Please vote for Us on Skinny Scoop

contest! Your Lighter Side has been nominated as one of the top Healthy Eating Blogs on SkinnyScoop!

Is that not super cool?

So I need to ask you a favor, and not just because I complimented you on your shoes and loaned you my sweater. And my Hello Kitty kimono. And my toothbrush. And quite possibly even my boyfriend.


To vote for me:

1. Go to this link. Link 
2. Register for an account. (I just used FaceBook because it was so easy)
3. “Like” Your Lighter Side.
4. The sites with the most “likes” win! Woohoo! *touchdown dance knee wobble*

I am not sure what we win, but I’ll bet it’s major karmic awesomeness in the universe.

And thanks for the nomination. It means so much. I feel like the prettiest girl at the school dance!

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  1. Done!

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