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Are you edging ever closer to your weight loss goals? Need a little incentive in the form of a fun protein bar in a bevy of flavor and texture options when you’re on the road or faced with difficult options?

If so, thinkThin might just be the perfect option for you! Foudn both in select Target stores and online, these certified gluten-free, high protein, carb-controlled high-protein bars come in many flavors and make a great option for the purse, office desk drawer or your purse.

Following are a few of their products I’ve tried, along with my family (and their friends. Friends are always wonderfully hungry and willing to try new things).

thinkThin Crunch Caramel Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts ♥♥♥♥

The one bar I splurged/indulged in, this rice cereal-esque delicious bar is drench in caramel, crunchy deliciousness. Like I said–I couldn’t put it down (I ate the entire thing). My kids loved these, too, so when I told them, “And those crisps are soy,” their eyes popped from surprise. Well played thinkThin. Well played. For 11 net carbs and 190 calories, the 9 grams of protein is incredibly filling– again, I love the chicory root, a sweet fiber for filling sweetness. This bar is an experience. If you can tolerate soy and have the room for the carbs, do it (the soy crisps make a perfect Rice Krispies stand-in). Ingredients: Peanuts, almonds, soy crisps (soy protein isolate, tapioca starch), coating (sugar, fractioned palm kernel oil, alkalized cocoa, soy lecithin, vanilla), brown rice syrup, cashews, chicory root, dextrose, caramel (sugar, water), natural flavors, soy lecithin, sea salt, gum arabic. Website Page for this product

thinkThin Creamy Peanut Butter ♥♥♥♥♥
Gluten free and low-carb, each deliciously-scented bar packs in 240 calories and 20 grams of protein into 10 net carbs for an option worth considering during emergencies. The flavor is probably my least favorite of the options, but for peanut butter fans it’s worth a try! I know the peanut butter afficionados in the house enjoyed these dense, filling options. Be aware that the product has maltitol, which is a mixed blessing: maltitol acts as a laxative if overconsumed, meaning you’re going to behave–if only because you have to. Ingredients: Protein blend (whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate, soy protein isolate, casein), coating (maltitol, cocoa butter, chocolate, sodium caseinate, milk fat, soy lecithin, natural flavors, salt), glycerine, maltitol, salt, peanuts, water, cocoa butter, peanut flour, natural flavors, soy lecithin, sea salt. Website Page for this product

thinkThin Brownie Crunch ♥♥♥♥♥
This dense, chocolaty bar is filling and positively incredible for 230 calories and 10 net carbs, and each packs in 20 grams of protein–not bad for a sweet treat you can enjoy on the road. Thankfully, the sweetener maltitol will keep you reined in, even if you feel like this is the day to eat every bar in the house. My daughter’s 11-year-old friend enjoys these quite a bit when she comes to the house and asks for one when she gets a case of the hungries. Ingredients: Protein blend (whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate, soy protein isolate, casein), glycerine, maltitol, coating (maltitol, cocoa butter, chocolate, sodium caseinate, milk fat, soy lecithin, natural flavors, salt), alkalized cocoa, almonds, water, (soy protein isolate, rice flour, salt), canola oil, soy lecithin, chocolate, sea salt, natural flavoring. Website Page for this product

 Tip: Cut these into cubes and store in the freezer or fridge for light, chilly bites and portion control.

Overall, thinkThin high-protein bars present terrific options for weight loss maintainers who are carb-savvy and who need options for your purse, car glove box, or your work office. If you’re counting calories as well as carbohydrates, I highly recommend the Crunch Caramel bar with its inspired soy crisps (which should seriously appear in more products). Terrific in terms of taste and texture for those who aren’t allergic (or averse) to soy, those little pops of crunch take me back to popped rice cereal treats. Only with less guilt.

thinkThin High-Protein Bars

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Price: $1.99 for each (roughly) 2 ounce bar. You can buy a box for roughly $15-17.00 for a cost savings.
Save: Shipping is free with orders of $75 or more from their site.
Usefulness: Whenever you need something filling and convenient
Found atthinkThin locator
Website: thinkThin

Disclosure: thinkThin has provided these products  free of charge for review, but this has not affected my review of the items.

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  1. No no no! The protein comes from soy – not a healthy choice.

    • I agree!!!!! This soy is really big problem! People read more about the soy and u will discover what kind of problem this soy product make to your body! On top of it soy support a cancer!

    • agree with the above — I’m not sure which ingredient causes it, but when I eat these I go into an immediate fog. no thanks.

    • I agree soy is definitely an issue. I experienced it firsthand. My hormones levels were out of whack causing infertility. stay away from it.

  2. Is there a bar that is not soy and nuts, which I am allergic too? I have a corn, soy, wheat and nut allergy. Help??

  3. Funny how the food industry considers TEN to THIRTEEN carbs LOW! That’s ok… These are probably not available in Canada… Just as NuNatural Stevia is a mystery! Good Stevia is almost impossible to find here, for that matter!


  4. I know a lot of people don’t like soy, but I have to say “to each his/her own”. Just because it doesn’t work in one person’s body doesn’t mean it’s OK to tell others it’s a bad choice. I have no problems with soy and I LOVE the Carmel Fudge bars; they don’t slow down my weight-loss and I get a sweet treat peppered into my day. So if soy is bad for some, I respect that – and Jamie I think you have a good way of handling ingredients that people do/don’t like (the ongoing Splenda debate). Thanks for keeping variety in your recipes despite your dietary restrictions! For me, these bars get 2 thumbs way up!

  5. Malitol? No way.

  6. Hi, I enjoyed your review of the thinkThin Bars. I’ve tried these also and at first I loved them, but the Malitol sweetner caught up with me and I had to stop eating them. It’s hard to find a decent protein bar that is high is protein (at least 20 grams). If there’s not enough protein in a bar, I just get hungry 30 minutes later. I love your tip about cutting them into cubes for the freezer though. I will be trying this with another brand or some homemade ones.

    • I like the think Thin enough that if there was an emergency, they’d be good to have on hand, but I might definitely overeat them to keep them in my house all the time because of the maltitol.

  7. All of the debate over all of the ingredients confuses me so much that I think I will eat real sugar in very small amounts and more of a clean raw diet. Thanks for all of the input though.

  8. I was eating one of these for lunch each day for a month. Each day, I got more and more bloated, plus I felt like I was getting a sugar rush after I ate them despite being “sugar free.” It turns out that sugar alcohol is just as bad as regular sugar for you. I switched to the low-sugar kind bars and I feel a lot better and healthier. I should have read the labels better – these bars are not healthy.

  9. There is nothing healthy about this protein bar. It’s loaded with glycerin, sugar alcohols and other artificial flavors. This bar could actually cause stomach issues and impact insulin levels in a negative way. What an irresponsible review by the author to actually recommend this so called protein bar. He or she should be ashamed of themselves for recommending this very unhealthy product.

  10. They also taste horrible. If I hadn’t already thrown away the box I would be returning them to Sam’s. Instead I am throwing all 14 remaining bars in the trash. That’s my two cents. Glad some people like them.


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