Please Support Your Lighter Side. Vote!


Please vote here for Your Lighter Side

I just found out today that we’re in the running for Best Healthy Cooking Blog.

Problem: Voting ends tomorrow (Friday the 8th) at midnight. Can we pull this off?

Is this a Cinderella story?

Please vote and give me the best Birthday present ever!

Vote here and please share with friends. It would mean so much to have your support.

Thank you guys so much!

To VOTE: Be sure you sign up for an account at The Kitchn/Apartment Therapy. Then you can click the “vote” button next to my site. 

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  1. Your blog is amazingly wonderful, I voted!

  2. Christina says:


  3. Jennifer Craddock says:

    Voted. Hope your birthday rocks, Jamie! Thanks for all that you do. 🙂

  4. kathy staton says:


  5. I voted! Good luck and happy birthday. February babies are the BEST! 🙂

  6. Done. Love your blog. Happy birthday!

  7. I just voted .Happy Birthday!!

  8. Done

  9. Heck yeah. Voted!

  10. I added your name to the running! Thought you deserved a chance to be seen by many more! You have such a great blog and recipes that I look at almost every day!

    I hope you get tons of votes!


    • Robin, thank you so much! I was so surprised to happen across it, but then I felt like a big dork because I didn’t even know about it! I would love to see us win. Thank you so much for nominating us.

  11. ABSOLUTELY! You deserve to win!

    • I kinda stumbled across the site while looking at some of your recipes and yearning for new meal ideas. Hope it works out! Interesting site. I could spend whole days just searching your site and that one!

  12. I voted!!!
    Hope you have a Wonderful birthday!!!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jamie! I’m so glad I came across Your web site….it is truly amazing and l Hope your birthday s will be filled with Laughter, surrounded with Family and friends making wonderful memories that will last a life time !!!
    Thank You ….for all you have done and do. … I voted!

  14. di rogers says:

    I voter, your the best Jamie. 🙂

  15. Voted!!!

  16. I am vote number 62!!

  17. Connie Narrell says:

    I voted for you

  18. Love your blog gives me the inspiration I need to work toward a healthy life and weight. Thank you so much.

  19. I voted #71

  20. Rhoda Geminski says:

    done 😉

  21. Vote 75. You deserve it! x

  22. Done 🙂 good luck!

  23. I voted.

  24. Happy Birthday! I voted for your blog….it’s better than finding good bacon on sale! lol!

  25. Wow! This is exciting! You have 90 votes so far! Lots of people out there to vote….GO! GO! GO!

  26. it wont let me sign in when i use plumpz401@yahoo .com and my correct password

    • I appreciate you trying anyway! Technology can be a bummer some days. I didn’t even know I was in the running until yesterday!

    • Zandi, make sure you are creating a NEW account (for the voting site). You can’t use the same account information for this blog to vote on that site. I’m not sure that is what you are trying to do or not, just throwing it out there. I don’t want Jamie to miss out on any votes!!

  27. Lieke van Zwienen says:

    I vote 2 times from Norway 🙂

  28. Hey Jamie,
    Any idea howcome Mary, my wife, got your blog with two “vote here” links (one for Best Healthy Cooking (which I got) and one for Best Recipes)? The blog site I get, the one I am posting this on, has only one link (Best Healthy Cooking, as I said), even if I refresh it multiple times. Just thought you should know ’cause that’s prob’ly why Best Recipes has way fewer votes than Best Healthy Cooking.
    BTW, I DID vote on both sites. Oh and Happy Birthday! Mary’s is in a couple of days, too. Love you February babies! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the heads up–and thank you for your Birthday wishes!

      The only post only has one link because I didn’t know about the second contest at that point. I am so seriously out of the loops… lol

  29. I voted!!!

  30. WOW!! Hey, top 10, excellent!

  31. Lisa Cowins says:

    Another February baby here, newly joined as of a couple of hours ago. I am truly sorry that I missed the voting. Already I have found recipes that will surely change my life!!! I started the Atkins diet in January and am already bored with my food. I am still in the Induction phase, btw. You have shown me a new creative way with the foods that I CAN have and I thank you so very much!!! Have a beautiful, splendid Birthday!!!

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