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Review: Freeman Bare Foot Care

I am not going to even waste time getting into these reviews with some flowery prose about the importance of spoiling yourself--and your feet. I'm already a long-time user of Freeman's Bare Foot Creams. While they no longer sell the Poppyseed and … [Read more...]

Chicken of the Sea No-Drain Tuna and Tuna Salad Recipe

I am not usually a seafood fan, let alone a fan of canned tuna. For one, leaky, smelly tuna juice isn't appealing, it stinks up my kitchen, and it typically leaks everywhere. Thankfully, Chicken of the Sea No-Drain Tuna is all the meat and none of … [Read more...]

Oct. 24 Menu and Events (Day 59)

Hello hello! I hope you are all doing well on this wonderful Wednesday! I am doing so amazingly terrifically fabulously wonderfully well! I'm at my treadmill desk, deep in the heart of Broncos Country, writing to you this morning as the leaves swirl … [Read more...]

Oct. 23 Menu and Events (Day 58)

OK, so seriously. I am not going to make excuses over here for being a bum for the last week or so when it comes to updating my menus daily.  I was tired and cranky. … [Read more...]

Green Giant Seasoned Steamers Review

Looking for a quick, easy way to break free from the boring dinner blahs? Want to prepare delicious, healthy vegetables vegetables after a long day, but you're tired of mushy, frozen side dishes?  What if I told you you could pair a few, easy dinner … [Read more...]

Oct. 17 Menu and Events (Day 52)

Happy Wednesday, you delectable delights on my taste buds of happiness! … [Read more...]

Oct. 16 Menu and Events (Day 51)

Hello everyone! It is Tuesday, so I am going to begin posting how I'm doing the day I did it (I'd been posting the next day, but I always confuse myself). I think it's easier, even though the posts go out later in the evening. You let me know what … [Read more...]

Oct. 12, 13, 14, 15 Menu and Events (46-50)

The days fly by! Sorry my little sharp celery sticks of deliciousness! … [Read more...]

Helga C wins the Blendtec Package!

Wow! Well over 600 entries (including email entrants who weren't able to leave a comment)! That's far too many to do a traditional paper drawing. I turned to, which picked the lucky number for me. Helga C, congratulations on winning! … [Read more...]

Oct. 11 Menu and Events (Day 45)

It's Friday eve day (although by the time you read this it will be Friday). How was your week? It's been so busy here at YLS headquarters, but busy is fabulous. It means we're moving in the right direction and all is merry, thinning and … [Read more...]

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

This roasted red pepper sauce is incredibly easy and delicious. I used roasted, brined red peppers in a jar, but you can roast your own peppers and use those instead. … [Read more...]

Oct. 10 Menu and Events (Day 44)

Hello you Wednesday Witty Whittling Women and Men! … [Read more...]

Oct. 9 Menu and Events (Day 43)

Happy Wednesday, my pretty pretty pony princesses! I had the honor of being included in a really neat project by two sisters (Pearl and Serene their site link) who have pretty terrific goals:  to revolutionize eating. They asked for my … [Read more...]

Update: Oscillococcinum for Flu Relief

Update: I just heard from the fantabulous Alissa Gould from Boiron about the issue regarding lactose and sucrose. According to Ms. Gould: "The doses in homeopathic medicines are very small, and for this reason, they have no side effects, no … [Read more...]

Oct. 8 Menu and Events (Day 42)

Hi hi! How are you sparkly legwarmers doing today? This weekend we bought an out-of-production Ikea Frederick desk as a second possible treadmill desk for my husband. He keeps wanting to amp up my desk and I like my one monitor and lowered … [Read more...]