First Weigh-in of 2013

bee bee bee bee beeCan you buttercup pixies believe I haven’t weighed since last year? OK, OK. Old joke. I know another one, but the last time I told it, my mother-in-law cringed, so I won’t tell it. I guess.

I’d already lost a whopping 66 pounds between August 31-December 31, all while eating when hungry and stopping when no longer hungry–and by enjoying my own recipes you’ll find here on the site.

Yay! I would write more but I have to get ready for family who are coming to stay with us for a week, so I have to hustle to get everything clean(er)…

Now on to how I’ve been doing with my weight loss and continued sussing out of foods to which I’m intolerant or allergic to… Be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled share my progress and thoughts, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). Be sure to subscribe for updates by adding your email right (in the sidebar) or through Feedburner in the title bar up top. You can also click the tab up top that says Mid-Year Resolution for regular updates.

Monday, January 7

I ate this:
Breakfast: I never eat before weighing in at TOPS
Lunch: 3/4 of nachos from Taco Star with the chips
Snack: sunflower seeds + a McDonald’s french fry + 2 dried blueberries and a dried strawberry slice
Dinner: A dried apple slice, a couple dried strawberry slices, and a few dried blueberries + some green olives

Notes: Company will be here for a week, so if you don’t see as much of me, you’ll know why!

What I learned:

I have learned that I am satisfied with eating one French Fry and not an entire helping. Half of the time, I just want to remember what it tastes like. And often, it’s just not that good. Isn’t that strange?

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  1. I agree… Stealing a French fry off someone’s plate… Is not always so delicious! Our BRAINS must think it is, though! But the disappointing taste teaches US that WE ARE NOT MISSING ANYTHING!

    And then it is our mission, to go to the kitchen and bake ourselves a wonderful batch of low carb cookies… Or pastry… And reward ourselves with something healthy!

    My SWEETHEART, (who a half year ago thought Low Carb was rubbish!… And worse unhealty!) is now very interested in tasting, he is a trained chef, and his imagination is beginning to clue in! So let’s convert the world… One plate of food, one dessert at a time!
    Ok…Another new year’s resolution! (is this one better than trying to eat more fish?)


  2. You may be losing weight but you are doing it in a very unhealthy way. Check out this website:

    • Actually, I’ve never been healthier! I appreciate your thoughts, however. You are very sweet to write.

      • Jamie you are too kind….but please allow me my 2 cents….Diane most us here….if not all of us here would be able to tell you that our check ups at the doctor would prove otherwise ….meaning… the way that Jamie and a lot of us eat, although not conventional is far from unhealthy.
        She is supplementing and she is eating what her body is feeling for and making sure to keep it low carb……..You concern is understandable and common but please don’t criticize unless you have all the facts….in other words ….don’t knock it until you try it AND get your blood work results back from your doctor 😉

        • LisaQ, you rock it out!

          I think that there are a lot of new readers here who likely don’t know what I’m doing because I’ve been lax in my menu reports. I am addressing this in the morning, but I admit to a lot of the fault there because I’ve gotten a little bit lazy in assuming no one bothers reading the menus anyway!

          • Oh the menus are a must see!! lol……..I am also new here and I too must admit I was wondering how come you were eating nachos lol…however I just figured (based on some of your posts I have read recently) that you were either experimenting or counting overall carbs and you were not too concerned where they came from D).

          • Hi, Lisa! I am so so woefully the suck, and I admit it. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll be more specific about what I’m doing to recapitulate for everyone. I admit I’ve been getting lax, and I even looked at my menu in a new way and realized I am being woefully unhelpful and non-specific. I apologize and will work harder.

            In the past, I didn’t think anyone even looked at the menus! Shows what I know…

    • Wow, Diane, judgmental much? I’m sure the last thing that Jamie wants, or any of her readers for that matter, is to hear from someone suggesting we pay a company to tell us the “healthy” way to lose weight. I find it particularly humorous that you link to a site that doesn’t actually give people any information. . . unless they pay for it. Thanks, but no thanks. I think I’ll rely on my own knowledge about nutrition, and the advice of my own doctor. . . I’ve no doubt that Jamie is doing the same.

  3. You won’t do very well in the long run on such a protein deprived diet. Sure you’ll lose weight, but at what cost. I hope this day you posted isn’t a typical day.

  4. I think (at least I hope) she wasn’t being judgemental about the low carb lifestyle but rather responding to your list of the foods you ate on Monday. I have to admit I had the same reaction – it wasn’t very, well, healthy looking. I see a little protein there (nachos) but mostly fruit sugars. So, I’m going to give Diane the benefit of the doubt by agreeing with her that it wasn’t the healthiest of meal plans FOR THAT DAY – realizing you have a solid grasp on the low carb/higher protein lifestyle overall.

    • Hi! OMG… You should see the nachos though. They’re full-on protein!

      My mistake–forgetting there are so many new readers to the site. I need to remind myself–and everyone, that the Taco Star Nachos are filled with winning:

      This is chock full of so much winning goodness (about 2 pounds of it). Steak, cheese, refried beans (shhh), sour cream, guacamole, two taco sauces, fresh cilantro and salsa.

      I will do a better job sharing what I’m truly eating if I continue to share the menus.

      • I have to agree with the mob I’m afraid, that menu sample is nowhere near what you should be consuming over the course of a day! But I have faith that this is just an off day and usually you are a good eater – don’t forget you’re setting an example to us here, that’s why we’ve subscribed to the mailing list! X

        • Hi! I am going to start being more specific with my foods. I admit that seeing my menus has me alarmed–if only because quantities are never shared, making it look like I’m licking a spinach Popsicle per day. I didn’t get fat by eating a spinach Popsicle. I got fat because I LOVE FOOD and was addicted to sugar! Thankfully, because I limit my carbs, I can enjoy fewer of them, which means I do eat less–but I definitely didn’t trade one eating disorder (binging) for another (anorexia). :^D I am so glad you’re reading! I so appreciate you writing, too.

      • I really appreciate your menu posting. Of course, I’ve seen the “Nacho goodness” post before, so I know what you’re talking about. 🙂 Reading your menus and seeing your weight loss (although I only started reading in December) and understanding your methods (and seeing someone having non-perfect days that don’t derail them) has really helped to inspire me to find what works for me – instead of just pouting and shaking my fist at the air because everyone else’s weight is “melting off” except for mine, LOL! So, thank you! And thanks for all the wonderful recipes, too!

        • Melinda, you are so sweet! I admit totally that I’m a total oversharer. I probably tell you guys more than anyone ever wants to know, but it’s fun for me and it keeps me honest. I am one of those people who would rather share too much than not tell you anything, just because I’m never sure what anyone wants to (or needs to) hear.

          I used to be such a stringent Atkins Induction girl, but once I realized the weight was coming off at a price (obsession, crash dieting and perfection for me =falling off of the wagon and regaining everything), I decided that there had to be a way I could do this forever. And wow! I mean, it’s not perfect, but holy smokes. I am so happy, and I know I can do this for the rest of my life. And nailing down the food allergies makes such a difference. Now I don’t avoid wheat because of guilt– I avoid it because it really, literally, makes me sick.

      • We all have days where we eat a little less healthy that others. Most of us are not brave enough to post our daily intake. Lets be supportive of each other, and not become the protein police.

        • You are so kind! I admit it’s my fault for being so non-specific. If I had taken the time to write the ingredients of the nachos, I wouldn’t have worried someone. I mean, non-specific nachos could be made from marshmallows, froot loopers and snackers bars. And possibly a toadster pastry crumbled over the top… I left too much to the imagination.

      • you rock!!
        greetings from Norway:-)

    • I agree with Sharon’s thoughts. If someone hasn’t read thru the mid year resolution (or some of your blog entries) to know why you are eating this way, it can be a shock when reading your daily menu.

      Your daily food log isn’t what I typically see on a food blog. However, I find your blog witty and interesting. And though I don’t eat like you do, I find some new food ideas!

      • Hi, Dana! I admit I am such a weird girl. I am so so picky about what I eat and I have to be so careful so I don’t stall out on the scale, too. Starting tomorrow I am going to be more specific, and while I don’t typically keep track of calories or carbs in a software program, it’s good for me to make sure I am eating what I think I’m eating. I need to be more specific for me, too.

  5. sharon gordon says

    i think you should eat when you are hungry<most of us none know when that is and that is why we eat foods that is not good for glad i find your website because of you i have lose10 pounds i gained at back on track. thank you —–sharong

    • Hi! I totally try to stick to only eating when hungry. I think my natural signals are right on. Who says I have to eat three meals a day if my natural hunger dictates two bigger ones? I’d hate to force food, especially when my body doesn’t want or need it.

  6. Hi
    well i just been reading these recipes , not very long, and i have to saY I AM DELIGHTED
    to have found them. i wanted to start doing akins and it encourag me to see all we can eat

    As for making my own menue it is up to me and i think |||||||||||||||Jamie is very kind to give
    us her recipes it is us to us to make our own menu and make sure it is healty.

  7. Really trying to go low carb, because I know it works for me. It’s just so hard for me to get past the sugar cravings, mainly my Coke lol. Any suggestions?

    • I am a fan of finding substitutes, so I would definitely recommend Diet Coke, Zevia and iced tea. I make my own iced tea and I love it, but when I need fizz, Zevia is definitely a great option! the best thing you can do is to take those baby steps away from Coke and the sugar.

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