Almost December. Can you feel it? (Day 97)

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Now, on to how I’m doing. Thanks for your well wishes! I am feeling so much better these days. I had a bit of a virus for a couple of days that knocked the energy out of me, but I also didn’t make the healthiest choices over the last week.

Still, with a month left to go, I plan to hit at least 60 pounds lost since the end of August. Who’s with me?

Now on to how I’ve been doing with our Mid-Year Challenge… Be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled share my progress and thoughts, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). Be sure to subscribe for updates by adding your email right (in the sidebar) or through Feedburner in the title bar up top. You can also click the tab up top that says Mid-Year Resolution for regular updates.


Thursday, November 29

I ate this:
Breakfast: Jimmy Dean Sausage Patties.
Lunch: My finger foods platter: pepperoni, cheese, sharp, aged cheddar and mixed nuts
Dinner: Cheese + Turkey

Notes: I need to set up the Christmas tree! But first I need to find it…

What I learned:

Sometimes you might slide a little off of the wagon. Make sure you stay on or you might end up eating the horse dipped in secret sauce…

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  1. Cheryl Moore says

    Glad you’re feeling better Jamie!

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