A brand new lease on Spring


The pergola I helped design (my husband built it), along with some amazing Don Juan Climbing Roses I chose for this location (Dallas, Texas).

With winter becoming a slow, distant, shivery memory, I’m ready to tackle some of my old obsessions and hobbies that have been (sadly) neglected for a while, like gardening and design (above).

What hobbies will I re- indulge in this Spring?

Decorating: Making things work together in a space based on the needs of the user of the room is a challenging, fun puzzle. For just a few dollars and some creativity, I recently changed a stark, cold, basement bathroom into a space that’s vibrant, green and so much fun, even the teen boys claimed that taking a shower was more exciting.

This Spring, I’ll 
 change out the front door, and I’ll make it snazzy. I might even spring for shutters.

Flowers: My perfectionist tendencies make me so afraid to try new things for fear they won’t turn out (or live, like the stevia plant or the Venus flytrap). Living in Colorado makes this a real challenge (I’m used to Zone 8-9 gardening), so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can make flourish in this yard.

This Spring, I’ll put in some of the hardscaping I’ve considered to add curb appeal to the front yard. From there, I’m still on my search for amazing, blooming azalea-type plants that flourish in Colorado’s short summers (Zone 5).

Sewing: What I love about sewing is that it brings me closer to my mom and my Dad’s mom (both loved to sew). I had many amazing memories sewing at my grandmother’s home, making stuffed animals, and I remember how proud I was when I made my first sewing project for my mom. Now, I love to sew curtains, bedding sets–I’ve even upholstered furniture. I love what fabric can do to transform a room.

This Spring, I’ll sew something fantastic for the kitchen window. It’s been without a window topper for years.

Architecture/Design: I would love to design houses and landscapes, since those are what surround people in their private, happy, safe spaces. I even design furniture  my husband builds, including bookcases, an armoire, and my last bed. My favorite styles? A bit of everything, though my heart is in the Greek revival, Hepplewhite and Chippendale (the stylings, not the dancers).  I also love Craftsman/Arts and Crafts.

This Spring, I’ll design a shed for the backyard. We so need the storage, and I’m picky. I know what I want built, and it’ll be lovely and under budget.

Volunteering: I love making a difference in my community! Even a crummy day  melts away when I can put myself in a place to make others happy. I have always been a team player who’s ready to tackle the world, to undo injustices, and to make the world a sillier, happier space, so when I’m taking action, it’s a real pleasure.

This Spring, I’ll: make even more of an effort to be present in my community. Even small acts, like saying hello to someone you see on the street, is a small step.

 Now that we’re out of those winter blues and into Spring, what are some ways you’re reinvigorating yourself? Share below!


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  1. We bought our first house in November and I have been waiting for spring ever since. We have our own yard! I will finally have a “real” garden and not a container garden. So, we will be doing that. We have the peat pots under grow lights on a shelf in the garage right now. We will also be planting grass and grilling out!

  2. This spring I’m planting bulbs everywhere and removing the old overgrown roses. I’m sewing retro aprons for our towns annual strawberry breakfast. I’things.m downsizing lots of “stuff” sending it to the church, friends and the shabby stuff to trash. My husband and I will be painting and repairing the house.

  3. With your recipes, I plan to lose 10 more pounds by summer. I am going to celebrate by gathering up all my “big” winter clothes and donating them. I feel like that shows intention — to never be that size again. Menopause packed on the pounds and low carb is helping me shed them. Thanks so very much for your blog. I believe I found you on lowcarbfriends through mention of your oopsie rolls.

  4. Regarding the Aveeno ad under your entry today, many Aveeno products contain gluten in the form of ‘hydrolyzed wheat protein’, which I only discovered after I got sick. Just something to look out for.

  5. This spring I plan on planting my own fruit and vegetables. I’ve been meaning to do it for the last few years but somehow other things have got in the way.

  6. Jamie,
    Love your site, your recipes and the pergola. What did you use for the roof/cover for the pergola?

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