Sugar-Free Hot Cocoa Mix


Hi there! It is so cold outside, I changed gears.

Want a quick, delicious, easy cocoa mix? This one is less than 5 carbs per mug, and I love how mild and creamy it is.

Tip: Heat almond milk instead of water for an even creamier cocoa.

You can even take this portable potable with you, or give it, powdered, as gifts to friends with cute cocoa mugs!

Try Jay Robb’s Egg White Vanilla Protein Powder in lieu of the Designer Whey Vanilla Protein Powder if you’re allergic to dairy. (I typically combine the two powders for one that’s half of the price of the Jay Robb, tastes amazing, and lasts twice as long.)

Tip: Add a titch of espresso powder for something truly eye-opening.

This hot drink is a positively delicious way to fill your stomach with healthy proteins and that chocolatey deliciousness you crave on a chilly afternoon.

For the confectionery, powder your favorite sweetener or make mine instead (recipe)!


Sugar-Free Hot Cocoa Mix

2 cups powdered sugar substitute (I use my favorite home-made mix)
1 cup unsweetened, powdered cocoa
2 1/2 cups vanilla protein powder

Process all ingredients together in a mixer/blender. Per 12 ounce mug, add 3 Tbsp of the mix. Store mix a bag in the cupboard.

Makes 4 cups of powder, or roughly 21 (3 Tbsp) servings of cocoa.

Nutritional information per 3-Tbsp serving. Calories: 45, Carbohydrates: 6.3 g, Fiber: 1.9 g, Net Carbohydrates: 4.4 g, Protein: 2.8 g, Fat: 1 g

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  1. Does this carb count include Dutch Process Cocoa that has carbs? If so, what are they, please!? For I can prepare this with Fry’s Cocoa Powder and it has ZERO carbs!

    And may boldly I suggest that all your fine enlightened readers call Kraft Foods America and request that Fry’s Cocoa be distributed throughout the USA! Fry’s is a Cadbury Product! And Cadbury was purchased by Kraft Foods and I am in wonderment as to why Cadbury has not expanded their domestic U.S. sales and filled the U.S. market with this deliciousness! It is a ZERO carb Dutch process cocoa…of very fine Cadbury quality! All your readers will absolutely love it! Guaranteed! Costco Canada used to sell Fry’s as their cocoa…now they have some weird unknown brand that I have never heard of…and I won’t touch a 2 carb per tbsp cocoa! So it is back to a regular grocery store I go! Yes, Jamie, the power of calling Kraft may work carb wonders!


    • Hi! I use whatever the cheapest cocoa is out there, and there have always been some carbohydrates in the cocoa, so carbs are definitely accounted for in the recipe.

      You give great advice! I never knew there was zero-carb cocoa out there.

      • So….what is the math on your cocoa?

        Yes, there is ZERO carb cocoa of exceptionally fine quality! Fry’s cocoa will be such a plus for all of us who embrace the low carb lifestyle!

        Call Kraft…they must have an 800 phone number! Imagine…how their stock price would climb if all the low carb eaters run out to buy their product! Their cocoa is not premium priced it is in line with all the newer brands that seem to be popping up these days…but are expensive…in terms of carbs!


  2. Thanks for the cocoa mix reminder. I’ve done this with my whey powder before and it was great. I like the idea of premixing it for convenience!

    • I made a ton of this stuff and I positively love it. It’s just so easy, and it’s the same carb amounts as store-purchased SF cocoa, but the benefit is I can pronounce everything in my mix!

  3. I use Wondercocoa, unsweetened cocoa powder with less caffeine than the usual cocoa. That way I can drink it at night without the caffeine rush.

  4. This sounds delicious, I’m going to try some. Thank you!

  5. Going to have to whip some of this up for the office. Of course, I’ll have to hide it so no one else drinks it!

  6. How do you think it would be with chocolate protein powder? Too chocolate-y (does that exist??)?

    • I do not understand this ‘too chocolaty’ concept you are describing.

      I think, mostly, I didn’t want the chocolates to compete and wanted to keep it easy, but why not try it with chocolate, especially if you love it.

      • I think I’ll try it and let you know how it goes.

        • Seneca Schurbon says

          Keep in mind, choc protein powder will have some added sweetener.

        • I have the Designer Whey Chocolate also.I made a batch using that( because my canister was almost empty and would make a great container for the Premixed Cocoa Mix) and 1/2 Regular cocoa and 1/2 Dark Cocoa. It’s Dark and Sweet and Delicious! I used my sweetener blend of sucrolose, xylitol, erythritol and Diabetisweet, but my volume is not as much as the recipe since it only take 11 T=1 cup sugar. I just added a bit more to make it almost two cups so my hot cocoa is really sweet, but still dark chocolate flavor.

  7. Seneca Schurbon says

    Made it, with the espresso powder. I had vanilla flavored protein powder so I scaled back on the sugar sub. 3 T was just a little shy of a protein powder scoopful so that is what I’ll be using. Not bad with water, probably better with milk. Nuff protein that I didn’t feel bad floating a homemade marshmallow on top.

  8. Donna Rochelle says

    Hello, is vanilla protein powder the same thing as Whey protein powder you use in some of your recipes?? Thanks, Donna

    • It is! The vanilla is just vanilla-flavored. Sometimes I use plain, though, too. In this recipe I went with the vanilla powder because I didn’t want to mix wet and dry ingredients or go to chocolaty. Sometimes, too, chocolate flavors clash, and I didn’t want the chocolate unflavored cocoa competing with a chocolate protein powder.

  9. Too funny, reading this as I sip hershey’s special dark cocoa powder blended with isopure vanilla whey and almond milk… I’d been making cocoa with cream, cocoa powder and sweetener and it just wasn’t scratching the itch. I mixed this up the other morning after a bout of stomach bug, cause food didn’t sound good and voila!

    Thanks for the idea of premixing, this might be just the ticket for the afternoon work snack.

    One question, have you had any trouble with the protein “cooking” when you add the hot liquid? I’ve been starting with cold and microwaving which seems to work but when I’ve tried adding hot liquid to whey protein it sometimes coagulates…

    • I have found I need to stir slightly more to get the cocoa mix to do its thang, but it’s no more than the other cocoas. I wonder if processing the protein powder and integrating it with the other ingredients might make a big difference.

      • My solution to this was to use a bit of cold water, just a tablespoon or two, and stir the powder into a slurry, to this, I either A)if I’m home, add almond milk, stir until smooth and then nuke it, or B)If at work, add a bit more cool water, about half the cup, stir until smooth, then use the coffee machines Hot Water tap to top it off, so it’s exactly the right amount of hot to drink at that point. Hooray!

        • One more thing. I made a batch of this and to the finished dry mix, added a bit of coconut oil, and stirred it all in till it was powdery again, and put it into little containers like Kurig cups, So when I make my hot cocoa at work with only water, it still has a creamy texture, because of the coconut oil. Hooray!

        • Your Lighter Side says


  10. Connie Sullivan says

    Where does one get the Dutch process cocoa?

    • That is a good question! I just use normal, store brand unsweetened cocoa. It’s easy. Plus, dutch is treated with alkali, which removes the flavenoids of the cocoa, so the dutch process typically might be smoother, but it’s not necessarily healthier.

  11. Ok how about using Almond Milk and Body Bi Vi for Protein mix OMG It was good so good it was low in Carbs too !!!

  12. Hi, this looks wonderful. Does the taste differ if i use dutch cocoa as opposed to regular cocoa?

    • Hi, Rivka! From what I have read and researched, the Dutch process is a smoother, more mild chocolate than the typical unsweetened cocoa, but, that said, I typically use the cheapest cocoa I can find in the store in the baking aisle.

  13. Loved this so much, I had to tinker with it 🙂 I swapped out 1 tsp raw stevia powder for 1 cup of powdered sugar substitute and increased the cocoa – added 1/2 cup this time, but still experimenting. Also added 2 T cinnamon for anti-oxidant boost. Bulk is less, so start with 1 T per mug and add more if it isn’t strong enough. I sometimes add in a tsp of dried coffee for a pick me up. Your stuff is great.

  14. I’ve been looking to tinker around with my own sugar free hot cocoa mix recipe, and I stumbled on to yours! I never thought to use protein powder for hot cocoa mix. I do have an opened Jay Robb’s chocolate protein to use, so I’ll play around with that a bit. I have have some stevia and swerve on hand so will try and come up with some delicious masterpiece. This is the time of year where I start craving some creamy hot cocoa, and the old way of doing it was with Vitamin D milk, HWC and just adding in some chocolate, sugar and mix. I’m watching my sugars these days so will have some adjusting to do, but at least I can still have my HWC. I still haven’t let go of raw honey yet, but I only use it lately in cooking.

    I’ve seen some other recipes where people actually grate in chocolate, but I don’t know if I’m that ambitious yet!


  1. […] itching to make some of my own homemade sugar free hot cocoa mix. Your Lighter Side offers up a sugar free hot cocoa mix recipe, but I didn’t think that I would like the taste of protein powder in a hot cocoa mix. […]

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