New Week (Day 149)

baconpizza1Er ners! It is already a new week.

I’m still not through with the old week! Today has been a day of cleaning in the kitchen. I have been testing a lot of different theories and that’s made the room a mess! I’m trying to get the beast back under control so that I can have some new adventures.

One of my new adventures is trying some different things with one of my pizza crusts to see what happens. I can never leave anything alone, so I constantly tweak recipes I’ve developed to see if I can get something even more cool out of it.

What are some of your new adventures? I love to hear from you, so let me know!

I slept terribly last night, but that typically precedes a whooshie. That and my (slowly getting better) back are making me want to nap today and dream of bacon. I am sure my dog dreams of bacon. My cat dreams of beating up the dog. And so it goes.

I know I’m dreaming of this amazing grass-fed beef I had the store order for me. I typically buy Laura’s Lean Ground Beef (8% fat), and the store has it half-off. Only they didn’t have any (insert sad face here), so the wonderful meat lady offered to order some for me (insert hopeful face here). So I ordered 32 pounds (insert happy face here). I go and pick it up today. That meant I had to open the freezer and move things around so that I can fit 32 packages of ground beef in there (insert wants to nap instead face here).

OK, enough about my exciting ground beef moment. On to what I ate!

Now on to how I’ve been doing with my weight loss and continued sussing out of foods to which I’m intolerant or allergic to… Be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled share my progress and thoughts, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). Be sure to subscribe for updates by adding your email right (in the sidebar) or through Feedburner in the title bar up top. You can also click the tab up top that says Mid-Year Resolution for regular updates.

Friday, January 18

I ate this:
Breakfast: Green beans (I was messing with a pot pie idea and wanted a few greener beaners)
Lunch: Testing some recipes, so a taste of a few things + a new pizza slice (tiny) + a slice of my caramel apple cheesecake
Dinner: Toppings from a slice of Hawaiian pizza (my lunch was heyooge, but I wanted a tiny bit of sweet, pineapple heaven)

Notes: Some of these recipes I’m trying are positively horrible. I am going to share some of them with you–not to make at home, but as an example of how bad some of them truly are.

What I learned:

When I get really overwhelmed, it was easy for me to want to eat an entire slice of cheesecake (I found a bunch of low-carb cheesecake slices in the freezer when I was cleaning it out today).

Instead of eating the entire piece, I only ate 3/4 of it, and I threw the rest away. That might not seem huge, but it is!

I don’t have to clean my plate anymore just because the food is there and available. I enjoyed the small portion I had, am full, and am so satisfied.

And I have no guilt! But I am going to take that nap and dream of bacon…

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  1. Great minds think alike, Jamie! It was pizza weekend for me too! I ate ultra low carb pizza for dinner two days in a row! It must be the oregano and gooey extra stringy Mozza that I crave!

    But really, it sounds like you scored on the meat deal! Now there is no excuse not to cook!
    And develop new ground meat delicasies for US!


    • Good morning! I really did score a lot of meat! My red light district (my freezer) is filled to the brim!

      I love oregano. I’m trying to grow some in my water garden in the kitchen, but it’s not really doing that well.

  2. Thank you so much for hanging in there for all of us especially with these recipes it is so easy to get bored and want to go back to eating that is dangerous for us in all ways.

    I applaud your efforts and weight loss and battle to maintain.


    • Yvonne, you are so kind! I admit this week has been a little more hectic than usual, but I look forward to creating more recipes soon. I have a bunch of product reviews to catch up on, too!

  3. “I don’t have to clean my plate anymore just because the food is there and available. I enjoyed the small portion I had, am full, and am so satisfied.” <– I love this… I've had a few of those moments since the first of the year. So liberating and freeing.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. 32 pounds?????!!!!!! Whoa, do I foresee a lot of ground beef recipes showing up here? Love them, but 32 pounds? ha ha!

  5. Oh, my gosh – good for you to be able to throw “perfectly good” food away. I struggle with that daily. Better it go in the trash than on my bod! That’s what my brain says anyway. My taste buds…they are a little more immature.

    • It’s definitely not something I like to do, but when I know it’s that or my progress, I’ve worked too hard to let food hinder me now. (I wouldn’t have been able to say that in the past.)

  6. hmmmm…adventures…well I found a new meat shop on a road that I have been travelling on (back and forth daily) for the past 3 years….so I bought pork chops, shrimp and some rib eye……..I have the pork chops marinating in garlic and Hosin sauce and will bake them tomorrow…….that’s it for my adventure today….gosh I am bored just reading my post LOL

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