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It had been years since I had put any thought or care into my skin beyond the typical soap-and-water routine. On the rare occasions I wear makeup (it’s a semi-annual event), I wash my face more than others (dirt is an effective UV-blocker, right?). So obviously, I hadn’t considered and reasonable kind of a skin regime that didn’t include a scrubby pad (remember the 80’s?) and astringent (remember the 80’s?).

Welcome to 2013, Jamie.

For the last three weeks, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of using Seabuck Wonders‘ new Natural Skin Care Program, and I really love their skin care line. My skin is softer, my color blotches has evened (years of tanning in my teens), and I LOVE the lack of parabens.

What is Sea Buckthorn?

Found in Europe and Asia, the spiny herb (Hippophae Rhamnoides) is often used to stabilize sandy locations for building and to prevent erosion. Sea buckthorn is high in Vitamins C, A, B1, B2, and B6 levels, and the small fruit are typically consumed as wines, purees, sauces,  jams, and teas. If  those vitamins are that good inside of you, now imagine it outside of you.

Made from only 100% USDA certified organic Himalayan Sea Buckthorn, SeaBuck Natural Wonders skin products hail from certified organic Sea Buckthorn with the highest omega-7 content, along with omega 3, 6, and 9. Their products are vegan, GMO, certified kosher, and gluten-free, paraben-free and cruelty free.


My Experience

I used Seabuck Wonders for three weeks. I was only going to use it for two, but I kept going because the fuss/muss regimen really has improved my skin (more on that as you keep reading).

Reviewing these products, as pictures, from left to right:

Sea Buckthorn Deep Hydrating Serum
Lightweight and easy to apply, thanks to the handy pump, this topical definitely minimizes the effects of fine lines on my forehead and supports collagen production. I love how moist the product it is for being so light, and it smooths into my skin quickly, helping even my skin tone–without exacerbating acne or oils. In fact, my husband said he’s noticed that the lines that had taken residence on my forehead have lessened and my skin tone has evened out. Two very nice perks. Well played, Seabuck Wonders. Well played.

Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Facial Cleanser
Put away the exfoliating scrubby! This gentle facial cleanser is soft, sudsy and satisfying, rejuvenating skin gently while  moistening it. So much gentler on my skin than soap and a scratchy wash cloth, I love the clean, fresh scent, and how gently this facial wash cleanses, but without leaving my skin red and ruddy. The result? Hydrated skin that’s not oily. And no more facial buffing. I have to love that.

Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion
Nutrient rich and with quick absorption, this lotion replenishes the skin’s natural balance and leaves it silky and soft. So many lotions leave my hands burning (thanks to the super-dry Colorado climate and many a lotion containing harsh, painful alcohols). And because the lotion has no parabens, I’m not worried about the long-term effects of this product’s use. This lotion has a light, pleasing, citrus scent and shea butter to help protect against the pain of cracked hands and elbows. Even my kids use it without giving me the stink eye. That’s a win right there.

Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream
Lightweight and moist, the delicate, barely-there citrus scent of their lotion absorbs quickly for a softer, smoother complexion and a healthy skin moisture balance. Nutrient-rich, this lotion is perfect for all skin types and leaves mine feeling soft, but not oily. I apply a light amount to my fingertips before heading out the door, and it absorbs quickly, feeling soft, but not greasy. I like it so much, sometimes I put it on more than once per day, just to sniff it and play with the cute little pump (I need a hobby).


The prognosis?

I freaky love these products and will continue to use them.

Most products I’ve ever used fell short in their promises to even my skin tone, reduce fine lines, and/or to lessen the signs of UV damage. Many didn’t seem add moisture without making my skin oily or by adding excessive alcohol (which, then, pretty much hurts). Not so with Seabuck.

More specifically, I’m crushing on Seabuck Wonders because:

  • SeaBuck Wonders (as also reviewed above) has improved my facial skin color/blotches after years of dealing with the discoloration.
  • Their products have visibly reduced my fine lines.
  • Their line has a mild, refreshing, fresh citrus scent (essential orange oil is added for scent) and no stinky perfumes.
  • Product application is simple (the pumps put out reasonable amounts and not huge over-squirts of skin product).
  • The products apply easily, and are soft, light, and simple to smooth on.
  • The lotions feel clean and grease-less, while still moisturizing (it’s like wizard ninja magic).
  • Their products contain no parabens or gluten and are cruelty-free.
  • I can even find them locally at Sprouts or other stores across the US.

A few caveats:

  • Adding too much lotion to a wet face leaves temporary lotion trails. If applying to wet skin or in too large a volume, be patient; the color dissipates.
  • Because of the sea buckthorn, the lotion has a slightly yellow cast/tinge, but it’s basically temporary. A slight wipe of a dry tissue can help blot excess color if that is an issue (It’s never been one for me).
  • Cost. The only reason I give these products a 4.5 out of five as a rating (and then, it’s because I felt like I needed to find something I wish was a little better): If you’re not already a buyer of all-natural, cruelty-free products, these items might feel out of your price range. For consumers happily paying for what these products don’t contain (parabens, fragrance, food coloring,  GMOs, gluten), it’s not out of the price range of the other skin care products I’ve seen locally.  As well, because I find these products more potent, they last longer than other, typical products I’d use daily. So in short: Is cost really an issue if you already buy cruelty-free, organic skin care products? No. Is it costly if you smear bacon fat on your forehead and call it a day? Yes.

My final word? Worth it since I want all-natural products that deliver the promised results.  I will (Sea)buck my former lack of skin care and continue to use these products.

Sea Buckthorn Natural Skin Program

Rating:4.5 out of 5
Price: $14.97 + individually, $74 for the entire regimen (per the site. Check prices locally)
Savings: During the month of February, buy any combination of their supplements and save 50%. Code: HEART50.
Usefulness: For an all-natural, cruelty-free skin care regimen that works for all skin types.
Found at: Seabuck Wonders and Stores nationwide
Website: Seabuck Wonders

Disclosure: Seabuck Wonders has provided these products  free of charge for review, but this has not affected my review of the items.

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  1. Sea buckthorn is a an amazing ingredient – nice to see products using this (not widely known about). I use it in my natural skin care recipes

  2. It saddens me a little that your wonderful and informative website is deteriorating to pitching products.

    • Hi there! As I said to Isabel, with over 1100 posts on the site, I grant that a few recently have been reviews, but I have been behind in reviewing and am trying to catch up. I don’t often give reviews, and when I do, they’re typically for companies I really like–hence my positive words. I am not going to review products that aren’t going to appeal to me, let alone you. Today, in fact, I posted a recipe and have more to comr! I hope you enjoy.

  3. Sorry but am I little tired of these rave reviews of products you are given for free. I know you have a disclaimer about this but it just seems ‘too good to be true’ that everything you are asked to try is so wonderful.

    Also I miss your great posts on how your life/diet is going – you seem to be absent lately and I miss you.

    • Hi, Isabel! With over 1100 posts on the site, I grant that a few recently have been reviews, but I have been behind in reviewing and am trying to catch up. I don’t often give reviews, and when I do, they’re typically for companies I really like–hence my positive words. I am not going to review products that aren’t going to appeal to me, let alone you. Today, in fact, I posted a recipe and have more to comr! I hope you enjoy.

  4. As one of the few men that reads this website on a regular basis i too am a bit bummed out by the reviews and glowing reports on everything you try Jamie.

    But….to be fair…its your website and as such you are allowed to do what you wish with it.
    Life changes…priorities change, other things get in the way. It happens to all of us.

    I still love your writing style and have tried most of your recipes too and have very little complaints about any of them.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi, Ken! It probably just looks like a greater majority of the posts are reviews because I’ve lumped them all together recently. My priorities have never changed, but some of these companies have been waiting for awhile to hear from me, too. I am almost through them!

  5. I love your reviews as well as all of your recipes. Keep em coming!

  6. I personally am thrilled that you posted this. I’ve been wondering about Sea Buckthorn and it’s nice to see a personal view. There is nothing, REPEAT, nothing, wrong with reviews on things other than food. It’s low carb, and it’s life. It’s you – everything you do doesn’t involve cooking and eating. Keep it up – some of us appreciate it!

  7. Amazed by people complaining about these reviews. You have very few on this site and the few that you have are very helpful and well written.

    Products reviews written by people who have used them are not only helpful and educational they also make people aware of products they may never have come across.

    I suppose you can’t please everybody.

    But keep’em coming I say.

  8. Seabuckthorn is a an amazing ingredient – nice to see that beauty products using this (not widely known about). I didn’t know that there are many companies using which are using seabuckthorn oil .Till now I was using Seabuckessence products for my skin care.They are also made up of seabuckhtorn oil.Surely, now I’ll use this products.

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