Sept. 29-30 Menu and Events (Days 33&34)

Hello my cyber surfing bodacious bikini bunnies!

Guess what: My site is now optimized for mobile browsers! Whether you use an iPad, an iPhone or other hand-held device, you can now read easier and enjoy everything Your Lighter Side has to offer. I was so excited, I played with it this evening. I love it, and I hope you do, too.


Now what I had yesterday… First of all, here’s the plan I’m following and here is the introduction post to the Mid-Year Resolution Challenge. While you look at what I’m doing, be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled to give some ideas, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). I am, however, here with you to cheer you on when you’re so skinny you will have to watch slipping through the cushions of your couch.

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Friday, September 29

I ate this:
Breakfast: Large kosher hot dog + cheese + mustard+ onion + LC ketchup + LC relish
Dinner: Hot dog with onion, LC catsup and mustard
Snacks: Grape tomatoes

Exercise: Walked and worked for 2 hours at my treadmill desk at 1 mph.

Notes: I so freaky overdo pizza toppings. I am officially going PT free until I get that under control. I had serious digestive issues last night as a result that I’m still feeling this morning (Saturday).


Sunday, September 30

I ate this:
Breakfast: Hot dog with onion, catsup and mustard
Snack: Large pepperoni slices
Taco meat  + Parmesan cheese + 1 Tbsp sour cream
Late-night snack:

Exercise: Walked and worked for 1 hour at my treadmill desk at 1 mph.

Notes: It is Friday and I am so excited! In the kitchen making up a few recipes.

What I learned:

I am never too far from goal or too close to old age to do cute, fun things for myself.

Yesterday, I caved to some girlie desires. I:

  • bought myself some cute, new bras (my old ones were letting me down, so to speak..),
  • caved to a TV ad and bought some Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Remover and Moisturizer. It looks promising, and after only one application, I am already seeing results! Any other former tanners out there with facial spotting? I can take picture progress if you’re interested…
  • caved into another TV ad for  Garnier Fall Fight Shampoo and Conditioner to stop my long hair from falling out and to keep more strands. I think I might just need a haircut because it’s pretty long, but I don’t want anymore of it falling out.
  • procured a cute little spiral calendar to keep track of appointments and writing deadlines. It is so cute and little!

I hate spending money on myself.

I say, “Oh, I’m too old to care,” but then I thought, “Really? Am I?”

So I treated myself to a cute, new purse, too.

So there, self-doubt. Suck it.

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  1. Jamie,
    I have been following you for almost a month now. I must say I love your recipes. I have to go low carb because of a thyroid problem, and until I found your site, I was stumped. My favorite recipe by far is the deep dish pizza. My family and I love it. And we have also used it for bread sticks served with spaghetti and with chili. Thank you so much!

    • Hi, Karen. I am so so happy I have been able to help! I love hearing about what you’re trying and the results–and I so appreciate the time you took to let me know and to introduce yourself. It is so nice to meet you!

  2. I am interested in seeing/reading about your results with the skin cream. I have some dark spots on my face I would love to get rid of.

  3. I would love to know how the spot corrector works out for you. I was born and raised in Florida and used to make fun of the pasty white tourists…now after living in KY for 30 yrs, I AM one!

    I can tell you after losing some hair myself that the Fall Fight shampoo and conditioner defintely does work. I could tell a difference in only a week or two in how much hair was in the shower drain.

    • Thanks so much for your experience with the Fall Fight, Deb. I also had my hair cut super short to hopefully help. I don’t think pulling hair back intto ponytails remedied the situation…

      I will totally let you know how the skin spot corrector works.

  4. Oh gosh, I almost forgot – I’ve lost 14 pounds now! (are we still weighing on Mondays?)

    • Yes! Way to go!! I am super proud of you. I weighed today, but I always share the next day because I never can get my rear into gear to post the same day!

  5. I really wanted to join your challenge, and thought there was an email that went out with details to sign up on a google doc or something…but I can’t find it! 🙁 Could you please post it, or resend it or anything?! Looking forward to joining you on this journey!

  6. October and time to check in. I missed last week due to travel and tiredness. Is that a good enough excuse? The truth. I felt quite negative about my weight loss/gain.

    I gained a whole 2 pounds during September. Not going to cry but I do Growl. Grrrrr!

    This month I cannot see any excuses in front of me.

    Today I have eaten a two egg cheese and onion omelet. Lunch will be something green and leafy and a slice of cold roast beef. There’s heaps of beef so I see more of the same for dinner. Pity it isn’t really salad weather. We have a cold blustery south wind with colder showers negating any warmth from the sunny patches. Think cold spring wind and April showers.

    I am trying to work out how to make LCHF work for me. Do I need to make any changes to my plan or is my plan complete as is? Tell you the answer next week.

    Treating your girly desires is good fun and soooo important. Take care. You are one special bunnie….not sure about the bikini though, are you?


  7. Jamie –

    I, too, have thinning hair…I’ve also heard that Tea Tree oil is supposed to be good for thinning hair. Avalon organics has both the above Biotin B shampoo and also a Tea Tree Mint shampoo. The Biotin B has a slightly medicinal smell – the Tea Tree mint is fresher in my opinion. I have used the Biotin B for a couple months and have used the Tea Tree mint only a couple of times. But I really think it is helping me lose less hair each shampoo.

    • Thanks for the heads up, so to speak! We do keep Tea Tree oil shampoo in the house. I’ll am really liking the Fall Fight by Garnier right now! As an aside, I did edit your post, as I typically don’t allow affiliate links. I hope you don’t mind! It keeps the playing field even for everyone.

      • Good to know – some people like to know where to buy things. I’ll just say “available through Amazon” in the future!

        Are you going to post a pic of your new ‘do?

        • When I hit goal (or get closer to it), you bet! Not right now, though. I want more of a reveal… (So I say. The day I hit goal, I’ll likely be hit by a bus)…

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