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Nov. 12 Menu and Events (Day 78)

Happy beginning of the week! So I hope you have had a good week last week and are ready to start tackling Thanksgiving? Our Canadian friends had their special day last month and now it's our turn! I wonder if they have any good advice for us … [Read more...]

Nov. 10-11 Menu and Events (Days 76-77)

It is so cold outside. Picture me, navigating the streets of Boulder, with my 16 year old driver behind the wheel, battling with her first inclement weather trip from the store. … [Read more...]

Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free Caramel Apple Cheesecake

I love autumn. As a little girl in Wisconsin, I played in the bounty of crunchy, multi-colored leaves, having always treasured seeing the difference in foliage. As an adult in Colorado, I enjoy feeling the crispness in the air, not mowing my lawn, … [Read more...]

Nov. 9 Menu and Events (Day 75)

Ouch! Guess who the dummy is who spilled scalding water over all the fingers on her left hand? One guess! No, it is not the Queen. It is me! Thankfully, applying ice immediately and cold water stopped tissue damage and I'm right as rain again. Rain, … [Read more...]

Nov. 8 Menu and Events (Day 74)

Happy Friday (I almost said Wednesday). I hope you have all had a very good week so far! I am going to keep publishing these "Menu and Events" posts the day after each day, as I used to do so I can eat later and send out one, updated post per day … [Read more...]

Nasoya Pasta Zero plus review & Pad Thai Recipe

Shirataki noodles, in their packaging, could quite possibly be one of the most unappetizing food items one might ever see or smell. Get past it and you have a terrific pasta replacement for your gluten-free lifestyle. … [Read more...]

Nov. 6-7 Menu and Events (Day 72-73)

Hello and Happy "No More Political Calls" Day! If you live in a political swing state, you, too, are doing the end zone dance of pure happiness. … [Read more...]

Dairy-free, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free Waffles

Are you ready for some waffles? Truthfully, I have never before made a quick bread where even the uncooked batter (I don't recommend eating uncooked batter, especially when it contains eggs) was so delicious and so much fun. … [Read more...]

Nov. 5 Menu and Events (Day 71)

Happy Monday to you! How are you faring on this most amazing autumn afternoon? I am sending good thoughts to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy and hope you're getting power, heat and light back to your homes. I hear how difficult it has been … [Read more...]

Cauliflower Crust Pizza {Gourmet Vegetarian Style}

I am super excited to show you what's new at Your Lighter Side headquarters.  I also love hearing from you, so please keep writing about what you'd like to see, and especially what you're trying that you like. Your comments and letters are absolutely … [Read more...]