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Great egg substitutes for cooking

They're incredible and oh so edible. They're eggs! Still, there are some reasons they might not be your favorite unless you only use them now and hen. Get it?! I crack myself up! … [Read more...]

Broccomole & Creamy Salsa Dip Recipes

Who's ready for the weekend? As we clear our TV rooms out for the crowds, refuse to wash your “good luck jerseys” (admit it) and stock up on food and drinks for your favorite crowds, it can only mean one thing – Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! … [Read more...]

ENDED: Tropical Traditions Giveaway!

We have a winner. Please, no more entries... Thanks so much for entering. Win 1 quart of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil! That's a lot of coconut oil, but somehow I have a very real feeling you'll manage. … [Read more...]

How to update subscription preferences (155)

Happy Tuesday! (Well, by the time you read this it'll be Wednesday). … [Read more...]

Review: Lil’ Shuga Organic Sweetener

I really like Stevia. In fact, I love the idea of Stevia as an all-natural sweetener so much that I even tried growing a Stevia plant in high-desert country at 5200 miles above sea level (lamentably, Stevia is a tropical plant. Sorry, Colorado). … [Read more...]

Site Difficulties

Hi there! I want to apologize for the site difficulties today. It looks like the site may have either been hacked or infected with malware. Boo! Boo! Hiss! The good news? Web Tech Guru Diva Divine and the High Grand Duchess of all that … [Read more...]

7 Super Low-Carb Super Bowl Recipes

Want to know my top picks for this weekend's game? Say no more! 1. Crunchy Pizza Trail Mix This crunchy Pizza Trail Mix is easy to make the day before. Recipe Here   2. Turkey Jerky Get your ground turkey on and enjoy chewing the … [Read more...]

Make a healthy pledge for National Vitamin Day

Did you know today, January 29, 2013, is National Vitamin Day? It's the day when the Amino Fairy comes out and sprinkles good wishes for immune system health under the pillows of good boys and girls who--Wait. What do you mean there's no such a … [Read more...]

HuffPo Taste Feature

It's always so exciting to find out we've been featured on other websites. Most recently, HuffPo contacted me and asked if they could share a couple of my gluten-free Girl Scout Cookie recipes. Of course I said YES! (Note that not all the … [Read more...]

Review: Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil

I am more or less of a new-ish convert to the beauty, flavor, scent, and health properties of quality coconut oil. I say "quality" because I have had some pretty inedible coconut oils. I won't say the brand and coconut oil making don't matter. And … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Cheese in the Crust Pizza

It's that time of the year! Tax time! I kid, I kid. It's almost the Super Bowl! Be sure to subscribe to me and check out my interview with Sugar-Free Sheila for more Super Bowl ideas!  And check. … [Read more...]

Weigh-In Day (Day 152)

Good morning! Because the best part of waking up is Hello Bacon on your cup. Am I right? Well, better yet would be having it IN my cup, but I don't typically sip crunchy drinks. … [Read more...]

How I hug my community

It's not easy to find ways to channel kids' energy into high adventure activities, complete with safety-minded men and women at the ready to guide and help these exuberant teenagers lead. Thankfully, Venturing is an option for many looking for new … [Read more...]

New Week (Day 149)

Er ners! It is already a new week. I'm still not through with the old week! Today has been a day of cleaning in the kitchen. I have been testing a lot of different theories and that's made the room a mess! I'm trying to get the beast back under … [Read more...]

Low-Carb Pecan Apple Topping

While this recipe is lower sugar, since you are likely adding no sugar in ingredient form, apples, themselves, contain natural sugars. … [Read more...]