Nevella Review: Stevia, Sucralose and Monk Fruit To Go


It’s so nice to be able to stick a liquid sweetener in your purse and run out the door knowing that wherever you end up, you can sweeten your coffee or tea without worrying about what you’ll be able to find. Nevella sells their sweeteners throughout WalMart SuperCenters, which make them an easy-to-locate product, and for a reasonable price. Simple grab your favorite sweetener choice, from sucralose, to stevia, to monk fruit, and you’re golden.

How do each of these sweeteners measure up?

That’s where it gets a little iffy, literally–at least in terms of measurements. Each container claims the same thing: A squeeze is equal to 1 tsp of sugar.

But  how much is a squeeze really? Is it the amount released in a second? It would be more helpful to read “20 drops” or “1/8 tsp”.

As well, the Monk Fruit requires twice as much sweetener than the sucralose and the stevia, yet they all say a “squeeze”. From this, you pretty much infer you squeeze each one the same amount, and that’s not true, since the monk fruit claims to require .6 grams of squeeze, while the stevia and sucralose only require .3 grams per squeeze. But even though the Sucralose and the Stevia both claim a squeeze equals .3 grams in weight, the Sucralose to Go claims 200 uses, while the Stevia claims to contain only 160 uses (and they both contain the same amount of liquid per container). I am a stickler for this stuff.

Have you tried these sweeteners? What did you think? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Monk Fruit to Go ♥♥♥♥♥

Requiring about twice as much to sweeten as the Stevia or the Sucralose, don’t let that niggling detail cause consternation; this  0-carb, 0-calorie liquid sweetener has a nice, sweet taste that derives from monk fruit, a type of small melon that grows in Southeast Asia. 200 times sweeter than cane sugar, the fresh fruit is crushed, infused with water, and then concentrated into an extract. Other ingredients include malic acid, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. One of the things I like best? Even after finishing my coffee, I am still enjoying a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.

1.68 fluid ounces yields 80 uses for a .6 gram serving.

Stevia to Go ♥♥♥♥

I want to lead off by saying I’m not a stevia fan in terms of taste, but Nevella did the smart thing by adding erythritol to the mix to help level the flavor out while still packing a nice, sweet punch. If you are a fan of natural sweeteners, definitely consider this as a fantastic, portable option. If you love stevia, you’re going to love that this product is derived by steeping stevia leaves in the same way one steeps a tea at home. The result is a sweetener 200-300 times sweeter than sugar, but for 0 calories and 0 carbohydrates. I addition to water, erythritol and stevia, the sweetener contains natural flavors, malic acid, and potassium sorbate. I only rate this one so low because I don’t like the taste of stevia.

1.68 fluid ounces yields 160 uses for a .3 gram serving.

Sucralose To Go ♥♥♥

A typical favorite for many users, sucralose is an easy-to-find sweetener in many forms, from powder to liquid. In Nevella’s product, the 0-calorie, 0-carbohydrate sweetener delivers a nice, sweet flavor without being overbearing. And because this sweetener (600 times sweeter than sugar) is derived from sugar, its capabilities make it the post popular sweetener available today. And because it’s liquid, you don’t have the powder-bulking agents or the excess carbohydrates; instead, you have water,  sucralose, malic acid, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate. The aftertaste isn’t as pleasant as the monk fruit, but I prefer it to the stevia.

1.68 fluid ounces yields 200 uses for a .3 gram serving.

Nevella To Go Liquid Sweeteners

Rating: ♥♥♥
Save: Print a coupon for $1 off your next purchase (coupon).
Usefulness: Anywhere you would typically use sweetener
Found at: WalMart SuperCenters
Website: (See above for each type)

Disclosure: Nevella provided these products  free of charge for review, but this has not affected my review of the items.


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  1. Thank you, Jamie, this is exactly why you are loved…you inform us, teach us and keep us well fed!


  2. I have been using this product since it appeared on the shelves for a few months now. I actually wrote them with the same concern…how do you measure a squeeze? This was their reply:
    Stevia. .3g serving size. 3 teaspoon equivalent to 1 cup
    Sucralose .3g serving size. 3 teaspoon equivalent to 1 cup
    Monk .6g serving size. 6 teaspoon equivalent to 1 cup
    Great product!!!

  3. Now I will cross the boarder and buy some…Wal-Mart….you say?
    I can find a Big W somewhere….for I do not think that the Canadian stores carry this….yet! But I am thrilled that the Monk fruit sweetener is good tasting and ZERO carb. I am one of those unfortunate people who do not find sweetener for coffee or tea sweet. You can say it is 200x, or 600x sweeter than sugar….and I will still put what the manufacturer says is about 16 spoons of sugar in my coffee for my taste buds! (yet, if using real sugar, I use less than 2 tsp!) No, sweetener is just not sweet … Or at least to my buds!


  4. Thank you for this Jamie! I was standing in the aisle at WalMart last week looking at each of these. I wasn’t ready to try yet another sweetener that I probably wouldn’t like so I passed. Your review is exactly what I needed to take the plunge. I too really dislike stevia and was very curious about the monk fruit. And since you gave us a $1.00 off coupon, I can’t pass it up. Thanks again!

  5. jamie…As i read the liquid and granulated monk fruit packages in Walmart I noticed another mystery. The granulated monk fruit lists erythritol as the first, and therefore, most prevalent, ingredient while the liquid monk fruit does not list erythritol AT ALL. I read somewhere that most of the Nevella monk fruit really is erythritol which may influence purchases if one can buy erythritol for far cheaper than the monk fruit. For sure there are far more places that sell erythritol so may be found cheaper. Consumers ought to be able to know what they are buying. I would love for you to compare straight erythritol with the nevella monk fruit to see if there’s any noticeable difference. I suspect the monk fruit has just slightly less cooling effect that comes with erythritol use. In some recipes that might be worth an extra cost.

  6. I like the flavor of the stevia to go but had the same concerns as to measuring. Thanks to the gal for the info on the equivalents. Our Walmart is now selling the Ezsweetz liquid and it is 1/2 tsp = 1 cup sugar. We like the taste. It says it can be used for baking but have never tried it for that purpose. Anyone have experience with that? I want to make a pumpkin cheese cake that requires 1 cup of Splenda – that is a lot of unwanted carb and I would love to know how to substitute the ezsweetz without wasting exoensive ingredients!

    • bevbstylin says

      Jen, its great to use in your recipes that call for powdered splenda or “stevia in the raw”. This should work real well in your pumpkin recipe and taste great! I sure wish I could buy at my WMart, I had to order mine on-line.

  7. I bought the monkfruit sweetener simply because I had never heard of monkfruit and like to try new things. I have used it in things like iced tea, fancy coffee drinks, etc., and it’s very good. I have a slight reaction to the preservative sodium benzoate, though, and wish they would leave that out of stuff.

  8. Not sure, they don’t say what they use as a preservative …. I prefer to stay away from it as it is NOT totally natural.

  9. I love these!! The only one I haven’t used is the Monk fruit. Now, I may have to try it, too.

  10. Thank you for the Great Review! I see these all the time in Walmart Supercenter and was just too scared to pay the almost $5 a bottle to not like it! Now I can safely make a purchase and have an idea of what to expect! Thanks SO much! 🙂

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t like stevia! gave it a try as much as i can… and i just cant. LOL at least hubby is OK with it so what i bought wont go to waste 🙂
    very interested in trying the monkfruit one! sounds up my alley. (most sweeteners make me wince from their after-taste)

  12. I usually used Stevia and I liked it, but my husband did not. I tried the Monkfruit to Go and really like it. My husband really likes it also.

  13. I agree! I have never been able to stand the after taste of the sweeteners! I bought the monk fruit and still have no idea why, but, I do like it…amazingly enough! I still remember Splenda, so I will always be leary of baking with it. I hate to waste my time, not to mention good ingredients to find that I can’t stand it.


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