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Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - 32 oz.We have a winner. Please, no more entries… Thanks so much for entering.

Win 1 quart of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil!

That’s a lot of coconut oil, but somehow I have a very real feeling you’ll manage.

The generous folks at Tropical Traditions (America’s source for coconut oil), is offering a quart to one lucky reader!

 Their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is hand crafted in small batches by family producers, and it is the highest quality coconut oil they offer. You can read more about how virgin coconut oil is different from other coconut oils on their website: What is Virgin Coconut Oil?

You can also watch the video they produced about Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil:

Tropical Traditions also carries other varieties of affordable high quality coconut oil. Visit their website to check on current sales, to learn about the many uses of coconut oil, and to read about all the advantages of buying coconut oil online. The best website to read about the health benefits of coconut oil.

Ready for the good stuff?

To enter:

1. Subscribe for Tropical Traditions Newsletters (<-link) on their site.
2. Read my review of their products for an idea of what you might like to try. Review
3. Comment below to let me know you’re qualified to enter!
4. Comment below separately after liking their Facebook page for a second chance to win!


One lucky winner who leave comments below will be drawn on Wednesday, February 6, at noon MST.

From there, I’ll email you for your address (be sure to check back if you don’t share your email in your comment so that I can reach you). Then I’ll forward your information to Tropical Traditions, and they’ll ship directly to you.

US residents only, please.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the easy steps and  comment below to start dreaming in coconut!

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

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  1. I love this site and the Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil. We have created some awesome dishes with this Coconut Oil and my husband is still amazed that the pizza I made last night was with Cauliflower crust!! Everyone at works wants me to make it for a pot luck LOL….

  2. I’ve done the first set of “steps”…now off to like them.

  3. Liked 🙂

  4. subscribed, read, commented, liked! 🙂

  5. I’m Qualified! Yay!

  6. liked 🙂

  7. I also “liked” their fan page 🙂

  8. i’m qualified! thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Richard A Schmitt says

    Looking forward to trying this again! Really great oil to kick start my morning! Also did everything that was needed for the drawing! Thank you for all the blogs and recipes!

  10. No, that is not such a large jar! Once you begin making chocolate… You are hooked!
    This great stuff disappears very fast!

  11. i’ve liked them on facebook!

  12. subscribed

  13. I am qualified to enter. And I have been using their products for years! I love their toothpaste, for one. I know people for whom it has reversed severe periodontal disease. I use it, the Benefect spray disinfectant and hand sanitizer, their moisurizer, their bodycream…loads of different things from them besides their coconut oil! Oh, don’t forget the Red Palm Oil: loaded with natural vitamin E, and absolutely necessary for cooking African food and some Middle Eastern food as well! 🙂

  14. I LOVE the Tropical Traditions coconut oil and their website! So many wonderful recipes and ideas. I’m subscribed to their newsletter. They are fabulous and inspirational people!

  15. And I LIKE their Facebook page too 🙂

  16. shelsy burciaga says

    Subscribed! I looooove coconut oil! Lol

  17. shelsy burciaga says


  18. Hi Jamie,
    I subscribed to Tropical Traditions Newsletters and read your review. I would love to try Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil in your buttercream frosting.
    I have used coconut oil on my skin, and it’s wonderful. Since we have limited access to good quality coconut oil in my area, I would be open to ordering Tropical Traditions online if the taste is better than what I’ve had available to me.
    Thank you.

  19. subscribed

  20. I liked them on facebook. It looks like there are some great recipes there!

  21. Cant wait to try this!

  22. Jacquie Wallace says

    Have subscribed to their newsletter. Interested in trying their oil.

  23. fallinglight says

    Qualified. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  24. Jacquie Wallace says

    Have gone through all the steps.

  25. Kathie Stipp says

    I really liked your informative review. Thanks. kathies@email.com

  26. Have gone through all the steps.

  27. Sheri Applebaum says

    Love, love, love this stuff! Now I’m qualified too! YEAH!!!

  28. I love me some Coconut Oil. I would love to try Tropical Traditions.

  29. I subscribe for Tropical Traditions Newsletters, Read your review & I would love to try their Coconut Cream ConcentrateTM.

  30. I like their Facebook page as Gina Emerson.

  31. robyn herron says

    I read this article the other day when you posted it. I thought wow, I would love to try it but its so expensive. I hope I win!

  32. robyn herron says

    I also liked their facebook page…I really want to win! 🙂

  33. Great review! I want to use it on my skin, for frying, and for spreading on toast!

  34. I liked Tropical Traditions on Facebook!

  35. Christina E. says

    I am qualified. I am already a customer of their wonderful coconut oil and coconut chips but would love to try some of their coconut cream concentrate.

  36. Christina E. says

    I like them on Facebook.

  37. I liked them and subscribed to their newsletter. I also like their red palm oil and palm shortening.

  38. I love coconut oil! I haven’t had their brand yet – and I also use as a moisturizer 😉 I have signed up for their newsletter. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

  39. I subscribed to TT newsletter and had previously read your review. I like that this brand is cold pressed and unrefined. The best!

  40. I now also “like” their Facebook page!

  41. Belinda hogue says

    Qualified!!!! I am gonna try that yummy for your tummy Banana coconut frosting. I make these cream cheese bombs, coconut oil mixed with any sugar-free jelly folded into whipped cream cheese. Good for a sweet snack but also gives you extra benefit. It is good for the skin, buh bye wrinkels!!!!

  42. I liked their facebook page.

  43. Belinda Hogye says

    And liked on facebook

  44. Read your review! Love coconut oil!

  45. “Liked” the FB page!

  46. I have liked their Facebook page!!

  47. Enjoyed your review and liked Tropical Traditions on FB

  48. And I’ve also read your review and signed-up for their newsletter! (mmm coconutty mail)

  49. Love your site! I registered!

  50. Nancy Wardlow says

    Signed up, read and liked!

  51. arti aggarwal says

    I’m qualified…. subscribed, read review….would like to try it now..

  52. Faye Kinser says

    Hi, I read the review, sounds great!

  53. Faye Kinser says

    Hi, I also liked them on Facebook!

  54. arti aggarwal says

    qualified again… liked their facebook page..

  55. Subscribed and love their coconut oil!

  56. Liked them on fb

  57. I’m qualified…subscribed and read the review!

  58. Like the TT FB page, too!

  59. Looks yummy! Subscribed to their newsletter and read your review. Love your site!

  60. Liked their facebook page.

  61. Would love to try this!

  62. Subscribed and qualified :). Read the review the other day. Totally agree that some other brands are not good, but I would love to try something that you recommend. Thanks 🙂

  63. Subscribed to newsletter 😀

  64. Liked 🙂

  65. Maxeen olson says

    I would love to win this want to use coconut oil but husband hates coconuts so what do I do,than! So,trying it for free might sneak it into his taste buds and he’ll love it

  66. This is an excellent company – would be thrilled to win!

  67. Qualified!

  68. mrscomfortable says

    I read your review, very helpful! I am also subscribed. Qualified!

  69. mrscomfortable says

    I also liked the Facebook page! 🙂

  70. Subscribed and qualified! This sounds like a great product!

  71. Liked the page.. I love second chances!

  72. I just qualified, and can’t wait to try this in frosting!

  73. I also just LIKED the TT Facebook page. Thanks for the chance to win!

  74. I subscribe to their newsletter and read your review….good stuff!

  75. I went and “liked” the TT facebook page!

  76. Dyanne Spease says

    OK I liked their FB page.

  77. Dyanne Spease says

    I also signed up for the new letter. I love this stuff, can’t get enough.
    I love to make my sugar free, coconut oil, chocolate, YUMMY!!!!

  78. Subscribed and qualified! Look forward to trying!

  79. JoAnne Griffin says

    qualified, thanks!

  80. All steps completed. AS a recent convert to the Paleo lifestyle, I’m really digging on this.

  81. Signed up for newsletter, read review, and am commenting so I’m qualified! thanks!

  82. I subscribed, read your review again and liked them on Facebook.
    I have heard a lot of good things about Tropicsl Tradition coconut oil and am excited to try it.

  83. Stephanie KL says

    I’m already subscribed to TT’s newsletter and read your review of TT coconut oil — so I guess I’m qualified to enter. I’ve been using TT coconut oil for years and am extremely satisfied.

  84. Stephanie KL says

    I already “Liked” Tropical Traditions FB page.

  85. Lori Bennard says

    I’d love to try TT’s Gold Label virgen coconut oil – we already use their expeller pressed coconut oil for almost all our cooking. I’m subscribed to their email newsletter, and have liked their FB page, too!

  86. I’m qualified to enter (subscribe as ktraxel at twcny dot rr dot com)

  87. I like TT on FB

  88. I’m already a subscriber of Tropical Traditions newsletter. I ready you review, so I guess I ‘m qualified too!
    I’ve gone to their page, and Liked it. (Thought I had already liked it, but now I have.)

  89. I have “Liked” Tropical Traditions Facebook page!

  90. 1st step done!

  91. I liked them on fb awhile ago. 🙂

  92. I love Tropical Traditions and already subscribe!

  93. I also, already “liked” TT’s FB page! Thank you for the contest!

  94. qualified!

  95. Liked the fb page too!

  96. I have subscribed, read the review and commented

  97. I liked on FB

  98. I’m in! Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. And I liked their Facebook page! Pick me! Pick me!!! 🙂

  100. Subscribed, read and qualified.

  101. Yum. Coconut oil! How wonderful of you! Off to Like on Facebook!

  102. Qualified!

  103. I am already a subscriber and liked on Facebook too!

  104. Debby Peterman says

    Subscribed and liked! : )

  105. I am already a subscriber to Tropical traditions newsletter! I love their products!

  106. I also have already liked their fb page too!! A quart of their best coconut oil would be so awesome!

  107. Qualified. Love their Coconut Oil!

  108. I am qualified! I love coconut everything and would love to try this premium oil!

  109. I hope I qualify, I already receive their newsletter and I have read you review!!!

  110. Liked the Facebook page!!!

  111. I subscribed to Tropical Traditions newsletter and read your review (again 😉 )! Love all of your hard work, dedication and fantastic sense of humor!

  112. I ” liked” their page long ago!

  113. I’m qualified! I’d like to try their coconut oil to make my favorite LC chocolate (tastes like my absolute favorite, Ice Cubes, those little hazelnut flavored chocolate squares) and I’m very interested in their coconut peanut butter (never heard of this but 2 of my faves — must be delicious!).

  114. I am subscribed to their newsletter and read your review!

  115. I like them on Facebook!

  116. Dita MacDonald says

    I liked them on Facebook, as well as commented on your site and signed up for their newsletter.

  117. I signed up for their newsletter!

  118. Oh yeah–I read your review, too!

  119. Subscribed to the newsletter and read the review, would love to win the coconut oil to use as a hair mask and body moisturizer.

  120. Liked Tropical Traditions on Facebook. 🙂

  121. Gail Ritter says

    ‘Only’ 32 oz ???? LOL; I can confess to using a 54 oz jar over six months! (Of course, slathering it all over my skin contributes greatly to that use).

  122. And subscribed and liked…and found out quart jars are BOGO until Feb.7. Thanks!!

  123. Qualified!! Already a Tropical Traditions customer 🙂

  124. Liked Facebook page!!

  125. Subscribed…and then I’ll LIKE them.
    I’ve rubbed co oil on my hands, and it IS a lovely moisturizer. I’m all in for Organic and Quality. I’m going to look through the recipes, as this is a fairly new product for me.
    Thanks for the link and ideas!

  126. I subscribed to the newsletter and would love to try their coconut oil. halesw@vzw.blackberry.net

  127. Hi Jamie,
    I subscribed and read your review! Sound like great stuff, hope I win it!

  128. Hi, I liked their Facebook page for chance #2! Thanks for the opportunity to win this!
    Email: esvard@sbcglonal.net

  129. I subscribed to their newsletter!

  130. Read your review!

  131. Liked their facebook page!

  132. I read your review. I didn’t realize coconut oil could last so long without spoiling! That’s great to know.

  133. I’m a FB fan.

  134. Kathleen M Smith says

    I subscribe to their newsletter as lightlovebeing@gmail.com. I read your informative review, I use coconut oil for cooking, but have not tried many beauty tips yet.

  135. Kathleen M Smith says

    I liked them on fb

  136. I subscribe to the Tropical Traditions newsletter! Thank you for the good review and giveaway! 🙂

  137. I liked Tropical Traditions on Facebook!


  139. I subscribe. I commented on your post.

  140. I like TT on FB.

    kristen_yeh at yahoo dot com

  141. Donna Mahoney says

    Subscribed, I’m currently use Nutiva, would love to compare!

  142. Donna Mahoney says

    Liked FB Page!

  143. I am a subscriber.

  144. I subscribed to their newsletter and I read your review–I am going to have to try making frosting with coconut oil. I already use it for regular baking.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  145. Subscribed and Read

  146. Like TT on FB

  147. Thank you for your review! I read it and agree with you 100%! I’ve been sold on coconut oil for years. I’m a happy Tropical Traditions customer …have bought their Palm Shortening, Coconut Flour, Green Label/Gold Label/Org Expellier Pressed Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil Hand Soap/Pump Dispenser, Organic Cocoa (not their brand, but the one they sell), etc. Ok, i’ll stop now. lol

    I love eggs fried in coconut oil! I don’t use any type of vegetable oil – only coconut oil, butter or palm for all cooking and baking. Love to use as a moisturizer (I use their less expensive labels for that). Love to make chocolate treats with coconut oil!

    I subscribe to Tropical Traditions newsletter.

  148. I Like Tropical Traditions on Facebook
    deborah neal

  149. Subscribed, read – love the tenderness Coconut Oil lends to baked good, but after your review, I’m curious about all the moisturizing benefits!

  150. And BAM! Liked on Facebook too!

  151. Read your review for TT virgin coconut oil, that’s the one I use. Please enter me for the drawing.

  152. Liked tropical traditions on FB, hope the second chance makes me a winner.

  153. Forgot to mention I also subscribed to tropical traditions.

  154. Marion Summers says

    Have been using Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil for several months. Always willing to win a free jar. Thanks for this offer!

  155. I subscribed and read- I really want to try a hot oil scalp treatment with this!

  156. I like TT on Facebook- Kylie Carlson

  157. I subscribed to the Tropical Traditions Newsletter!

  158. Kathy Fields says

    I am subscribed to T.T. newsletter.

  159. Kathy Fields says

    I “Liked” you on Facebook.

  160. Kathy Fields says

    Loved your review and will be anxious to see how it does as a moisturizer for the hair and scalp. Mine are so dry! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone.

  161. I’ve subscribed and read your review. I want to try the coconut crystals and coconut cream concentrate — there are some yummy recipes on the Tropical Traditions Pinterest page.

  162. I am subscribed to the tropical to traditions newsletter


  164. I’m qualified to enter.

  165. I liked the Tropical Traditions Facebook page.

  166. daniellejudith says

    I am subscribed. Show me the coconut oil 🙂

  167. I subscribe to their newsletter and read your review

  168. I like TT on FB. 🙂

  169. I just subrscribed to their newsletter and would love to win this! I have been reading so much on how great coconut oil is to use for cooking and also on the skin! Would love it for both! thanks


  171. Janna Sedgwick says

    Already subscribed and liked TT. Just read your review and am now curious to try it in buttercream icing.

  172. Subscribe for Tropical Traditions Newsletters

    I would also love to try their rolled oats. Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  173. I like them on FB — Wild Orchid
    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  174. Karibeth S. says

    Subscribed to email. Would love to try it in my baking and by the spoon! 🙂

  175. Karibeth S. says

    Liked Tropical Traditions on Facebook. (Karibeth Myers Soto)

  176. I am qualified and super excited to try this coconut oil!! 😀

  177. I liked their facebook page too!

  178. I subscribe to their email newsletter char.groups (at) gmail (dot) com and would love to try their coconut oil and coconut cream concentrate.

  179. I also like them on FB as Charissa Wagner
    char.groups (at) gmail (dot) com

  180. I have been using coconut oil for over a year on my skin, face, hair, eyes, mouth. I’ve used it as part of my oil cleansing solution. I’ve used it as a moisterizer for my body and feet and very sparingly on my face. I’ve used it when I had pink eye. I used it as a leave in conditioner for my hair. And of course, I’ve consumed it. It was wonderful. I recently saw a YouTube review on the Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil talking about how it is the best of the best. So I wanted to try it out.

  181. Thanks! I’m signed up for their newsletter already. i’ve been purchasing their expeller pressed oil and have been a little fearful of the coconut flavor but I cant ignore the health benefits anymore b/c of the flavor! would love to win a quart to try. i’m sure i will never order the expeller pressed again! 😉

  182. read review, subscribed, liked on facebook. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  183. I subscribe to the TT newsletter

  184. I subscribe

  185. I would like to make coconut shrimp with the coconut oil

  186. I qualify

  187. I “like” them on Facebook

  188. Subscribed and read review.

  189. Liked

  190. I subscribe to the newsletter and I use their coconut oil for cooking and even eat it by the spoonful. Yum

  191. I like TT’s FB page.

  192. I am already on their newsletter list and have been a customer for some years now. I love Tropical Traditions AND their coconut oils. I use it every day in my cooking. 🙂

  193. I subscribed! Thanks!

  194. I also like them on facebook 🙂


  196. I am on their newletter list and I have liked them on FB. I read your review too! So I should be quallified. I love their coconut oil and am a new user so I love ideas on how to use it. Please enter me in your drawing

  197. Shelly Mann says

    Coconut oil is my new love!!!

  198. Shelly Mann says

    and now I’m registered twice!!!!

  199. Carol Ardon says

    I am qualified!!!!! <3

  200. Rachel Hudson says

    Qualified, already get their newsletter & like them! 🙂

  201. I subscribed to the newsletter.

  202. I read your review.

  203. I subscribed to their facebook page.

  204. Completed steps 1 and 2 … now I’m moseying over to Facebook! 🙂

  205. I’ve now completed steps 3 and 4 … 🙂 Thanks!!

  206. Terry Schultz says

    All steps done! I’ve been using their CO for over a year, it’s great! Usually use the expeller pressed but would love to try this one. Already subscribed to their FB page.

  207. Subscribed to their newsletter and read your review. I look forward to checking out their products!

  208. I just liked their page on Facebook. I sure would love to win!

  209. DeondraChilders says

    Sign me up!!

  210. Great product, thanks!

  211. Joyce Kupka says

    Thank you!

  212. subscribed to Newsletter!

    I subscribed and would love to use the oil for Gluten free baking!

  213. liked on Facebook!


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