Thoughtful Thursday {Day 134}

bacon girl resizeIt’s smurficial: My exercise bike is off the market!

I know you have questions. Why was it even on the market? What is this exercise bike of which you speak? You…exercise?

Stop giving me that no-no look. I do have an exercise bike and have for years. It’s just…dusty. I’ll explain more about this in a moment.

For now, suffice it to say that I love exercise bikes. What better way to burn calories than to sit, move your feet a bit and look all shimmery with sweat–all while shouting out to Alex Trebek, “Why YES Alex! I will make that a true daily double… bacon cheeseburger.”

I grew up riding my parent’s awesome exercise bike, and lost a bunch of weight doing it, since the bike works upper and lower body. In fact, even while pregnant with my kids, I continued riding for a low-impact workout that helped me build up strength. The problem? Well, I became a treadmill girl and did a naked cartwheel out of my self-imposed “perfect Atkins world,” fell off the wagon and then ate two of the horses doused with caramel sauce and fava beans *slurp slurp slurp*.

In short, I became too fat to ride the thing. I became too pudgy and exceeded the equipment’s weight rating, and far be it from me to NOT follow the rules (I am the one who asks if the Express Lane at the store means I have to count each egg as part of the 15 items or less), I also didn’t want to have to explain to the X-ray tech why there was a bent bicycle seat embedded in my rectum.

Now I can live without that concern (what? It’s a concern) and keep my bike and use it. I am going to try watching some TV and biking with it. I’ll keep you posted about how that goes…

What happened to my treadmill desk? My hubby and son took it over. Now it looks like Hello Kitty was overtaken by a messy man cave. I will eventually make the space for another treadmill desk. For now, I only exercise my magnificent brains–which–ahem–could probably do with a slight lift from exercise, too.

Now on to how I’ve been doing with my weight loss and continued sussing out of foods to which I’m intolerant or allergic to… Be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled share my progress and thoughts, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). Be sure to subscribe for updates by adding your email right (in the sidebar) or through Feedburner in the title bar up top. You can also click the tab up top that says Mid-Year Resolution for regular updates.

Thursday, January 4

I ate this:
Breakfast: 7 corn chips (yes, I totally counted. Otherwise,, I might have eaten 42 of them without thinking about it)
Lunch: A new trail mix I’m working on… stay tuned! This stuff is good Also onion dip with pepperoni chips.
Snack: More trail mix (I am trying to stay out of the kitchen) 😀
Dinner: More of the trail mix. It’s so good! Added pumpkin seeds…

Notes: I am having a munchy day today, so I have to record everything I eat or I know I’ll overdo it. I weigh in Monday, so I don’t want to blow my losses for the week. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to stop eating when you’re not hungry! Am I right?

What I learned:

I am pretty excited about little things I used to not really think about–or I took them for granted.

When you can do things you couldn’t before due to weight, every small discovery is a big, exciting reward.

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  1. JAMIE! I am concerned. No protein in your food all day?? I don’t think this is good for your bacon bloom. Please have some more protein, we need you on your bike (sans embedded seat) blazing the trail for us all. 🙂

    • I definitely needed more protein yesterday, I agree! I did eat a lot of pepperoni, but when I’m developing recipes, some days are a little less balanced than others for sure… I typically make up for it on other days…

  2. Karey at Nutty About Health says

    Congrats on your losses & being able to ride the exercise bike again. Good for you!! 🙂

  3. Hi, Denise! I love the idea of Weight Watchers and have followed it, myself. I think they have too much faith in people like me to eat the right things. I always was hungry and it took me 3 months to lose 25 pounds. The next three months, following Atkins 2002, I lost 55 pounds. My body just performs better with low-carbohydrate diets, but I know many out there fare better with more carbohydrates than I can, too.

    That said, I am o proud of all of your efforts and for finding what works best for you. It sounds like you’re well on your way! 2013 is going to be a great year!

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