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Giveaway! thinkThin bars (ENDED)

Getting in the holiday spirit? thinkThin (the #1 ranked weight wellness bar in the natural channel according to SPINS research) is celebrating the launch of their no sugar/high protein, gluten-free nutrition bars in Target locations across the … [Read more...]

Weigh In and Taco Star Nachos Carbs/Cals (Day 117)

Good morning! I hope you had a tremendous weekend! … [Read more...]

Hot Tuscan Chicken Salad

  Hi there! Just a quick recipe I wanted to share! … [Read more...]

Yonanas! Not YoMama’s Ice Cream Maker

If you've been spying the swank little Yonanas Maker  taking the media world by storm and wondering (1) if it works, (2) if it fits into your whole-foods lifestyle, and (3) if is it affordable, the answer is a resounding yes, yes...and yes. … [Read more...]

Friday (Day 114)

I am a little too sad about the shootings and stabbings in the US and Chinese schools today to post much. I am sending love, warmth and prayers to so many people today who need them. And I am squeezing my kids tight today. You never know when it … [Read more...]

Thirsty Thursday (Day 113)

Hi there! I hope you are having a great week! … [Read more...]

New Stove (Day 112)

Hoorah! Thank you, new GE stove, for not catching on fire in advance. Look! It is so shiny, the floor reflects in the door. Shinnnyyyyyyyyyyy. Ssshhhiiiiiinnnnnyyyyyyyy! Look at how it glimmers! It glimmers! And you can see my feet. Hello, feet! … [Read more...]

I’d love your vote

To vote: First you're supposed to like the site and then you can apparently vote by loving me (which, sorry, sounds a little bit naughty). Ah, for the days when you could toggle a little happy face or something... These are the last 3 days to … [Read more...]

Terrific Tuesday (Day 111)

Hello Hello! Happy Weekday! I had a request to try and reconstruct the Taco Star Nachos from scratch for you. I will try, but I can't guarantee anything. This is only because I am too busy eating when I open the styrofoam box of happiness to weigh … [Read more...]

Weigh-In Day and Events (Day 110)

Happy Monday Meltdown! What do you think of those scrumptious shrimps in the pictue? I am going to be sharing a new dipping sauce I made this weekend very soon. It's like shrimp crack. … [Read more...]

Nevella Review: Stevia, Sucralose and Monk Fruit To Go

  It's so nice to be able to stick a liquid sweetener in your purse and run out the door knowing that wherever you end up, you can sweeten your coffee or tea without worrying about what you'll be able to find. Nevella sells their … [Read more...]

Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

This is a perfect recipe for Christmas morning. Simply prepare the ingredients the night before, add the eggs right before you turn on the crock pot, and in the morning you'll have a warm, perfect, flavorful breakfast that's as bright and healthy as … [Read more...]

A fresh take on frozen: Atkins Meals

Remember those old, tired convenience "diet" meals of years past? Expunge those foul memories henceforth from your minds, and purge, forevermore, the images of floppy broccoli, lifeless bits of cow, and promises that were never delivered upon by … [Read more...]

Happy Almost-Weekend! (Day 104)

I miss my oven so much! It's amazing how much you miss something you never clean or pay attention to until they almost catch fire. It's like feet. Not that I've caught those on fire. Recently. See that picture? That is to be the amazing crock pot … [Read more...]

Overbaked (Day 103)

Yes, I titled this post "Overbaked"... No, I'm not taking advantage of Colorado's recently-passed legalization of marijuana. And I tend to stay out of the sun, too. I slept in a little too long this morning and my latest crock pot recipe is a little … [Read more...]