Oct. 5 Menu and Events (Day 39)

Hello my Friday joyous baby gherkin pickles of happiness!

What do you think of our funny Christmas ornaments?

I had my daughter clean out her toys so we can donate what she doesn’t play with anymore (to make room for Christmas and things she will play with).

Some of these toys were so funny, I wanted to keep them around (wouldn’t you?) so instead of starting my own toy hoard  we decided to make crazy Christmas ornaments. My oldest daughter is adept with baking clay and I had my hot glue gun at the ready so we created an ornament for each person.

Can you guess which one is mine?

Yesterday I posted  a giveaway for a complete set of the amazing Blendtec Total Blender and the Twister Jar for one lucky winner worth over $550! I hope you enter to win–twice!  I want companies to know you are interested in their products!

By the way, I am so so proud of myself!

My husband has deemed Friday night “Take and Bake Pizza Night”. Remember the last two weeks how I have gone overboard BOTH times on pizza toppings and then experienced only the slightest loss on the following Monday?

Well vavoom! I am not making that mistake again. While I would give anything for the cheesy goodness of ooey, gooey pizza toppings from my favorite take-and-bake pizza establishment locally, I refuse to deal with that situation of overeating, getting sick and then feeling bad over having too too many toppings. Who needs that? As a recovering binge eater, the last thing I need is to have my way with a large pizza’s toppings.

Now what I had yesterday… First of all, here’s the plan I’m following and here is the introduction post to the Mid-Year Resolution Challenge. While you look at what I’m doing, be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled to give some ideas, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). I am, however, here with you to cheer you on when you’re so skinny you can hula hoop with a Cheerio.

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Friday, October 5

I ate this:
Breakfast: Sleep
Lunch: Beverages and Vitamins
Dinner: Chipless nachos from a local Mexican food place (a BIG platter. Trust me, I made up for calories today in one meal!)

Exercise: 2 hours at my treadmill desk at 1 mph. I am making typing errors like crazy today– a good sign I need more sleep! MOAR SLEEP! And more caffeine… or not…

Notes: I think I am getting sick, so I have been taking things a little bit easier. It probably mirrors the crazy Colorado weather patterns.

What I learned:

If it hurts enough to mention it, take aspirin.

You’d think that one would be more obvious, but how often do we talk about something without putting a plan into action? My shoulder really hurts because I slept so much on it, and I told my husband, “My shoulder hurts.”

And then I realized what I would say if someone told me the same thing: “I’m so sorry to hear that. Did you take aspirin?”

Aspirin. So simple. I need to take my own advice.

I will take action first and then state a concern if the action doesn’t remedy the problem.

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  1. are you bacon lips?? Lol

  2. Saw this on a cooking show in the UK and thought you might like a Meatzza!


    I too love pizza and have been known to pull the toppings off but best only done when alone or en-family! Doesn’t help that my youngest son works at Dominos! However since they have a new manager, ‘take homes’ by staff have become less, which is good for me!

    Can’t wait to try this recipe myself!

    • It’s rough when you have family who works in the food industry. Thanks for the recipe link for me to peruse! I have seen a meatzza before, but it’s always pretty fun to see someone else’s take on the dish.

  3. Hey beautiful gorgeous bacon lips!
    Get well soon! Happy Columbus Day weekend!


  4. Those ornaments are so cute, what a great idea!! Are you the little white bear holding a soda? I’m crossing my fingers, arms, legs toes and eyes hoping I win the blender and jar!! I seriously need a good one. My cheap blender broke recently and now every time I turn around I see a recipe in which a blender is involved. Pizza and bread sticks are my arch enemy. My daughter works at a pizza place and sometimes brings home the mistakes. It’s really hard to resist but I find that if I don’t eat the carbs I don’t crave them. So I have learned to just not even have one single bite. It’s a lot easier to resist that way. I love your silly, cute little introductions on your blog. :))

    • Thanks so much, Gina! I love reading your comments, too. I am not the polar bear with the soda bottle. That’s my hubby, and it’s really more or less of an inside joke that’s too involved to explain either fully or with the proper amount of political correctness. I can’t wait to see who wins the blender!

  5. Hee hee…I’m guessing yours is the one with the bacon smile! What a great use of toys that are “keepers”, love it! 🙂

  6. my guess is your the bacon lips chick, thingy, ornament. I liked what you ate for breakfast and then lunch…sounds good to me. Sleep. it is an illusion? bacon forever!!

  7. You are too easy, just follow the bacon trail, ha ha!!! I am with you 100%! Just got back from a trip to a beach. Stayed on plan for the most part, so I feel good. Can’t wait to weigh in tomorrow. Just watching what the other ladies ate, kind of made me ill to look at. And I did not feel deprived at all. Who can with a nice juicy steak and steamed spinach with butter?!

  8. I am utterly in love with your blog. I am newish to eating low carb and was SO HAPPY when I found your blog just last week and now I learn you are in Colorado as I am! Where are you? I am just west of Vail up in the high country.

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