Site Difficulties

Hi there!

I want to apologize for the site difficulties today.

It looks like the site may have either been hacked or infected with malware.

Boo! Boo! Hiss!

The good news?

Web Tech Guru Diva Divine and the High Grand Duchess of all that is technical, Robin, of GRITS Design Group is on the case. Talk about saving my bacon in more ways than one…

A lot of the comments have disappeared, and for that I am so sorry! I spent hours responding to comments today and those are now gone, too.

At times like this I’m glad I am not a stress eater. I’m picturing myself naked in the tub with a barrel of FroYo right about now. Not a pretty picture.

I will keep you guys posted!

***Update: It happened to others, too!

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  1. Boo Hiss from me too. All that work, gone. And no thanks I don’t want to picture you naked eating ‘whatever’ – lol. Hope the issue is resolved, What makes people ‘hack’ anyway? I want to swear for you! Today will be a better day.

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