Update: Oscillococcinum for Flu Relief

Update: I just heard from the fantabulous Alissa Gould from Boiron about the issue regarding lactose and sucrose.

According to Ms. Gould:

“The doses in homeopathic medicines are very small, and for this reason, they have no side effects, no drug interactions and no contraindications. In one unit-dose of Oscillococcinum, there are approximately 850 mg of sucrose and 150 mg of lactose. The lactose is delivered from cow’s milk and does not contain the milk protein casein. Therefore, it’s safe to consume if you suffer from a lactose intolerance or allergy. Oscillococcinum is also safe to consume if you are a diabetic–there is approximately one carb per unit dose.”

That’s great news for those of us wondering about the product.

Thanks so much, Alissa, for taking the time to let me know. I love to be able to pass along proper information and appreciate your willingness to take the time and contact me toset the record straight.

Looking for a homeopathic way to smack down the body aches, headache, fever, chills and fatigue of the flu?

I had started seeing Oscilloccinum locally last winter near the check-out. Of course, back then, the product cost $18 for 6 doses (the price is now about half that, making this a much more affordable option).

How does it work?

A combination of ingredients, including duck heart and liver (sorry, vegetarians), (according to studies) reduces both the duration and the severity of flu-like symptoms” when taken at the first signs of the illness.

Because the active ingredient (Anas barbariae 200CK HPUS*) contains duck liver and heart, this product will not suit vegetarians or vegans.

*HPUS means the active ingredient is offically included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Naturally, I can’t write a review of this product because we haven’t had any flu yet this season, but… you could win a 6-dose product for your very own and try it out. (Please note: this product is only for use in people age 2 and up.)

The Fan Share: (Contest Closed)

Congratulations to our winner, Jeannie!

For a chance to win your own 6-dose supply of Oscillococcinum, simply enter by liking them on Facebook or following them on Twitter, and then leave a comment below to let me know what you did (if you don’t have FB or Twitter, just leave a comment to enter). It’s that simple!

Deadline to enter: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at noon MST.

This fan share is only open to US contestants.

I will draw randomly from all entrants and contact the winner via email for your home address, which I will then immediately hand over to the company who will ship you your product. Your address and private information will not be sold or kept by me at all. In fact, I delete all emails as soon as my part is through to keep my inbox less full and to protect your privacy. 




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  1. I’ve discovered a really cool homeopathic cold/cough treatment called Umcka Cold Care. It’s derived from a South African plant and it’s been used in their medicinal treatments for hundreds of years. You can get it at the Healthfood store and it comes in cough syrup, chewable tablets, fizz packs (think pixie stix) or drops. Does NOT taste nasty and it shortens the duration and severity of cough, congestion, sore throat, sinus & brochial infections (drops are alcohol free too). Non-Drowsy and suitable for children! Made by Natures Way – a brand I trust!

  2. Thank you, Jamie. Trust me, if I have the flu, I will not care about carbs. I do know if you are diabetic it would be a concern. I had the honor of having the flu once while pregnant for the first time. You know what the cheery person at the doctor’s office said? Drink lots of fluids and rest. I wanted to tell that person (after someone had put me out of my misery) to put that cheery voice somewhere it would be impossible to put! Did not now there was an over-the-counter flu remedy. Wow, thanks!

  3. I have heard of this but, like you, thought the price was too high to experiment to see how it worked. I will have to reconsider next time I come down with something.

  4. Cathy aitmoussa says

    I just wanted to mention , I used this product at least 6 or 7 years ago, recommended by a pharmacist. It worked! But I forgot about it, now if me or my family gets sick I’ll be using it again. I liked them on Facebook.

  5. I am a fan and liked them on facebook. Would love to win this.

  6. Great information, thank you for sharing.

  7. I have liked this page, thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Okedoke. I liked them on Facebook! Pick me! Pick me!!!

  9. I would like to win but honestly hope I don’t have to use it this winter! But it never hurts to be prepared for whatever the little guy will bring home from that petri dish called preschool.

  10. I have followed them both. I’ve always wanted to try this and wondered how it worked. Thanks for the contest!

  11. I LOVE this product – I rarely get sick but that might be because I take it as soon as I even feel a sniffly nose coming on… Liked on facebook and hoping I win! 🙂

  12. I get a flu shot every year (dr’s orders!!) due to a breathing condition I have but I know they say you can still get the flu, depending on the strains of flu. I’ve never heard of this product before. Not that this is going to keep you from getting the flu, but I’m all for having something to lessen the agony. Thanks for sharing. I liked their FB page. At least I’ll be able to refer to it if I need to remember the name of this stuff. Better than going into the drug store and asking for the stuff that the name starts with “O” and is as long as my arm. 😀

  13. I liked the page…. I have to say this is the best stuff ever for colds. Works like a champ and it is wonderful for my 5 year old daughter as well. It is worth its weight in gold!

  14. Thanks for the tip. I’ve tried things like Airborne and Nutriferon (Shaklee) as soon as I feel a tickle in my throat. These are immune system boosters and have worked well, especially the Nutriferon… but sometimes the flu will win. I will definitely try this. And I “liked” them on facebook.

    I like you too and subscribed to your emails. Great Stuff!

    I just had to start a Gluten free diet and that’s how I found you. Appreciate all your help.

  15. I liked them on Facebook

  16. I have used it before, but the cost has been a little hard to swallow :). Glad to hear it is coming down.

  17. Awesome stuff! Used it for years. The first time was 23 years ago when I literally felt like I might die if I closed my eyes. This was the first day. Somehow I mustered up the energy to look in my homeopathy book and symptoms matched this remedy so perfectly compared to other homeopathic flu remedies. Hubby came home with it 30 minutes later and FIFTEEN minutes later I was walking around saying I felt so good I could go to church the next day! (I didn’t, just in case I was contagious). We have used it on ourselves and 8 children several times since then and it works IF we use it the first day. After that it helps but not as effective.

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