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Getting in the holiday spirit?

thinkThin (the #1 ranked weight wellness bar in the natural channel according to SPINS research) is celebrating the launch of their no sugar/high protein, gluten-free nutrition bars in Target locations across the country!

The healthy and delicious 5-count boxes (exclusive to select Target stores) of thinkThin protein bars will include the Chunky Peanut Butter, Brownie Crunch and Caramel Fudge varieties, and will sell in the health and beauty section of select Target stores with a competitive price of $6.89 for a 5 bar box ($1.38 per bar). To see the complete list of locations visit this link.

Nutritional Benefits for these fun, on-the-go bars include 0g sugar, 20 grams of protein, only 240 calories, and they’re gluten-free! They’re carbier than you’re going to be used to (22 net for the brownie crunch), which makes them perfect for people who either are closer to maintenance or who don’t mind occasionally bumping things up a bit from time to time (I know once a week, I bump things up to keep my weight loss moving).

As well, by kicking off its fun and fabulous free online guide, Perfect 10 Holiday and raising money for the Dream Foundation, too! The free Perfect 10 Holiday guide helps any party goer fly through the festivities, fabulously—with tips on everything from clothes, to picking the right cocktail to knowing exactly what your hostess wants (aside from George Clooney in a suit and tie).

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And now thinkThin wants to share… with you, too!

To enter: (US Residents only, please)

Simply share your own holiday survival tips in the comments below.

You’ll be automatically entered to win a Weight Wellness Variety Pack, the quintessential must-have kit of fabulosity, containing 10 Creamy Peanut Butter bars, 10 CRUNCH Mixed Nuts bars, 3 boxes of Bites and a thinkThin Water bottle! A whopping $76 value!

One lucky winner will be drawn from the comments on Wednesday, December 26 at noon MST, so be sure to enter to win this super-fun package for yourself!

Enter today! Simply leave a comment below sharing your own holiday survival tips!

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  1. Making my own low carb Cheesecake for the family and eating before I go to parties has kept me safe from all the sugar and grains out there.

  2. i just try to let myself splurge once every other day. and with good meat to eat its usually easy to fill up on good protein.

  3. At parties, just sample things that look good so you don’t feel deprived. Eat light before going too.

  4. Christina E. says

    I survive by always carrying my own snacks in my purse so I never get too hungry. A snack size bag of almonds and coconut chips are light and satisfy. These bars would be a great option when in a pinch.

  5. Jill Walden says

    Sometimes I can be strong but most often, I wait for Jan. 2 to roll around and then I get back to business!

  6. Survival Tip #1: Always let family and friends know it’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Bread)! And, they have to take any leftovers with them when they leave. 😉

  7. I enjoy a Think Thin bar whenever I feel deprived with everyone around me enjoying holiday treats.

  8. I suggest having potlucks for holiday gatherings, so I can bring my own food to eat without being noticeable or having to discuss my dietary choices. What a relief!

  9. Harini Prasad says

    My survival tip is to always eat before going to parties and bring tons of snacks in my purse. U always have single serving bags of pork rinds, nuts and seeds to hold me over. Also, I keep a picture of what I used to look like 60lbs ago in my purse so when I want to cheat, I look at it and the desire to eat vanishes!!!

  10. My holiday survival tip is helpful for all those cookie plates that are brought to your door! I immediately place goodies into freezer bags. I put them in a container in the freezer. When I go to the hairdresser, dentist, doctor, post office or school, I simply grab a bag and pass on a note of appreciation. I save calories and spread a little holiday cheer!

  11. Laurie Stark says

    Low carb eating is so much easier with products like yours. Thank you SO much.

  12. I make what I eat, it they want anything different, they bring.

  13. My tip is to always bring a dish to your holiday get-togethers that fit your dietary needs so that even if you can’t eat anything else, you know you have at least your dish to eat 🙂

  14. I do not do Christmas cards anymore – I do either New Years or Valentine cards – I get the family pics at Christmas when everyone is home and just put that item off until my head clears.

  15. Planning ahead and mindfully eating – not letting the food become the focus of the holiday celebrations!!

  16. Don’t Stress! It comes buy once a year, so enjoy the festivities, take it one day (event) at a time! Do as much prepping you can in November so you can pull out those goodies with ease knowing you are staying on track! 🙂

  17. Be a grouchy grinch! Then you don’t get invited to holiday parties, and there is no temptation! But if someone does try to tolerate you and does invite you, be sure to bring some yummy low carb keylime cheesecake with you to share!

  18. This is my first Low Carb Holiday season. It has been trying at times, but I have managed to still lose weight. My biggest survival tip is: Give yourself a break!!

    The holidays are not 6 full weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Plan ahead. For me I know I will eat Thanksgiving, 3 Holiday dinners (hubby’s work, my work and a leader’s dinner), and 2 Christmas dinners. That’s 6 meals that will be tough. For the rest of the time I have stayed on plan, added an additional work out day on and cut myself some slack. Good luck everyone!

  19. I plan ahead! Keep LC treats in the freezer for those days where sweets are everywhere!!

  20. Eating a good sized protein snack before heading out the door keeps temptation at bay…and I have to down at least one 16oz water before heading to the buffet. Plus always bring a tempting low carb appetizer to share!

  21. Sugar-free chocolate covered low-carb cheesecake bites. And wine. Lots of wine.

  22. I use shakeology to keep my cravings at bay and I eat Quest bars, which are healthy and not overly processed like a lot of things these days. Since I started eating healthy, I very rarely even think about eating chocolate or any other “yucky” foods.

  23. I survive the holidays by shopping my local sugarfree store that caters to blood sugar challenged folks like me. So lucky to have that in my area. I brought a sugarfree pumpkin pie to Thanksgiving. Thankfully Christmas is about bite-sized snacks for my family meal – cheeses, deli meats, pickles, olives, corn chips. I can have all that! For Christmas, I am going to get my mom to help me bake some Your Lighter Side goodies. 🙂

  24. Planning ahead and bringing my own dishes to parties is the way that works best for me.

  25. I just gave a whole speech on this for my final exam in my public speaking course! Have a healthy snack before you go to a holiday party, allow yourself to indulge a little so you don’t feel deprived- just don’t overdo it. Focus on the company not the food- that’s what the holidays are all about!

  26. Cassie Williams says

    I never leave the house without my own low carb snacks. I always have something in the truck JIC , it may be a bag of hot pork rinds, a bag of almonds or a low carb, low fat, high protein bar…homemade or store bought ( whichever I have on hand ).

  27. Naomi Wright says

    I’ll be staying home, so I’ll stay on track the low carb way. I’ve had enough of parties, so I need rest on the holiday and eat healthy. Fixing meals for the week and freezing, is what keeps me on track.

  28. Before going to parties, I make sure I eat, and I keep a baggie with nuts and pepperoni handy to make sure I’m not tempted.

  29. I am sure to eat before the party and bring a sweet that I can eat. I also drink a lot of water. I cocktail and then water the rest of the night

  30. I make sure I have things I love and can eat close by.

  31. Having a LC bar, beef jerky or nuts ready in my purse for a snack really helps when there is nothing suitable available.

  32. I keep these bars handy so I am not tempted at the office! They are VERY satisfying. (I’m partial to the peanutbutter ones)

  33. Stephanie Fulk says

    I make sure I do the cooking!

  34. I will be making a Low Carb Cheesecake with cream cheese fudge on top, low carb lasagna for myself, regular for the rest of the family. And above all else, watching how many carbs I am eating so that I dont overdo.

  35. These new bars sound great. For the holiday season, I do not bake or make candy, and I share with others if I get cookies from a friend.

  36. Don’t starve yourself during the day. And take a healthy dish to pass!

  37. Wear your TIGHT jeans and then you will remember to not gain weight this season. Keep in contact with a few close friends that are low carbers to gain perspective on eating right.

  38. Dyanne Spease says

    Start cleaning your house weeks ahead of time and make sure you have help. Start all your baking ahead of time and freeze your pies. If you don’t have a roaster get one maybe even two so that you have plenty of oven room. Have others bring food. And by all means let others help. And then enjoy.

  39. My tip is to make sure I have a good low carb meal before the festivities. I find I can’t always find acceptable food at get togethers. No point in setting myself up to fail by being ravenous.

  40. I love the 1 minute low carb cheesecake and it is so portable, with a serving for just one. When I make it for myself, my 14 year old nephew always insists on having one for himself!

  41. I remember that I am only human and don’t beat myself up if I can’t eat healthy, but I don’t give myself a free pass to eat everything in sight during the holidays.

  42. Joan Sedely says

    I have encouraged the family to have potluck style holiday celebrations and then I can bring main dishes as well as treats I can eat. If I don’t say they are “low carb”, no one is the wiser and usually I don’t have leftovers. Cheesecakes are always a hit. Buffalo wings are popular, as well.

  43. I keep up with my workout routine and don’t deprive myself of treats since that will only make me want them more. I’ll just have a small sampling and move on. Also, drink lots of water.

  44. When I hit a holiday party, I allow myself to sample 3 treats and no more. This helps keep me in check, but still allows me to enjoy some goodies without feeling guilty. At the office party I had a shot of egg nog (1), a mint chocolate truffle (2) and a Christmass tree-shaped butter cookie (3). The rest? Crudites. And I felt fine!

  45. Eat protein first and take my own low-carb baked treats to share, so that I have delicious and fun things to eat, too.

  46. Lots of water before a big meal and bringing my own healthy recipe so there is always some healthy snack to nibble on!

  47. Having a difficult time this season but start each day anew and have told the family to enjoy the goodies right now. Come January 1, we are all back in low carb Heaven!

  48. I survive by skipping dessert or bringing my own to parties!

  49. AdriAnne Everett says

    I either bring a dish or dessert so i know at least there is something I can eat it i bring a little something something in my bag to snack on! Better safe than hungry!

  50. I also make many low carb items for the Christmas dinner. This allows me to not feel deprived.

  51. My tip is always make your own desserts for party’s,get togethers etc. my down fall has always been sweets and now that i do this i never feel left out or try to splurge on the high carb sweets.

  52. I always Make sure I eat a healthy snack before I go out – that way I can ignore the high-carb foods and just enjoy the party.

  53. If you want a treat, split it with someone!! Everyone will benefit from the decision to only have half the calories 🙂

  54. The only way I survive os by planning ahead!!! I make my own low carb dessert or bring low carb snacks to munch on so I don’t feel left out!

  55. I always bring my own side dish and dessert. If it’s going to be a real bad carb fest, like an impromptu hot chocolate and cake gathering after church, sometimes I just opt out on not going.

  56. I always bring my own lc, sf, gf snacks/treats so I’m not tempted to eat badly.

  57. I try to remember that as long as I am heating healthy 80% of the time, I am allowed to have that extra piece of pie – especially if it’s a low-carb recipe 🙂

  58. I always try to bring a side dish that I can eat. This year I’ll be bringing green beans with bacon and low carb brown sugar. Throw it all in the crock pot… of my favorites. I also always bring a baggie of 60% dark chocolate chips. I know there is a slim chance there would be a dessert I can eat. Eating a few chocolate chips (or more) satisfies me. Happy Holidays!

  59. Always making a LC dessert to take to work and parties. Then when the desserts and cookies start pouring in, I never feel sad that I have to take a pass. I just nosh on my own!

  60. I try to keep plenty of high protein snacks around and nibble on them when I am running low on energy.

  61. Bobbi Patterson says

    This will be my second holiday season LC. I survived last year by doing the cooking myself. My family did not notice the difference other than the absence of dinner rolls. When I am out and about I manage by eating before leaving the house and drinking a lot of water. I find that something made with coconut flour helps due to it’s filling nature. Luck for me I discoverd “your lighter side” for awsome treats to make. Thanks.

  62. Rhoda Geminski says

    Have a glass of water and something to eat before you leave your house for a party – hard boiled egg or some meat and cheese roll-ups – something that will help you make better choices at the party — I also have seltzer with lime in it at parties and talk talk talk so I am not tempted to snack — oh and since I will for sure drip any appetizer that is possible to drip I wear white to deter me from wanting it 😉

  63. Carolyn Huie says

    I try to eat a handful of peanuts before I go to any parties full of goodies and high carb full sugar temptations.

  64. I have been low carb for two years now and have lost over 50 pounds. It was so easy to make the transition, but I guess my two best survival tips during the holiday season would be eat a high protein/low carb breakfast (i.e big bacon and cheese omelet yummy) and when you get ready to go to a holiday party offer to bring the dessert (I always bring my crust-less sugar free cheesecake or my flourless sugar free dark chocolate cake. everyone loves the dessert and I get to eat low carb

  65. Friends and family always ask to bring an app or dessert, so I always bring something we can eat care-free.

  66. Breathe deeply . . . keep it simple . . . remember it’s abou tthe people and not the food!

  67. Moderation! I try to eat well during the week, then go a little off track on weekends.

  68. Eat before I go and take LC snacks in my purse. Also, bring a LC dessert so I won’t have to feel guilty about indulging!

  69. My survival mechanisms involve having lots of healthy foods easily in reach, keeping treats in my house at a minimum (and out of sight), trying to make healthier versions of good recipes, getting plenty of rest and talking with like minded individuals for support.

  70. Jedi Master Mom says

    I bring a “safe” dish that I can eat without worry, and I also make sure I keep things in the house that are convenient and delicious. Coming home starving and with nothing in the house just leaves the door open for take-out pizza or ice cream!

  71. I take time for myself to de-stress after work. I also give away a lot of my baked goods and bring healthy options to holiday gatherings.

  72. I make sure if there’s a party happening that I either bring some of my own spiced/chocolate nuts with me or have them waiting for me at home to enjoy. Then I can resist the sugary stuff that I will regret later!

  73. I don’t think I’ve ever “survived” the holidays. I hope this year will be the start of something healthy and good. My plan of action – and it’s a simple one – is to not go back for seconds on anything, especially desserts. This may not seem like a well thought out plan, but it’s a HUGE step for me. Good luck to everyone this Holiday Season.

  74. I always make it a goal to get all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. That way the weeks leading up to Christmas are so much less stressful and I can enjoy the true meaning of the Advent Season. As a result, it’s easier to eat more healthy as I have more time to focus on menus and cooking. Merry Christmas everyone!

  75. My husband works out of state so I try to follow low carbing very closely through the week. When he is home on the weekend, I let myself indulge so he can enjoy so home cooked meals with the family.

  76. Brenda robson says

    Eat a grapefruit and lots and lots of protein-only food the day after a splurge. Also take a white grape sparkling water to a party and spritz my wine.

  77. I plan to bring a dish that we can eat to family functions.

  78. I just eat what I can of the dinner, nothing too carby and don’t eat desserts out at all. I figure I can just wait till I get home to eat a low carb friendly dessert.

  79. I survive the holidays by shopping online and making sure to prep healthy meals at home and excersize regularly

  80. I survive the Holidays by tucking a before picture in my purse. I compare that picture with the look of whatever is on the table and my willpower instantly returns! I also tuck a low sugar nibbler in my purse so I don’t have to go without.

  81. I let myself splurge just on Christmas Day and then I get right back on track. I don’t turn it into a week long food fest! I’ll cook up some low-carb faves, especially sweets, also to have on hand so I don’t feel tempted. And I do not participate in the cookie exchange any longer as having dozens of cookies sitting around is just way too tempting!

  82. Fill up on veggies and save a yummy protein bar for a sweet snack.

  83. I take a walk or go for a run to burn some calories and make sure to drink plenty of water


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