Bacon Extravaganza Deep Dish Pizza


Low-carb and gluten-free, this super simple deep dish pizza based on my simple deep dish crust recipe caters to the bacon lovers out there and is a guaranteed hit on your next pizza night!

Tip: Don’t use canned chicken. Go with the cooked breasts. You want the meat as dry as possible.

In fact, I’m so excited about this pizza, I’m up late working extra hard to make sure you can prepare it this week. Of course, it’s totally gluten-free and easy to make.

This is a close up of the pizza. I tried video taping the process, but the video came out a bit too dark, so I’m going to play with the white balance and the lighting more. I love photographing outside in shade because I love the blast of color.

Tip: Add a bit of cheddar cheese to the top for a pop of color and flavor.

I love Colorado because even when there’s snow on the ground, it is so pretty outside. See the snow?


Another view of this triple bacon pizza. It is so delicious I can’t wait for breakfast!

The outer edge there? It’s crispy! I kid you not. I do not blow sunshine up your yoga pants.

Tip: For your own peppered bacon, heavily sprinkle pepper along the edge of the slices. Press. Cook as usual.


Yes, it’s totally hand-holdable. See how nicely it holds its shape? How proper. How fabulous, says I!

Tip: For super-dense crust terrificness, be sure to press the crust into the pan as hard as you reasonably can.



Total vertical fabulosity. Yes, Virginia, there is a gluten-free crust that doesn’t flop–in more ways than one.

Are you ready? Let’s go!


Bacon Extravaganza Deep Dish Pizza

1.5 cups cooked chicken breast
1.5 cups low-moisture shredded mozzarella cheese
1 Tbsp parsley, dried
1 tsp basil
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder


4 slices chopped Canadian Bacon
6 slices cooked, crumbled, peppered Bacon
6 slices cooked, crumbled, regular, crispy Bacon
1/4 cup chopped sweet yellow onion
1/4 cup chopped green onion
1/4 cup red sauce
2 cups mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Process chicken and cheese together in a blender, food processor or Ninja. Mixture will resemble a meal/thick, dense crumb consistency. Place parchment paper in the bottom of a 10-11″ springform cheesecake pan (there will be some overlap. Remove excess from below the pan after pan seals parchment in place). Firmly press chicken/cheese mixture into springform pan. Top with parsley, basil, onion and garlic powder. Bake for 20 minutes.

Top with sauce, cheese, and rest of toppings. Bake for 25 more minutes. Let cool for five minutes in pan. Carefully open springform pan. Slice and serve.

Makes 8 slices.

Nutritional information per 1/8 loaded pizza: Calories: 303, Carbohydrates: 2.9 g , Fiber:  .2 g,   Net Carbohydrates:  2.7 g , Protein:  31.45 g, Fat:  17 g.

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  1. Oh my gosh, CHICKEN?! What a brilliant idea!!! I cannot wait to try this recipe!!!

    • I hope you like it! The dish is super-simple, and you never even taste the chicken.

      • I did this last week and loved it-great idea as a crust although I only made a regular pizza not bacon topped-I cooked the chicken in cream and water,rinsed it off half way done and poached in fresh water after that to make it as bland as possible and it worked great-vacum sealed enough chicken for three more pizzas and the process will go much quicker next time as the chicken is already done-great idea -thank you

  2. Nooooo!!! Don’t press it as hard as you can into the Fan!!!! 🙂 Cute error. Love your recipies, as always!

  3. Well, I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle … this looks (and sounds!!!) FANTASTIC! I’ve known about the chicken breast crust for a while and have been meaning to try it, but … anything called “Bacon Extravaganza Deep Dish Pizza” runs straight to the top of my “To Do” list. This one looks like … it’s been hit right out of the park. Thanks, Jamie!!!

  4. Yum, pizza is one of my favorites!

  5. We make this pizza crust on a regular basis, The whole family loves it!!!! I have a set of 3 different size springform pans so we each top our own. I double the recipe and make a small, medium, and large pizza. Thanks so much for the recipe!!!!

  6. Oh wow! I’ve tried the cauliflower crust and the crustless pizza, but this one sounds like a real winner. Thanks!

  7. I am making this into my favorite ‘cold veggie pizza’…the one that uses crescent rolls.

  8. Can you use the canned all white chicken breast as well for the crust or just fresh? Not a HUGE fan of chicken but can eat it. 5 months and going strong. Low carb and lovin it. Thank you for ALL of your delicious recipes Jamie…

  9. This was *wonderful*!!! Next time I will let it bake a smidge more to crisp it up, but other than that…my pizza craving is satisfied!

  10. I’m sending a link to this to my Mom as she is allergic to gluten. It looks delicious 🙂

  11. Oh and btw, arrived here from your link in the Examiner forums (no need to publish this comment on your site 🙂 Good for you with your website – screw Examiner, they are literally stealing money from their writers and lying about international page views not being monetized. I’ve stopped writing for them and I know a few others who have. Scam company indeed 🙁

  12. In another life, when I used to eat regular pizza, one of my favorites was made with alfredo sauce instead of tomato sauce, and topped with chicken, bacon, and onion. I bet an alfredo sauce with this crust would be *amazing*!!! I’m definitely going to give it a try.

    • Alfredo is like the manna from the creamy sauce heavens. Add some fresh spinach and shazam! Hold me back… but don’t. I hope you let me know what you think. I love your combinations.

    • Probably would be good with ranch dressing as the sauce and add sunflower seeds and black olives for toppings, too.

  13. Beth DiGesu says

    Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!!!!! I made this tonight and it was FANTASTIC!!!!!! The crust was crisp like a regular crust. I will make this again!!!!!

  14. Oh my goodness…oh my goodness…(said in the Orphan Annie voice)! This is the yummiest faux pizza crust EVER! Made it for the family tonight…Everyone loved it….only changes…next time I’m adding some green olives. That’s it. Worked as “advertised”. So Awesome! Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!

  15. so i made this today and i was sad to find my crust had pretty much adhered to the parchment paper 🙁 and it wasnt as crisp as i like my pizza crust to be. i squished my chicken breasts until i thought they were dry. apparently it wasnt dry enough. any suggestions would be appreciated because i really want to love this

  16. This looks amazing! Definitely a must try this week to curb this Pizza craving I’ve been fighting!! I’m assuming this could also be made as a “meat lovers” with ham, sausage etc for about the same carb count.

  17. I’m making this tonight for my husband– he LOVES deep dish pizza. Unfortunately, being a hard worker and not much of a cook, he is pretty much going low carb with me whether or not he “likes” it. When I said “guess what I’m making tomorrow….DEEP DISH PIZZA!” you should have seen the tendons in his neck pop out in joy.

  18. Tiara Tompkins says

    I’m going to try this recipe next week. I dont have springform cheesecake pan. Is there an alternative?

    • Hi there! Absolutely! You can line any pan with parchment and go for it, whether it’s a cake pan or a cookie sheet. The springform just creates easy clean-up, but it’s not a necessity.

  19. OK, I’m totally going to try this. just wondering if you think using the pre-cooked chicken (or turkey) breasts you can buy would work for this too…. i have 2 little ones and another in the oven so my time and energy are low 🙂 But OMG i’ve been drooling and making lots of noises over this one

    • Oh, absolutely! Turkey FTW! Turkey, I’m going to argue, will have a slightly different taste (I think chicken is slightly more acidic, turkey more earthy), but really? I love turkey. I think it would be a perfect crust stand-in.

  20. Kerry Walsh says

    We are fairly new to low carb and looking for some variety. Your site is amazing, thank you. Quick question…I have to follow a recipe exactly! When you say red sauce…do you mean tomato sauce? Thanks

  21. Since you’re in Colorado, you’ll know what I mean when I say that I’ve been ready to give up limbs and organs for some Beau Jo’s…delicious carby goodness that it is. This recipe completely killed that craving! You’ve save my eating lifestyle and my pants. Thank you!

  22. I have just found your site (3 days ago)…it is AMAZING! I really want
    try the pizza crust made with chicken/mozarella, but I am curious…have
    you ever made a large batch (4 or 5 times larger) and frozen the ‘dough’?
    If so, how have you thawed it? Does it require extra prep after the
    freezer? I absolutely cannot wait to try this, it sounds wonderful.
    Thank you so much. Gloria

  23. YAY! I love pizza so much. seriously it’s the only thing that makes eating low carb really difficult for me. I’m going to try this crust on my pizza stone.

  24. Okay – now I am going to have to surprise my family with this….. a spring form pan?! who’d a thunk?! Now I can keep mine – and USE it too!

  25. Well, we followed the recipe exactly, but will be going back to the cauliflower crust. Neither the texture nor the taste compared to the intense deliciousness of cauli-mozza crust. However, we did bring home a nice springform pan and a food processor today, AND the Seahawks are winning the Superbowl, so I call this a win! 🙂

  26. Paula Jo Szegda-Davis says

    Can’t I just eat the whole pizza by myself? Do I have to share??? I’m SO hungry and want to just stuff my tummy with this pizza!

  27. Made this for a second time tonight…oh. my. gosh. So wonderful!

  28. is wheat free is the same as low carb, i am allergic to wheat whenever i have anything with wheat in it i am sick to my stomach and relly sick if i go low carb would that help

  29. YOU are a genius! I made a thin crust with 2 oz. chicken & 2 oz. light Mozza cheese in a regular sized tart pan, then adjusted the toppings to meet my macros. Oh.My.Heaven! SOOOOOOO GOOD! THANK YOU!!!!

  30. You obviously do not know what seep dish is

  31. Just made this for the first time. RIdiculously good!!!!

  32. I unfortunately do not have a spring form pan 🙁 Is there any other pan that would be ideal for this? Cake pan maybe….

  33. Hi, I don’t know if this will help you or not but here’s my 2 cents! LOL. Anytime that I eat lowcarb I will have foot and leg cramps during the night. I take a couple of potasium pills and they go away almost at once. I would sugguest trying to eat more foods with potasium or adding the suppliments to your daily rutine. I hope this helps. Good luck.

  34. Hi, Sondy– You rock, and you’re right. The foot cramps I’ve had lately are totally because I’ve been neglecting my nutrients in vitamins… I need to start taking them again! Thanks for being awesome!


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