5 Low-carb Girl Scout cookies recipes

Unleash the hounds!

The time of year is upon us. As those cute little girls in their uniforms spill out across America, tempting you with their adorable dimples and their sweet wares in the form of boxed crack: Girl Scout Cookies, those all-too familiar New Year’s Resolutions crumble like the Do-Di-Do’s spilling down your shirt in a cavalcade of crunching madness.

Thankfully, there’s no need to cave.

Give a donation to the Girl Scouts and try these five sugar-free, gluten-free cookie recipes instead.

And let’s face it; even if you end up with crumbs in your breast cleavage (or beard), you won’t suffer the same, “I ate them all!” guilt, with your fists thrust in the air.

Though that’s snazz for dramatic effect. It might even look cool in Instagram.

1. Girl Scout Thin Mints

thin mints1

Sure, the Keebler Elves have tried to get a piece of this ac-shee-ohn. They’re pretty close, too, though those little tree-factory bites are laden with wheat and sugar, and you can’t have that. While I would love nothing more than to motorboat a box of minty-fresh choco-fabulousness, the last time I checked, the crumbs under my pillow (don’t judge) weren’t worth the swelling and sneezing.

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2. Girl Scout Samoas

coconut chocolate cookies2

Oh, coconut and fudgy fabulousness, how you complete me. These cookies are a little bit of work, but holy donkey balls, they are worth every moment you spent toasting your coconuts (I’m not a judger if you are into that kind of thing), schmearing caramel, and drizzling your chocolate lines just so. If you’re like, “Screw you, little cookies with your little holes poked in the center!” I have good tidings of great joy. Just press the batter out in the pan, bake, and make bar cookies instead.

Recipe LinkΒ 


3. Girl Scout Tagalongs

These loaded peanut butter cookies are covered with a bear hug of chocolate for exultant, pop-in-your-mouth moments. They’re like bon bons. You supply the swooning sofa and the feather fan wavers, and luxuriate in your own Cleopatra moment. And if you need some amazing theme music, you’re welcome. What? I liked Ultraman.

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4. Girl Scout Thank U Berry Munch

thank you berry 1

Chock full of macadamia nut winning, white chocolate chips, and dried cranberries, there’s almost no room for your taste buds to slap themselves onto these little beauties. These were the family favorite, hands down, of all of the cookies. So much so, I’ve made them more than once. Go ahead and give them a go. I even share how to dry your own cranberries at the link.

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5. Girl Scout Savannah Smiles

lemon cookies


These simple lemon, poppyseed cookies are dusted with sugar-free confectionery for that final touch that takes you from, “Gee this cookie is terrific,” to “Oh my Dayum.” Poppy seeds are fun pops of crunch, but check your teeth after eating these, or you might bring the bizarre, embarrassed glances of passersby. I’m a giver.

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  1. Between that YouTube video and this compilation of your GS cookie recipes, all in one place, my morning is made. Thank you =) I want to try them all now, and go fry some bacon!

  2. The little girl in me is very happy right now! Now… to work on a coconut delight/samosa recipe….

  3. Yay! Thank you!! I really lose it this time of year over Samoas and Tagalongs. They should really sell girl scout cookies around Christmas. I find it impossible to low carb around the holidays, so I just dont. I pay for it, but I can’t. πŸ˜‰

  4. Karen Johansen says

    You are a ROCK STAR Jamie Saal VanEaton!!!

  5. These look GREAT! Can’t wait to try a couple. Any chance you’ve made over the shortbread ones? Those are my FAVE!

  6. Sharon Palmer-Brownstein says

    Jamie, I used to be a Girl Scout back in the day when Thin Mints sold for 75 cents a box and the chocolate/vanilla sandwich cookies for 50 cents a box. Every year, I support the Girl Scouts by participating in Operation Thin Mint (you can check the box on the order form). What this means is that when I order ten boxes of Thin Mints, they go to our U.S. troops overseas. Each service person receives one box of cookies. Since I don’t eat them any long, at least I feel that a service person can have a “small taste of home” with him/her overseas. Some may not agree with my decision to push sugar onto others, but I know the troops really appreciate it. Thanks so much for the low-carb, sugar-free version of the cookies. I think I’ll try one or two of these over the weekend. Thanks again for all you do and for keeping it real. You totally rock!

  7. RandomDent says

    How about some credit to Allie at hyperboleandahalf for the artwork?!

    • Hi there! I am so glad you let me know to whom this belonged! I removed it, especially one I realized it is not from one of the Meme generators out there but from Hyperbole. That was an oops. Thank you again for letting me know!

      • RandomDent says

        No problem! πŸ™‚
        I was actually happy to see her drawing–because I want her to get famous! She is SUCH a funny writer!!!–just concerned that there was no name attached to the artwork.

        I wish I could try these recipes but I live in a tiny, really old house with no oven πŸ™

        • I had no oven for a week and about went nuts. I used my crock pot… a lot. Thanks again for correcting me. I thought for sure it was some meme generator since it had to do with cookies.

  8. Is there a healthy Trefoil recipe out there anywhere?

  9. Oh, now I am drooling! I can’t wait to try all of these recipes! One of my client’s keeps giving me girl guide cookies! I have 2 unopened boxes in my house. And I left one at my mother’s! I know that if I open them, I am going to regret it! 11 grams of carb in 1 cookie! That means at least 1.5 units of insulin! I think I will use them for my lows! And I will make yours so I can eat some!

  10. Skinnama-rinky-dinky-dink, Skinnamarinky-doo..
    I… love… you for posting this AWESOME recipe party! Been missing GS cookies for years!

  11. I was a girl scout and sold tons of those carb laden goodies. Now I am eating low carb and wheat free and I do miss them. Those won’t be passing through my lips ever. However, yours look fabulous. Now to check for all the ingredients and get to cooking! Thank you. You have been my salvation!

  12. These recipes rock! I can’t wait to try them when I reach my goal weight and can return to more normal eating.

  13. Hi Jamie,

    I am doing a round-up of healthy makeovers of Girl Scout cookies for SheKnows. It will simply be photos with a link back to the site itself for recipes. Do you have any objection to me using your photos and linking to your girl scout knockoffs?




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