Oops! Breakfast Casserole Misfire.

Good morning, and thank you so much for the emails confirming what I feared had happened… A recipe went out before it was ready.

I didn’t realize this immediately until it was too late.

Sometimes WordPress thinks it’s smarter than I am (it’s not, so neener bopper weiner) and something goes out before it it should.

In this case, I have to publish my favorite, new, hashed browns recipe to share the casserole (the hashed browns will come out in an hour or so.)

And my pants fell off because I’ve lost so much weight that they don’t stay up now.

There’s no correlation there to breakfast casseroles, however.

I am going to do my very best to make sure no more posts hit the site prematurely, and I am super sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

I leave you with my pajama pants in the spot they fell off as a good faith measure.

Yours in bacon,

sans pants,


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  1. Your pants fell off? Yay for you!!!!! I can’t wait for that yummy sounding breakfast casserole.

  2. Tease!

  3. Haha! I lost my skirt recently in a city street. Fortunately I was wearing a same colour slip under it…. do only old people wear slips? I spent the rest of the day clutcxhing my skirt to my waistline. So much for my elegant look.

    The changes are full of surprises


  4. Nothing like that feeling of pants or skirts too loose. I wear them anyway. Some of my girlfriends call me baggy pants, but I still just LOVE that feeling. Okay, I did break down and buy some skinny jeans and I’m told by reliable sources that they look good on me. Sure hope they are reliable!!! At least I hold my head up high when I wear them! As for slips, MargieAnne, guess I am old because I won’t wear a skirt or dress without one. Now my daughters won’t go near them! I think they are needed. Anyway, keep up the great work, Jamie!!!!! And thanks for the posts!

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