, I know WalMart at least used to carry Bob’s Red Mill flax seed meal in the baking aisle. They still might! I’d look and see. I have seen flax seed meal at Big Lots too, usually for a really reduced price.

  2. Mary Langerude says

    Would it work to make a grilled cheese sandwich out of Oopsies? Slather them with butter and put some gooey cheese inside? Plop in fry pan?

    • I have heard of people making oopsies into grilled cheese for sure! I know there’s a panini recipe on my site with oopsies, so I say definitely give them a try! Just be careful that the oopsies don’t overbrown quickly.

  3. I can’t eat egg and bacon dishes for breakfast. I like something sweet with my coffee. So I rely on baked stuff like your brownies, oopsie roll cake, etc. Tonight I will try a pumpkin muffin recipe. Sometimes, in emergency situations (like I ran out of all my baked goodies) I will have an Atkins bar or a Quest bar.

  4. What I enjoyed for breakfast:

    French roast decaf w half and half
    stir-fried pre-roasted green bell peppers & onions with soy chorizo (Jamie and other soy allergic peeps: of course, you can substitute real meat chorizo here, and save yourself a few carbs), 2 jumbo eggs, sprinkled on pepper jack Monterey cheese, kalamata olives.

    fried in copious amount of coconut oil.

    sour cream
    Chinese garlic-chili paste
    homegrown cherry tomatoes

    A word about coconut oil: I made a really serendipitous discovery about frying eggs in very hot coconut oil. As you all likely know, coconut oil has a very high smoke rate. That means you can heat it very hot and it doesn’t burn. I was making eggplant fries the other night ….

    ….eggplant cut into french fry fashion (don’t bother to skin it, you lose all the goodness of vitamins & minerals and yadda yadda)
    dipped in beaten egg
    coated in coconut flour
    fried in 1/2″ of coconut oil, hot hot…

    …and I wanted to use up some unused beaten egg, so I tossed it into the still hot coconut oil, and OHMYGOD OHMYGOD it puffed up liked a little soufflé and became this coconut egg fluff thing, and it was the tastiest thing ever in a million coconut years.

    • That sounds really delicious, Lisa. I love your willingness to give things a shot, not even knowing how they might come out. I will try coconut oil for high smoke point cooking; I have picky eaters who whine about coconut anything, so I have to be a sneaky little boog about it.

      • I did go out many moons ago to find coconut oil. The only way it came was in what appeared to be a jar….like a face cream jar?! That confused me and so, I did not purchase the product and left the store! Is that how it comes? Enlighten me, someone, please! Is it only for frying?? I know nothing about this product!

        • I see coconut oil for use in baking at Trader Joes and I’m sure Whole Foods. It does come in a jar. I get Nutiva brand from Netrition, organic extra virgin. It does have a taste, which I like, but you can buy it without flavor. It is a solid and it a liquid at 76 degrees. So in summer when I keep my house not too cool (saves money) it becomes a liquid just sitting in the pantry. In winter I just put the whole container in the microwave and put it on defrost for 30 seconds at a time to liquify it. Easier to measure that way. Not sure who else sells it, but I’m sure you can do a search online. Hope this helps.

        • Yep, it comes in a jar and even Walmart has an organic brand of coconut oil. Its really good.

          • Oh, thank you for the info on coconut oil! I guess I am a crisco oil girl and olive oil girl…therefore I could not imagine a jar! I will look for it once more.

            It seems that it is favoured in the low carb life!


          • I also like peanut oil for higher-heat cooking.

      • Ivonne carlo says

        You can try the refined coconut oil for cooking, it doesn’t have the coconut taste that the unrefined does… 🙂

  5. I made bacon wrapped jalapeno chicken bites for lunch and uh…my kids went ape. They were declared a must for the weekly menu. Delish. I got the recipe here ( Please delete the link if you don’t allow them and I’ll post the abridged recipe 🙂

    Question: If you had to choose one induction friendly sweet treat, what would it be? I want “something” but I don’t know what! PB is good 😉 And by induction friendly, I’m more counting the carb grams than avoiding, say, nuts for the first two weeks. TIA!

  6. Ivonne carlo says

    And today for brekkies I had zuccquini fritters (fried in co and butter), 2 fried eggs with ham and a piece of provolone on top wih a half&half cappuccino. Mmm good! 3 hours later and am still stuffed!

  7. Thank you for all your inspiration Jamie!! This morning I had my coffee with sugar free vanilla creamer, an omelette with a little heavy cream red pepper flakes black pepper Cheddar cheese and pepperoni. And of corse a side of Bacon! Yummy stuff. I love breakfast! I think it the easy meal to make with low carbing 🙂 have a great day……blessings

  8. I have been having a boring protein shake–4 oz heavy cream, 2 tbs coconut oil, 25 grams whey protein, 2 tbs cocoa, a handful of spinach (the cocoa covers the taste) and a little sweetener. Boring. I’m inspired to try the Oopsie French Toast. Yum! I have DaVincis. I buy prewashed spinach at Costco and stuff it in a ziplock bag and freeze it, then break off a chunk. You can’t use frozen spinach b/c it’s not washed.

  9. Hmmm….well….I didn’t have the right pans so I just made lumps. And all I had was bakers chocolate so I had to try to sweeten that up with EZSweetz. Still bitter. I liked the “doughnut”/oopsie but not the glaze….and that’s most likely because I didn’t have the right stuff. Think next time I’ll go for a cheesecake. You have some amazing ones but I need to go look for a simple one 🙂

  10. Thank you thank you thank you for going to post breakfast items with protein and fat in them. I believe that has been my problem with my weight creeping up, reverting back to low fat, but still high proteins. I have added fat into my meals and it seems to be creeping in the right direction this week! So I look forward to new ideas on breakfasts. I fry 2 eggs in coconut oil with some homemade sausage and homemade yogurt every daggone day. It is yummy but a change would be nice. Thank you, Jamie!!!!

  11. Breakfast – most mornings while I’m working I’ll have fresh berries and plain yogurt, like this morning, which I had with some bacon on the side. The other day, though, I made LC waffles from almond flour and they were crispy and sooo good and we had strawberries mashed into a sauce and sweetened with Stevia and some whipped cream on top.

    I’m definitely going to try Lisa’s idea of frying beaten egg in hot coconut oil…sounds interesting!

    I have a version of your lasagna in the oven right now, depending on what was fresh in the garden… made the tomato sauce in my Ninja, just cored the tomatoes and tossed them in!

  12. I’ve been having 2 fried eggs and 3 strips of bacon. That will hold me until mid day then I will have some cheese. Dinner is my downfall, I get really hungry so any help with filling snacks would help me but nuts and hard boiled eggs are boring…….

    • LynnMarie, I totally get you! Dinner is when we’re generally pooped, too! Worst-case, making a super-big omelet and saving the rest for dinner works wonders.

  13. You are such an inspiration! May God Bless you always!

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