What’s inside the Atkins Quick-Start Kit (154)


I finally broke down and requested an Atkins Quick-Start Kit because I’ve been hearing good things about them. What can I say? I’m a curious cat.

What’s inside:

  • A Quick-Start Guide with sample menus, success stories, some recipes, news about the free Atkins app, a $3 rebate form for The New Atkins for a New You Workbook , and two coupons for a dollar off of any Atkins Bar 5-Pack and any Atkins Shake 4-Pack.
  • A handy little 64-page Carb Counter that shares acceptable food lists, along with a few chain restaurant selections.
  • A coupon good for a FREE Atkins Frozen Entree (I reviewed three here)
  • An Atkins Advantage Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar (This one was my least fave, but at 240 calories and 2 net carbs, it’s an option in an emergency)
  • An Atkins Snack/Light Meal Caramel Chocolate Peanut Nougat Bar (This one was really nice, and is only 180 calories and 3 net carbs)
  • An Atkins Endulge Treat Caramel Nut Chewy Bar (Two of us fought over who got to eat the last third of this one. I lost. Only 130 calories and 2 net carbs)

All in all, it’s a great kit. With a lot of information and $6 in special offer coupons, if you’re just starting Atkins and need information to get you started quickly (and you don’t have access to any of the older Atkins’ books), this guide will get you started in a jiff.

A tip? Don’t eat all of the bars in a sitting.

 Get your free Atkins Quick-Start Kit here.

Now on to how I’ve been doing with my weight loss and continued sussing out of foods to which I’m intolerant or allergic to… Be sure to do your thing. I am thrilled share my progress and thoughts, but I’m not the person you should necessarily look to for dieting advice (I’m not a paid nosh-a-titian). Be sure to subscribe for updates by adding your email right (in the sidebar) or through Feedburner in the title bar up top. You can also click the tab up top that says Mid-Year Resolution for regular updates.

Friday, February 1

I ate this:
Breakfast: Plantain chips (review coming next week) + soup (recipe coming soon)
Snack: More Plantain chips (I am getting these out of the house. They’re too addicting!)
Lunch: More soup (I think I see a pattern forming)
Dinner: Taco Star chipless nachos

Notes: I am so losing track of the days. I keep numbering at the top and the number was off (again) since I began my low-carbohydrate journey to imperfection again on August 31 of 2012. My count has me starting at the end of August and puts me now at Day 154, and somehow I’d skipped to the 160’s!

What I learned:

Pre-proportioning snacks makes a difference. And when it doubt, get it out (of the house).

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  1. GREAT advice…. don’t eat all the bars at once!
    Live and learn…. 😉
    I sent off for one when I first started LC….. lol

  2. I love the little carb counter book. It stays in my purse. I’m not a fan of the peanut bar either, but there is always one of them in my purse too. My new fav bar is the Strawberry Almond Bar, followed by a close second by the Peanut Butter Granola. The light meal Dark Choclate Almond Coconut Crunch Bar is FANTASTIC and the Atkins version of a Mounds bar is really good for a treat. Down 9lbs in 3 weeks.

  3. I received mine a couple of weeks ago. I used my coupons last week!

  4. Debra Arck-Caunt says

    I so wish this were available here in the UK — not yet, sadly. SIGH
    The bars are, of course, and some other items,. but not those yummy-sounding ready meals.

  5. I thought the peanut butter bar was nasty (just being honest). That being said, the tiny little caramel nut bar was delicious and reminded me of a Snickers!

  6. WARNING!!! I have spent a lot of time learning about low carb eating as a way of life. I started out with Atkins and have evolved over time, with much trial and error. The Atkins products were one of my pitfalls, so I want to share some information about them that could help you avoid a stall or even worse, a resurgence of your former carb cravings (not to mention a significant bite out of your wallet). Be very careful to read the ingredient list of each ‘carb friendly’ treat you decide to try out. In some cases, despite the net carb number, the product still contains ingredients like wheat flour that can stall your weight loss or trigger your cravings. The Atkins website is a good resource to carefully examine each of the products you’d like to try out.

    Atkins was a stepping stone for me to a healthy lifestyle, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for the late Doctor. However, I think that the products being put out nowadays are not quite what they were originally intended to be, and we low carbers should be wary.

    Read this article for an example: http://www.dietdoctor.com/atkins-greed-and-the-fairy-tale-cookies

    Check out the product ingredients to be sure of what you’re eating: http://cauk.atkins.com/products/

    • I agree with Sarah to be very cautious when looking for any brand of low carb bar, I am yet to find any that don’t contain sugar alcohols in them, which can play havoc with gas as well as ketosis. I would rather have a small bag of macadamias or a tin of tuna in my bag than a fake food bar. Sometimes I think Dr Atkins would be appalled at the fake food sold under the label of low carb/healthy.

  7. I enjoyed the atkins kit…though the peanut butter bar made me gag lol. Hubby used the coupon for the frozen meal and asked me to just keep packing his lunches. The meals run about $3.98 here in Northern Ca…and I just pack left over dinner for his lunch…he said they would not be worth paying for unless he was desperate.

  8. mmm plantain chips. Those are a staple in PR. I have a couple on occasion 🙂

  9. I just tired to order it, and when I clicked enter, it said I was already a member (which I am), and threw me out.
    Can you order this kit if you are already a member??? I am pretty sure Kent A already was, and he got the kit! But then, he’s special. Are you too Jamie? Or how do I get one?

  10. The kit is good…following the program produces great results!

  11. Just thought I would have you check this out http://www.gloriakapeller.myvi.net this shake tastes like cake !!!

  12. Sarah, I agree. When I did Atkins in 2001, I did it according to plan with no frankenfoods. I’m finding the same with gluten free – the gluten-free frankenfoods affect me just as much as the real stuff.

  13. I definitely just ordered one! I don’t usually stick strictly to an Atkins WOE (don’t even own a book) but their insight and products are really helpful for keeping me on track!

  14. I have tried Adkins bars and meals also. I can’t believe some of the ingredients,potato starch,tapioca starch,dextrose. All stuff we are to avoid !! I find my weight stalls also if I eat these too often

  15. I called 1-888-715-atkins two dozens times for the quick start kit and it was busy every time, so I tried to sign up on-line with no luck. The site said to agree to the terms,but I couldn’t find an “agree button”. HOW CAN I GET A QUICK START KIT?????????

  16. Why would anyone pay good money when the same information is in the computer, or you can get it free from the diabetic centers, just call. I thought maybe Atkins themselves would start working with us, and make frozen meals that were low or had no carbs. Snacks, you can eat anything for a snack, just have to watch the size, check the carb count, cut it in two or three, bingo you have what you wanted. Had this problem with my husband he loves chocolate covered donuts, but has sugar and carbs. So I showed him to look at the box, see what is in them. Figure out what you can eat, does not mean you can not have any (6 or 8) just maybe 2 or 3, just count. It is work, but it depends on the person. And don’t think companies are going to make it easier for you, they want your money, that is all.

    • Debra Arck-Caunt says

      Personally, I can’t do “just” a part of something; sugar is as addictive – for me — as heroin or coke is for others. Same with bread/flour, and other high carb stuff. My “drug” of choice, these high carb foods. So I stay away, total abstinence. I would never expect an alcoholic to have just a sip of something or a very small amount. And so don’t do just a little of my “stuff” either.
      Just sayin’…


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    Atkins Advantage Bar Strawberry Almond

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