Review: Turbana Plantain Chips


First, fact: Turbana Plantain Chips are like crack on crack with a side of delicious, want-to-roll-around-naked-in-it crack.

I already see myself on street corners looking to score a few bags of these–and you almost have to for now, since they’re not available in stores quite yet (scroll down for ordering information).

Now to the obvious question: Plantains. Aren’t those like lame, weird bananas?

If you’ve never heard of plantains or crossed to the other side of the street when a friend offered to show you theirs, take heart. These little banana-looking slices are actually nothing like the yellow fruit you’re accustomed to.

More reminiscent of swank deli shop chips in terms of quality, flavor and heft, you’re going to become addicted to these crunchy little mouthfuls of all-natural, hand-peeled, washed and minimally processed chips.

While each serving is carbier than a lot of people may want from a side (20 net carbs for an ounce), the  flavor is so robust that a little will truly go a long way.

Lime ♥♥♥♥

The nice, mellow flavor of luscious lime is just enough to cover the earthy plantain flavor and kick it up in its flavor profile. I love how simple ingredients are. All they use are plantains, vegetable oil, salt and lime flavor. Mild but fun, I’d pair these all day long with a sandwich (gluten-free, of course) and some iced tea. Only 130 calories and 20 total carbs (18 after deducting 2 grams of fiber), for a generous, 1 ounce serving size.

Chili ♥♥♥♥♥

POW! The spice in this chip is enough to make my nose run and my eyes water. Not attractive, but you’re going to be hooked. More than a mere a hint of chili from these this, crunchy snacks–you’re getting a full-on sweat-excreting moment I love from a truly spicy chip. With only fresh plantains, vegetable oil, salt, and chili flavor, each one ounce serving is more than enough. A serving will also only set you back 130 calories and 20 total carbohydrates (18 net after subtracting the 2 grams of fiber).


Garlic ♥♥♥♥

Kettle cooked chip flavor, robust and fragrant, garlicky goodness is infused into this amazing little plantain chip. The ingredients? Only fresh plantain, vegetable oil, salt and garlic flavor. You won’t even believe you’re getting only 140 calories and 20 total carbohydrates (18 net after subtracting the 2 grams of fiber) from each ample, one-ounce serving. This is one crunch you’re going to want with your lunch.

Lightly Salted ♥♥♥♥♥

These taste just like gourmet deli shop potato chips, but minus the fat, carbohydrates, and nightshade intolerance many tend to suffer as a result of eating potatoes. I just love what a simple, delicious bag of plantain snacks this is. Because this delicious, crispy snack contains only plantains, vegetable oil, and salt, you can rest assured that it’s good, simple, no-frills stuff. For an ounce you’re also getting only 130 calories and 20 total carbohydrates (18 net after deducting 2 grams of fiber).

Sweet ♥♥♥♥♥

With a taste remniscent of a less-sweet banana, the fresh, ripe plantains, vegetable oil and sugar make a great treat for kids for only 65 calories and 10 total carbs (9 net after subtracting a gram of fiber). I would love to see a sweet alternative used here, like chicory root or monkfruit, but I have to love these guys for keeping it simple. It’s barely-there sweet, and that’s really hat you want when you’re nt only minding your blood sugar and hunger, but you want that plantain flavor to really shine through.

My final word? Thoroughly addicting, pleasing, and healthy, the only thing that could hurt is overdoing a good thing.  It’s nice to see a company work so hard to meet the needs of so many who have to avoid glutens, animal products, and GMO foods.


Turbana Plantain Chips

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
The good: They are freaky delicious
The bad: They are freaky delicious
Price: $1.59 for each 3-serving (3 ounce) bag
Current Special: Buy in bulk and save!
Found at:  Online in their store. These SO need to go nationwide
WebsiteTurbana Plantain Chips

Disclosure: Turbana has provided these products  free of charge for review, but this has not affected my review of the items.

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  1. They sound great, except I’m wondering about the “vegetable oil” ingredient? I try to avoid canola, soy, etc. oils…so I’m guessing that that is what they were probably cooked in. Was hoping for coconut, olive, or palm oil.

    • Morning Meg! We cook our plantain chips in palm vegetable oil and aside from plantains being good for you, our chips contain no trans fats, cholesterol GMOs or gluten, are rich in fiber and have 30% less fat than traditional potato chips. Now that’s a snack you can really feel good about eating!

      • I know I felt REALLY good about eating them. I want them in my stores now! I am so addicted to the chili…

      • Yay! That’s great news 🙂 I’ll definitely be ordering some now. Thank you so much for posting this, Melissa.

        • FWIW, you might want to consider adding this info (palm oil) to your label. The word “vegetable oil” often scares off people doing paleo-type eating, as we assume it’s soybean, canola, etc. Thanks again!!

  2. As I’m now re-doing Atkins Induction, I for-sure don’t need to come across any of these!

  3. And you can find them at the checkout line at TJ Maxx for about $2

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