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5 ways to fight cold and flu germs

It might be cold outside, but it is in here, now, too--so to speak. With germs bombarding your living space from everywhere, your family is coming home with more than you bargained for: germs. Whether post nasal drip is finding its way to sleeves, … [Read more...]

Easy Beef Gyros with Tzatziki

I love grass-fed beef. Always a regular buyer of Laura's Lean Beef (ground, grass-fed, 92%) for years, when the company asks for a review, I give it--gladly. In fact, this isn't my first waltz with Laura's Lean Ground Beef (read my review from 2010 … [Read more...]

Review: SeaBuck Wonders Natural Skincare Products

It had been years since I had put any thought or care into my skin beyond the typical soap-and-water routine. On the rare occasions I wear makeup (it's a semi-annual event), I wash my face more than others (dirt is an effective UV-blocker, right?). … [Read more...]

Chicken Broccoli Bacon Daikon Casserole

Hi there! My apologies for not writing more often (hey; this sounds like I'm writing to relatives all of a sudden. My dog ate my free time. Thank you for the socks, Aunt Mahetabel). I have been busy working on some pretty exciting projects I can't … [Read more...]

Making a Peep

I didn't, until recently, even know that Peeps were even available in a sugar-free form. Jamie, where have you been?! … [Read more...]

Superior health made simple

The new year ushers in resolutions, but even after our resolve has taken a nap, there's even more of a reason to put a spring in your step for this new year. We're all working towards better health in our own way, whether we're at the gym trying … [Read more...]

Please vote here, too?

Hi there! I just realized I'm up for two awards. I would so appreciate your support so much. Both contests end tonight at midnight so please, please vote in both to support this site. Winning contests like these make great opportunities for … [Read more...]

Please Support Your Lighter Side. Vote!

Please vote here for Your Lighter Side I just found out today that we're in the running for Best Healthy Cooking Blog. Problem: Voting ends tomorrow (Friday the 8th) at midnight. Can we pull this off? Is this a Cinderella story? Please … [Read more...]

All about Frying Cheese (159)

Pictured above: Move over, mozzarella sticks! A new, cheesy, kid is going to take your milk money. Fry the cheese, if you please. OK, so it's not "Fry-day", but there's no reason we can't all be a bit of a Wisconsinite a few times per week. I was … [Read more...]

Winner: Tropical Traditions Giveaway

I am always so excited when I get to host a giveaway for a terrific company like Tropical Traditions. I know you are, too! With hundreds of entries, Diane N. was randomly drawn from! Diane, I have emailed you and look forward to your … [Read more...]

Peanuts (158)

I am playing with my camera more to improve, have some fun, and make me sigh existentially slightly less. Practice. Like this picture of peanuts. (Shoosh. I don't eat them.) I don't like peanuts, but if they're going to sit in my kitchen, they're … [Read more...]

Turkey and Daikon Crock Pot Chowder

I am often asked what my favorite soup or crock pot recipe is. That’s always a difficult question to answer. Why? Because my favorite is typically the one I haven’t created. Yet. … [Read more...]

Wink Frozen Desserts: 4 improved fab flavors

Wink has done it again! On the verge of hitting even more stores, Gabe and the team have been hard at work dreaming up the most delectable flavors, textures, and behaviors consistent with a frozen dessert. … [Read more...]

Marvelous Monday melt-down (Day 157)

Today I weigh in. I am going to admit right now that I've been no Saint. I've probably been a little more 'ain't'. … [Read more...]

Review: Turbana Plantain Chips

First, fact: Turbana Plantain Chips are like crack on crack with a side of delicious, want-to-roll-around-naked-in-it crack. I already see myself on street corners looking to score a few bags of these--and you almost have to for now, since they're … [Read more...]