Make a healthy pledge for National Vitamin Day


Did you know today, January 29, 2013, is National Vitamin Day?

It’s the day when the Amino Fairy comes out and sprinkles good wishes for immune system health under the pillows of good boys and girls who–Wait. What do you mean there’s no such a thing?

Okay. Fine. Killjoy. Next you’ll tell me there’s no peanut butter monster. Or toe ointments that sing. Or armpit harps. Or spice cabinets where the herbs aren’t organized according to flake size.

So maybe there’s no special holiday built around health, but we have today (National Vitamin Day). And, come to think of it, we have another day, too (no, not Healthoween).

What is this next best thing (even if there are no magic fairies)? New Year’s.

And why not celebrate you for 2013? It’s not too late, you know.

Start now.

Why not? Did you know that people who have the greatest success making positive changes started on a “not” Monday? Starting any other day of the week means you’re more likely to follow through on your plans and aren’t merely starting out the week trying to undo what you did the weekend before. Did you start Monday? That’s cool, too–work hard to beat the odds and show the world you mean business. Either way, this is your moment. You’re a moment ninja.

Tip: Pretend you’ve been at your new lifestyle change a week already and want to carry on the good work. It’s pretty freeing.

Eschew perfection.

If you’re an ‘all or nothing’ person like me, chances are you probably put a lot of pressure on yourself to be at the top of your game every single second. You alphabetize your days of the week underpants. You set aside a millions projects you started because it was never the right time. You put off taking care of other things unless you can carry out the rigid plan in your head for everything to be just right. The happiest moments you have aren’t because everything went according to plan. You’re more likely to remember the time you tried to look hip and got your foot stuck in your jogging stroller than the time you got your nail polish just right. Sometimes a little imperfection accentuates the richness of life.

Tip: Celebrate your progress instead of grading yourself on the process. You’re better than perfect–you’re you.

Eat. Drink. Exercise. Sleep.

Preferably not all at the same time (we’ve all seen those videos). Make the effort to eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, move those muscles, and rest. It’s exhausting being fabulous.

Tip: Having trouble getting to sleep? Move the television out of your bedroom. It’s easy to get sucked into exciting story lines when you should be watching your eyelids.


Sometimes nourishment  is a little laughter, a little love, and doing something kind for someone else, especially when you’re in a funk.

Nourishment is also about caring for yourself in other ways, too, and that means taking your vitamins. Because no matter how healthy I think my eating is, I’m always missing something. Whether I need magnesium to stave off foot cramps or D3 to fight inflammation, or Zinc and C to help stop that little tickle at the back of my throat that typically signals the beginning of a cold, taking my supplements daily means I have more energy for things, like visiting with you. And teaching my dog to do tricks (someday she’ll get nail the dougie). And having great hair. And cooking up new ways for you to enjoy what you are eating (that one is especially important).

If you have been slacking a little bit as the newness of the year began to wane, take heart. Today is a day to do one good thing especially for you. Even if there are no metaphysical events, cartoons, or holiday dreams associated with National Vitamin Day, you can still work a little magic of your own, one small, twinkly step at a time.

Are you taking your vitamins? Affecting positive changes in your life? Ready to re-commit? Make sure to sound off below in comments!

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  1. A good place to get started on your clean eating journey is to start putting more water into your body. We often underestimate the benefits of drinking water and even go as far as considering other liquids to be equivalent to drinking water. This myth needs to be put to rest! All liquids are not water and they cannot be used by your body the same way water can be. Juice contains sugars, coffee contains caffeine, milk contains fats and proteins, and the list goes one. All these need to be assimilated by your body differently than plain water does. Keep in mind that the body is mostly composed of water.

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