Peanuts (158)

peanutsbwI am playing with my camera more to improve, have some fun, and make me sigh existentially slightly less. Practice. Like this picture of peanuts. (Shoosh. I don’t eat them.) I don’t like peanuts, but if they’re going to sit in my kitchen, they’re posing. I do like my nesting owls, though. Aren’t they cool?

You might also wonder why my posts are numbered. It is because I’m 157 days into eating with an emphasis on:

  • ruling out food intolerances
  • losing weight
  • wearing more cute shoes
  • getting my hair fabulized
  • getting into healthier cosmetics and beauty care
  • getting into a smaller swimsuit (I’m tired of Sea Shepherd trying to save me when I swim too close to Japanese whaling vessels)

Some really exciting events have come about as a result of clean eating.

I’ve lost 83 pounds, I look younger, and I am making some positive changes! I am wearing a compression shirt to keep my arm flub out of potential danger, and just got contact lenses.

When I came home sans glasses, my husband spent the next few hours thinking I did something with my hair. Others thought my face looked thinner and I looked more vibrant–all of that from simply shedding my eye wear. I wouldn’t have done that had I not been feeling better about myself. The energy  the bonuses of weight loss, and the improved health mean I can do so many more amazing things.

Like photographing owls and peanuts.


Be sure to do your thing. I am happy share my progress and thoughts, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). I’m just a girl figuring myself out. Want more: Click the tag Mid-Year Resolution for regular updates.

Tuesday, February 5

I ate this: Late Breakfast: olives + cheese + nuts + pepperoni Late Lunch:  Frying cheese + fresh spinach + basil leaves Dinner: Notes: Today I tried to keep it simple because of my Sunday Munchy Madness.

What I learned:

I can tell when I went a little food-cray cray because the next 48 hours I have total cravings. I am hanging in there, because, thankfully, I know why I want to lick stuff I know is no good for me. Knowledge makes such a difference, so keeping track of what I’m eating and why so truly matters. It’s definitely a wake-up call that the old sugar addictions still loom under the surface, even close to 6 months into my healthy eating.

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  1. Ah, Jamie, I can certainly relate to the sugar addictions. I’ve only been about 10 weeks from sugar but I believe the old addiction would rear it’s ugly head 10 years from now, if I would start eating it again. For some of us, sugar is like crack cocaine! We must always stay away from it, if we want to remain free. Thankfully, there are wonderful substitutes now that make sugar-free living possible and not so difficult. Thanks for all you do to help make those kind of recipes available to the rest of us. And huge congratulations on your weight loss and health improvement!!

  2. Kathy Fuller says

    Hey Miss Jamie…what is frying cheese??? And, I am SO proud of you!! You’ve done such a phenomenal job. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your recipes forever and ever and ever. AMEN!! 🙂

  3. It is amazing how much better we feel about ourself after shedding a bit of weight eh! Right now my impatience is just for the year to hurry up because that will mean I am closer to my goal(if not at it) lol HOWEVER since patience is a virture I am also working on, I am making sure to enjoy myself through this journey……..I got my nails done (acrylics) got a new hair colour, bought some cute sandals, bought a new shade of eyeliner…(not purchased all at once eh lol)….Its funny how my rewards in the past would always have been something to eat but I am learning now of other ways to reward myself for my successs thus far……

  4. This sentence is great: “It’s definitely a wake-up call that the old sugar addictions still loom under the surface, even close to 6 months into my healthy eating.” WHY? Because it says soooooo much! And people still don’t think sugar and grains are that addicting??? It is such a fight, especially after a party like last Sunday’s and I have those cravings too!

    You are such an encouragement. Keep up the great work, both on your blogs and your journey!

  5. Jamie, I love your sense of humor and never tire of it…LOL Yes, nuts… pose your shells off for Jamie….sashay!!!!. Rupaul (Supermodel)…work turn to the left, work turn to the right…lol. When it all comes down to it dietary self-awareness is what matters and counts and seems like you’ve done an excellent job with that. That’s why I’m hanging out with ya’! : )

  6. The owls are cute, but it sure looks like they’re eyeing those peanuts!

  7. If its alright with you, can we see some progress pics? I always find progress pics to be inspirational and helps me stay on track! No prob if you don’t wanna do that.

  8. h
    What does TOPS stand for?

    • Hi! TOPS is Taking Off Pounds Sensibly, and it’s a not-for-profit weight loss support group that meets weekly for weigh-ins and for support. I love my group. It keeps me so accountable.

  9. We would love to see a picture of YOU. 🙂
    Happy for you!
    Hope you (all of us) find the right food balance so we have no cravings though.

  10. Hi Jamie, you always inspire me to be nicer to myself. I think that is a big part (and probably the best part) of the progress I have made so far. On that note, are you planning to do another weight loss challenge for the stretch into summer? I find that very motivating and hope you are willing to tackle it. Thanks for all you do. 🙂

    • You bet! We can do that! I might need some help getting a new spreadsheet together and organized. We have a lot of challengers, and I’d love to see us keep going. I am so proud of everyone!

      • I’m interested in a challenge. I have none locally, so it might just be what I need to keep going. You are such an inspiration! Thank you.

      • Hi Jamie, I will volunteer to help with the next challenge/spreadsheet into summer……because I must confess I find myself always lurking in there anyways (and always fixing minor stuff when I see the opportunity……the anal me cant resist lol) …and besides it will help keep me accountable to goal… sign me up 😉

  11. Hi Jamie!
    I love your blog!!! I would be very interested in a weight loss challenge. If you decide to do one soon, can you please post about it? Also can people outside of the USA join in? Lastly, I want to congratulate you on your AMAZING weight loss. 80 lbs is so much to lose. I can’t even lift 80 lbs. You are a super hero! Do you have a cape? 🙂

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