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Sweet n Simple Shrimp Sauce

Shrimp! I promised you guys the sauce recipe. It is so fantastic and easy to make. … [Read more...]

Please vote for Us on Skinny Scoop

Your Lighter Side has been nominated as one of the top Healthy Eating Blogs on SkinnyScoop! Is that not super cool? So I need to ask you a favor, and not just because I complimented you on your shoes and loaned you my sweater. And my Hello … [Read more...]

Why I suck. Slightly

Hello, you adorbs peeps! First, I owe you an apology. … [Read more...]

Freaking Aye. We made BuzzFeed

I totally legit crush on love BuzzFeed. If there was an Oprah for primo-now sites, this would be her, Steadman, Gayle, and all. … [Read more...]

Low-Carb Powdered Milk Substitute

Hi there! I'm trying something a little different at Your Lighter Side. You told me that you want to see more helpful "cooking lessons, substitutions and tips."  This feature is meant to help with everything from cooking hacks, to kitchen … [Read more...]

Ern ners! The ad… my template…

Update: 11:20 pm. Thank blog, they removed the ads as soon as I let them know. It kept breaking schtuffs. Hi there! I have reported the issue with the Lyrica Ad at the top of the page both blocking the drop down menu and causing the template to … [Read more...]

First Weigh-in of 2013

Can you buttercup pixies believe I haven't weighed since last year? OK, OK. Old joke. I know another one, but the last time I told it, my mother-in-law cringed, so I won't tell it. I guess. … [Read more...]

I’d love your support

I've just been nominated for a very cool honor: Top Health and Fitness Blog of 2013.  I'd love your vote! Vote Right now we're at #1, and with your support we'll take this home. Please vote. LeapFitness <--vote here I'm not sure I'm … [Read more...]

Mushroom Sauce

Hello, everyone! How about a super-fast, delicious mushroom sauce recipe? … [Read more...]

Foot Cramps and Jackknives

Happy Happy Day in January! … [Read more...]

Quick Microwave Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Good day to you. I say, good day! One of the things you've been asking for is a super-quick, savory recipe that can be used for one--or even two--people. … [Read more...]

Review: Wild Planet Sardines & Wild Albacore

Just how earth-friendly and sustainable is Wild Planet Foods as a company? Greenpeace places these guys on top for Earth-friendly, sustainable Canadian Albacore. That's a pretty decent thumbs up. … [Read more...]

Thoughtful Thursday {Day 134}

It's smurficial: My exercise bike is off the market! I know you have questions. Why was it even on the market? What is this exercise bike of which you speak? You...exercise? … [Read more...]

Crunchy Pizza Trail Mix

Two of the things you mentioned were easy to pack snacks for the road and more, savory foods. Your weesh is my commando. … [Read more...]

Review: thinkThin High-Protein Bars

Are you edging ever closer to your weight loss goals? Need a little incentive in the form of a fun protein bar in a bevy of flavor and texture options when you're on the road or faced with difficult options? If so, thinkThin might just be the … [Read more...]