Giveaway! Santa Barbara Chocolate Company


It’s no secret that I am a humongous fan of  Santa Barbara Chocolates Company, with their delicious, GMO-free, and eco-friendly, robust offerings. They’re so terrific that they want you to love them, too!

Want to enter to win one of two $75 chocolate shopping sprees, courtesy of Santa Barbara Chocolate Company?

To enter:

1. Like Santa Barbara Chocolate Company (<-link) on Facebook.
2. Read my review of their products for an idea of what you might like to try.
3. Comment below after you visit their site and make your own dream shopping list of what you plan to buy with your $75 if you win!
4. Comment below separately after liking their Facebook page for a second chance to win!


Two lucky winners who leave comments below will be drawn on Friday, December 28, at noon MST.

From there, I’ll grab your list and email you for your address. Then I’ll forward your information to Santa Barbara Chocolate Company, and they’ll ship directly to you.

US residents only, please.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the easy steps and  comment below to start dreaming in chocolate!

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  1. Christa Robinson says

    California Collection 1lb.
    Organic Milk Chocolate Mocha 4Bars
    Belgian Milk Chocolate 40% 3lb.

  2. Christa Robinson says

    Oh wow I could do so much holida baking STILL with their hazelnut paste and baking chocolates….

  3. I love it that they started the company 100 years ago!!

    If I win, I plan to buy cocoa powder, as I make my own hot chocolate mix that I drink often; and dark chocolate bars – to snack on, and experiment with in recipes!

  4. This chocolate sounds amazing!!! You sold me a white chocolate!!!

  5. I liked them on Facebook. I’d love to try the Organic Extra Dark bars if I win.

  6. Carol Palinkas says

    ok, I’m drooling all over my keyboard because I haven’t had breakfast yet and all I can think of is chocolate. I love the idea of eco-friendly and healthy chocolate. Love it. I want a little of everything. If I win I’ll have to stock up on the dark chocolate bars, the extra dark chocolate bars, the white chocolate — just because — and the dark chocolate medallions. Yum.

  7. Carol Palinkas says

    Oh, and the assorted gift box. How did I forget that? It looks absolutely amazing!

  8. Oh my, I would love some of the extra dark organic chocolate bars!

  9. I liked them on face book and I would load up on the extra dark chocolate bars and the unsweetened medallions. Mmmmm!!!

  10. Harini Prasad says

    Ive liked their FB

  11. I’d buy the Rainforest Black Cocoa and the Belgian Dark Chocolate 72% Baking Chips. Would love to try!!!

  12. Karin VanderWaal says

    yummy I can’t decide it all looks sooo wonderful! Worth the carbs! LOL

  13. Harini Prasad says

    I would want to buy everything they have, but would limit myself to the Gourmet Truffle Selection 50pc. and the Holiday Gift Box 40 pieces. I am sure that I will be addicted soon enough!

  14. Karin VanderWaal says

    Just liked em on FB. Sure hope I win! :=)

  15. I am a chocoholic and this would be the best ever prize. I love, love, love the whole basket full of goodies. Mine, mine, mine.

  16. California Collection 1lb
    Gourmet Truffle Selection

  17. I “like” Santa Barbara Chocolate on Facebook

  18. First of all, I liked them on Facebook!

  19. Second, looking at this site is making me CRAVE chocolate… but I would get the gourmet truffle collection and send it to my mom, and then I would get the 4 organic chocolate bars for myself 🙂

  20. I would get the California Gift Box for my dad and his wife– they love chocolates and it would be such a luxurious little present. And the 3 lb Rainforest Red Gourmet drinking chocolate to share with my hubby while we curl up around the fire, made with delicious almond milk and a little pinch of espresso. Yum! I would push the boundaries of $75 with the 4 assorted organic chocolate bars for a little extra indulgence.

    Either way, I’ll definitely be doing some shopping here when my paycheck arrives. I have to see if this is superior to Theo Chocolate in Fremont, WA. For science!

  21. I would get as many California Collections as I could & then once they came in, I’d hold them close & never let them go…well..I’d end up letting them go one at a time in my mouth, but either way it’ll be a heavenly experience.

  22. P.S. -Liked!

  23. Valorie Martin says

    I liked them! now give me chocolate. 😀

  24. Liked them on FB, commented on FB read your review – I’d be glad to do more for the love of chocolae – extra dark organic chocolate!!

  25. Valorie Martin says

    I want the california collection, rocher truffles, and the organic 4 bar pack. YUM.

  26. Renee Ehlers says

    All of the assortment collections! Yum!

  27. 50 piece truffle set.Thanks bunches for this giveaway

  28. Renee Ehlers says

    I totally liked them, can’t wait to win.

  29. Victoria Norman says

    I liked Santa Barbara Chocolate Company on Facebook

  30. Do they offer sugar free chocolate besides the cocoa powder?

  31. I didn’t just like them on facebook I loved them. Everything looks so good. this chocoholic would so love to win. So many things to chose from, because I want it all so much. But if I have to choose here goes Rainforest Red Gourmet Drinking Chocolate 3lb./Organic Extra Dark Chocolate 4Bars/Belgian Dark Chocolate 72% 3lb.

  32. I would choose the Rio Tigre 3 lb white chocolate, the 3 lb pure cacao medallions and the 2.5 lb of auburn cocoa and a 4 pack or organic extra dark chocolate bars. Thats over 75, but would be happy to pay the overage and have a yum time making some low carb treats!

  33. Christina E. says

    I would order the 85% Extra Dark Chocolate for myself, and the 70% Dark Chocolate for my DH.

  34. Christina E. says

    I have liked them on FB

  35. Victoria Norman says

    Organic Milk Chocolate 4 bars
    Organic Dark Chocolate 4 bars
    California Collection, 1 lb

  36. The Gourmet Truffle Selection 50 pc. and the California Collection 20 pc

  37. Liked their page, thanks.

  38. Liked on FB. Would get the dark chocolate organic bar 4-pack ($21.95) and the 50-piece Gourmet Truffle Collection ($56.60).

  39. I think I’d go “whole hog” and get the 5-lb box to share, and pay the extra.

  40. My mouth is salivating after looking at the chocolate pix! My fave items are the Gourmet truffles, the California Collection and the Holiday Gift boxes. Any of them would truly be appreciated & savored. I adore chocolate and rarely ever see organic chocolate, so this prize would be a huge treat. 😉

  41. jillian hamm says

    I would love to try their dark and white baking chocolates as well as the cocoa.

  42. jillian hamm says

    I likes their Facebook page

  43. I “loved” them on FB LOL

  44. Yum!! I found their extra dark chocolate!! I would love try theses:
    The Marsh Bar: 4 Organic Extra Dark Chocolate Bars and White Chocolate
    I sent this to my friends and family, hopefully they will want to try to win some too!!

  45. I would love to try the dark chocolate bars and the boxes chocolates! I even went to their site to order some last minute goodies! There is so much to try!

  46. Oh MAN! Trying to decide if I NEED 6.6lbs of chocolate hazelnut paste. I would probably grab the 3lbs of 64% belgian chocolate and some truffles. Oh man, oh man!

  47. I liked their facebook page! Woohoo!

  48. The gourmet Truffel Selection and the California Selection.

  49. I liked them on Facebook

  50. Brenda Killinger says

    Looks like a new place to buy my chocolates.

  51. I have liked them on FB.

  52. I “Liked” them on Face Book – but that’s only because there isn’t a “Love” button!

  53. My shopping spree would consist of the divine Organic Porcelana 75% to use in low-carb treats for me and a box of the holiday chocolate for my non-LC husband (he loves chocolate-covered cherries).

  54. Definitely interested in the Organic Chocolate Bars…organic + chocolate = WIN!

  55. I just liked them on Facebook, too!

  56. Oh my – how would I ever choose – hmmmmm. some of each???? You have made my mouth water —–!
    BTW – love your site – use a lot of your recipes —–you do a great job!

  57. melissa shuster says

    i am a chocoholic:)

  58. If I win I would love the Gourmet Truffle Selection and extra dark organic bars. Wow – such an awesome giveaway!

  59. Liked them on Facebook. I would probably go with their Organic Dark and Extra Dark chocolate, and maybe some white.

  60. Cocoa and unsweetened chocolate

  61. One of everything that $75 will buy!

  62. Liked them on Facebook also

  63. I would get a bunch of their Organic Extra Dark Chocolate Bars, and their Chocolate Hazelnut Paste. Yum!!

  64. I liked Santa Barbara Chocolate Company on Facebook! 🙂


  66. cocoa powder and cocoa chunks. Can’t wait to bake!!

  67. aLSO LIKED ON fb!

  68. As many varieties as I can get for the win!

  69. I LIKED them on facebook and visited their website. Very interesting!

  70. OMG. I’d buy their Rocher truffles, some cocoa powder, and white chocolate!!

  71. I like ’em on Facebook!

  72. I would give it to my daughter, as she is thinking she is having gluten problems and what a better way to get her started on a non gluten diet than chocolate! Plus my daughter is a police woman and works so hard. She deserves it!

  73. I would get the Dark and the Extra Dark bars 🙂

  74. I liked their FB page. 🙂

  75. I’d go for the big 4.4 lb block of 100% cocoa for me and the extra dark chocolate bars. YUMMY!!!!

  76. Their page is incredible, if I were to make a $75.00 shopping/wish list it would be:
    2.5lbs. of Rainforest Red Cocoa Powder and
    2.5lbs. of Rainforest Natural Cocoa Powder

  77. California Collection
    Truffles, truffles and more truffles!

  78. I like Santa Barbara Chocolate on Facebook.

  79. truffles

  80. Mary-Ellen Brandt says

    Liked SBC on FB

  81. Mary-Ellen Brandt says

    Organic Hot Chocolate Bars look divine!

  82. Organic Extra Dark Chocolate 4Bars 21.95
    Pure Cacao 100% 3lb 38.95
    Rainforest Auburn Cocoa Powder 2.5lb 28.00
    Organic Dark Chocolate 4Bars 21.95

    I don’t know how much that adds up to but I’d get it! Yum!

  83. I liked them on Facebook (Kris Reeves).
    Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  84. Organic Milk Chocolate 4Bars
    Rainforest Natural Cocoa Powder 2.5lbs
    Organic Milk Chocolate Mocha 4Bars

  85. I would go for the 100% cocoa medallions and an assortment of their cocoa powders to use in cooking. I could never ever stop at just one piece of candy, so it must be something that I can cook with. Sigh.

  86. Here’s my second entry for “liking” them. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  87. Diane in WI says

    Thought I had posted before – but don’t see it. Organic dark chocolate is my thang

  88. Organic Extra Dark Chocolate 4Bars (Marsh Bars) 21.95
    Rainforest Red Cocoa Powder 2.5lb 28.00
    Holiday Gift Box 20 pieces 22.00

    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  89. LIked on fb. They look like a terrific company with awesome products! Great review! 🙂

  90. Mmmmmm! I’d get the organic dark chocolate bars, chocolate truffles and cocoa powder. I’m drooling on my keyboard this morning just looking at those gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  91. Here’s my second entry…I really LIKED it on Facebook! Merry Christmas!

  92. I’d get the Organic Milk Chocolate Mocha 4 Bars and the Gourmet Truffles. They look heavenly.

  93. I like them on FB.

  94. I was having a hard time picking which item to choose that my time ran out so I have to do it all again. So many mouth-watering items to choose from. Given the $75 gift card I’ll take Organic Dark Chocolate 4 Bars and the Organic Hot Chocolate 70% 10 Bars. Thank you for this awesome giveaway. I’ll definitely order from them in the future. Have a good day and happy holidays!

  95. I forgot to mention that I also like their FB page:)

  96. wow. It all looks yummy, but I would have to say the Organic Dark and the baking chocolate would be the first things on my list.

  97. The Mocha bar, truffles, and hot chocolate bars sound incredible, but how would you say no to the California Collection? Thanks for sharing this company, I think they deserve our support. (and we deserve good chocolate!) 😉

  98. How I would love to try their Rainforest Red Cocoa Powder! Wow!!!!

  99. Oh, and I ‘Loved’ them on FB!! 😀

  100. I would love to try some of their cocoa powders, dark chocolate bars and definitely the white chocolate! I love the fact that they’re organic and I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this company before…

  101. *Liked on FB! 🙂

  102. Awe yah, bring the variety packs!
    Organic Chocolate 4Bars
    Gourmet Truffle Selection 50pc.

  103. Well, really I want everything, but if I have to narrow it down:
    Organic Porcelana 75% cocoa nibs 10Bars
    Organic Chocolate 4Bars (assorted)

  104. Liked Santa Barbara Chocolate Company on FB

  105. California Collection 1lb.
    Organic Chocolate 4Bars

  106. Let’s see the California Collection looks yummy, and the Organic Chocolate Bars, and the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Tiles and the Rainforest Red Gourmet Drinking Chocolate sounds interesting and…

  107. I would use it towards the California collection. Considering I’m from California, I’m curious what’s inside. 🙂

  108. I liked their Facebook page as well.

  109. Oooooooh, the Organic 85% Extra Dark Chocolate Bars are my favorite. I’d get as many of those as I could.

  110. And, yes. I sure did “Like” their Facebook page.

  111. I’d definitely try one of their gift boxes, and a bunch of 70% dark bars. They look fantastic.

  112. And I did indeed like their Facebook page. 🙂

  113. I’d love the Organic Extra Dark Chocolate Bar 4-pack & Rainforest Cocoa Powder for my low-carb treats, California Collection for entertaining and maybe some of their white chocolate for the hubby!

  114. I would get a 1 pound box of the California collection, some bars of the 70% and 85% dark chocolate, and a bunch of the chocolate baking discs. Such beautiful treats…

  115. And I liked them on Facebook. Yep.

  116. I must have the Belgian Dark Chocolate 72% 3lb., Organic Extra Dark Chocolate 4Bars, and the California Collection 20pc.!

  117. Oh, and yes – I liked them on FB as well!


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