Blendtec Total Blender Review and Yummy Yogurt Smoothie Recipe


I am going on the record now to tell you a little something.

If we have ever discussed appliances–and I know we have– you’ll know there’s not a single blender on my  list of “gotta-have-its”. Anywhere. What, you say? Did you miss it? No. I didn’t. In fact, I haven’t missed a single day without a blender because I’ve never owned a blender I liked in all of my 22 years of owning kitchen appliances.

In fact, I’ve had at least one break, one under-perform and one melt. Yes. Melt.

Not a great track record.

Add to this that most blenders tend to never incorporate all the ingredients, requiring several stoppages to scrape down sides, and, with a square-sided jar, you can be sure that precipitates will amass in the corners. Forget about the disassembled rubber seal falling into the garbage disposal, taking the thing apart to wash it and then cutting your fingers on the not-so-sharp blades. Do you see where I’m going with this? I would rather blend food with my roto-tiller than deal with that.


As you can, then, imagine, when Blendtec asked me if I was interested in reviewing their Blendtec Total Blender WildSide, I was pretty reticent. Bad track record, melting blenders, pieces getting lost, I wasn’t sure I needed any more heart-break. I actually researched this company before agreeing, and I looked at reviews and videos–and even then, after years of being without a blender I wasn’t expecting anything positive to come of this process. I mean come on. I’m the girl who catches my own oven on fire. Occasionally.

Well, guess what. Socks, meet being knocked off of your feet, across the room and almost out of the window.

In fact, once I found my socks again, I was pretty much dumbstruck by how un-blender-like this blender really is.

To whit, I brought this appliance–not yet even plugged in– to my friends’ home for a game night, along with the fixings for fruit and yogurt smoothies.  We all stood around the kitchen in a large circle as I plugged in the blender and saw the digital console blink to life. A button for smoothies? Hot diggity! Still… Remember, I hate blenders. After loading up the liquids first, followed by fruit, and then finishing with ice, I affixed the lid and hit “smoothie.” I stood back and, based on previous experience, fully waited for the blender to explode, fall off of the counter or melt.

None of that happened.

In fact, after serving 11 people smoothies (and some seconds), my friends looked sad as I brought the blender home again.  I wasn’t. I bounded down the steps to my vehicle with my treasure wrapped in my arms. “MINE!” I shrieked at 11pm in the evening, “MINE MINE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

What I love about this blender:

  • It’s an evolved life form. There are no pieces to disassemble and lose. The 4″ blade is affixed to the bottom of the container.
  • 3 peak horsepower motor with 1560 watts turns ice cubes to snow.
  • Their jars are BPA-free and contain a vented gripper lid that allows steam to escape while blending warm foods or during a longer cycle.
  • Their FourSide Jar holds 74 fluid ounces and their WildSire Jar (my favorite) holds 90 fluid ounces!
  • This blender is powerful. With arms that reach out farther into the jar, the whirling action can be seen pretty clearly. This thing is like an airline jet engine.
  • Quality, fitting lid. The rubberized lid fits the jar snugly and it stays put. I am not used to this at all.
  • The large, angular jar not only doesn’t trap particulates around the edges, it accommodates large amounts of food or beverages in one load.
  • Clean-up is literally a cinch. Just add a cup of warm water with a drop of dish soap, affix the lid and pulse to clean.
  • Unlike other quality blenders, this one actually fits under my cabinet on my counter top, making it easy to keep available at all times.
  • This machine has 25 pre-programmed blend cycles.
  • The accompanying 212-page book of recipes accompanying this machine shows its many talents, including (but not limited to): Beverages, Batters, Cereals and Cereal Bars, Jams and Syrups, Soups, Grinding Grains, Kneads Yeast and Gluten-Free Breads, Makes baked and frozen desserts (including ice cream), pet foods, beauty products and more! Seriously; this thing grinds grains. It chops cabbage. It kneads things. It really crushes ice. It makes coconut milk.
  • A 7-year warranty
In fact, don’t tell this thing it’s a blender. It will look at you and laugh. This thing is a powerhouse. It’s what happens when a food processor decides to slim down, get sexy and change every preconceived notion you ever had about a blender. Ever.
A huge giveaway from Blendtec is happening this week, so stay tuned!
And, frankly, for what I paid for all of my blenders and my food processors, I could have owned one of these–and this would have been worth it.
To boot, if you think I’m entertaining, check out their “Will it Blend?” series on Youtube. Here he processes an AirSoft  pistol into nothingness (I think I heard my husband sobbing somewhere).

This Blendtec is pretty danged powerful.


 Tip: Want even more nutrients? Add a handful of fresh spinach to the jar.

Yummy Yogurt Smoothies

1-6 ounce container sugar-free yogurt, any flavor (I used vanilla)
1 cup unsweetened almond or coconut milk
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
6 large frozen strawberries

Add ingredients to the jar in the order listed and secure lid. Select the “Smoothie” cycle and serve.

Makes 2-1.5 cup servings.

Nutritional information per serving: Calories: 76.5, Carbohydrates: 10.7 g, Fiber: 2.2 g, Net Carbohydrates:  8.5 g, Protein: 3 g, Fat: 3g

Blendtec Total Blender WildSide
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Price: $ 454.95
Usefulness: This thing does it all.
Website: Blend-Tec
Where to buy: 

Disclosure: Blend-Tec provided this product  free of charge for review, but this has not in any way affected my review of the item, especially since I typically hate blenders.

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  1. Kathy Fuller says

    Oh man….this makes me want one!!! I have a Ninja kitchen system and I like it better than any other blender I’ve had and my food processor. But it still has some of the same problems you mentioned in your review. Thanks for sharing your review with us. Definitely gonna put it on my wish list…and I’ve gotta see how much it costs. Maybe I can save up the money!! LOL

    • Hi, Kathy! I have never liked a blender before this one. Had I only known…

    • Yes! Exactly what Kathy said…I have the Ninja too, and although it’s better than most blender/processors, the bottom half of the hummus is always creamy smooth while the top half is still working…have to stop & scrape, etc…so it’s SO nice to hear that someone has actually made one that WORKS!! How exciting! It’s on my wish list now too. 🙂

      • That’s been my issue with the Ninja, too. LOVE it, but it also isn’t the best for things like making drinks and thicker liquids…

  2. Yum! Sunds so good! Thanks for the recipe!
    Keep ’em coming, for most blenders do NOT come with cook books! Mine did not!
    So, you develop the recipes….and I will make them!


    • There were so many recipes! Mine was a takeoff of theirs to be slightly more low-carb, but the idea is the same. Their recipe book is pretty extensive. I was impressed.

      • This blender is $399. @ Costco U.S.A.
        I have never heard of the brand…my magic bullet died a week ago and Ninja 1100 with individual cups was on sale at Canadian Tire for $99.99 from $149.99… And is on sale again this week! I love it…perhaps my next blender will be the blendtec!

        But recipes I do need!


  3. That is one pricey blender, but very cool. I also hate blenders and chucked my last one for a Ninja, which I love (instant lo-carb ice cream – yes!). Yes, if you want to post some of your latest blender recipes, I’m sure some of them are Ninja-adaptable.

    • Deb– I still have my Ninja for sure. It’s just that this blender is so easy to use, and without all of the Ninja parts I now typically spend my time trying to locate in the kitchen…

  4. What an awesome video! I’ve been wanting one of these ever since I saw one demo’d. This is at the top of my want-but-can’t-afford gadgets list!

    • If I had just bought this bl;ender in the first place, I would have saved myself money. It’s nice to see that a modern blender can go toe-to-toe with some of the older models that were built for life.

  5. Yes, the Blend-tec is expensive, but it is WELL worth the money!! I HIGHLY recommend them!!.My husband and I bought one a year ago, when the company was demonstrating the machine in our local Sam’s Club. I was leery about spending so much money for it, but changed my mind after using it a couple times, making yummy smoothies in the morning.It is also great to make a fresh soup in… just dump all the ingredients in, and let it whirl away….YUM.

  6. I also own a Blend-Tec and it is fabulous! One of my favorite recipes is one of the Tortilla Soup recipes. It uses all fresh ingredients from my garden (and fridge) and I feel like I’m eating in a restaurant. No fuss recipe with no peeling or cutting. Just throw it all in the blender and press “go” Even my 16 yr. old son likes it!

  7. Great review!! I will have to save for one of these. Would you compare it to a Vitamix or would you say no comparison? Thanks for the smoothie recipe too!!

    • I meant if you have any experience with the Vitamix. 🙂

    • Gina, I hear they compare pretty much spot on, but I know the Vitamixes are taller, making it impossible to store under many peoples’ upper cabinets on the counter. And the Blendtec is less epxensive!

  8. Oh, I would love to have one, but can’t see it in my forseeable financial future. It looks lovely. 🙂 Congrats!!! Sheatina

    • For the amount I spent in kitchen appliances, I would have been better off had I just bought this to begin with!

      • Jamie, you deserve the best equipment known to man….if you ask me!


        • You are a sweetie pie. A low-carb sweetie pie. I just try to own what it’s easy for others to own, and a blender is one of those things most people either own or shop for. I was just sick of sub-standard blenders.

  9. Love the ad! I think a partially blended skeleton just might be the best Halloween decorations ever!
    I’ve never had a blender either, but you make this one sound like the one to have!

    • LOL! A blended skeleton for Halloween! Ewwww! Or brains for the zombies…

      This is definitely the best blender ever. I would buy one if they decided to break my heart and ask me to send mine back.

  10. Carolyn Timmerman says

    Amazing, not that I’ll be turning guns & ammo into powder! But I have a few low carb recipes I could do… I’ll definitely be looking forward to entering this giveaway! Thank you!

  11. What brand of sugar free yogurt do you get? I’ve checked all labels and even ask at the Health Food stores for sugar free yougurt and can’t find anything? Please help, Brenda.

  12. The fourside blendtec blender is pretty amazing ain’t it? Promise you’re not going to replicate the youtube show and pulverize marbles with it ;P

  13. Love, love, love my blendtec. I once said “I can’t believe anyone would spend $400 on a pair of shoes,” and my friend said, “Well you bought a $400 blender.” Huh? Shoes? Blender? There’s no comparison. I was sold when I made hummus in my mom’s. And the smoothies are awesome. There is also a whole juice button. I love smoothies with spinach. I have them every day for breakfast–you can barely taste the spinach. One of my favorite things to make is a cake–you can put all the stuff in, blend, dump out your mix, and clean up and you’re done.

    But thanks for the tip about washing the blender with a cup of hot water. I thought you had to fill the whole thing full, and have been doing it that way. I’m going to try tomorrow with just a cup!

    • A cup of hot water and a drop of dish soap does the trick! I love how easy the clean up is. You know, I used to pooh-pooh the price of appliances, but I find I have gotten what I pay for over the years! Cliche but true…

  14. Donna Victors says

    I have heard that the Blentec is a marvelous blender. My sister-in-law grinds grains in hers to make her breads. She loves it too. I think it sounds as if that would be the ticket to make smoothies and such. Thanks for the offer.

  15. One more question … I have never owned a food processor, other than a tiny little handheld 1-2 cup one. I’ve always wondered how the blendtec pulse button would compare to the results of an actual food processor. Last night I did strawberries on 1 for about 10 seconds and it turned them in to soup. Did you try to do food processor types of things in the blendtec? How did it work out?

    • Amberly, good question! For the blending, typically you wan to use something like cabbage wedges immersed in water. Then pulse in the water and then drain off the water for processed cabbage. I’m not sure how that might work with strawberries…

  16. Is this how I enter the giveaway? if not, where do I sign up?

  17. How do I enter the contest?

  18. My Blendtec melted today — had it on soup mode, and it got hot and the top melted, fusing to the base.
    I used to be in love with my Blendtec. Still in shock.

  19. Donna Manning says

    I want to enter the contest for the Blentec, but can’t figure out how.
    How do I do it?

  20. Hi, Donna! I just posted the contest today for the Blendtec package (Friday). I hope you enter. Good luck!

  21. I’m sorry but where do we enter to win the bad ass blender?


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