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A fun, kicky guide to the supermarket romp, Rich Food, Poor Food helps readers navigate the sometimes overwhelming aisles of the supermarket.

We all know how cray cray shopping can be. The cleaning aisles alone vie for attention with their myriad labels, colors, and promises for pine-scented lifestyles.

Now consider food shopping, and suddenly you’re talking over 40,000 products, all of which want into your cart, your lives and your wallet. Which do you pick, and which do you leave on the shelves?

Perfect especially for newer shoppers (or for the shoppers who thought they already knew everything), colorful, peppy prompts, information, graphics galore, and bite sized bits and pieces of information make their way into your hands (and your heart) for easier shopping choices.

Don’t know which products to try and which to avoid? The Calton’s have got you covered with what they refer to as the GPS (“grocery purchasing system”).

Help for harried home shoppers, the book is tabbed by sections for quick reference: Dairy (yellow), Meat (orange), Fish and Seafood (red), Produce (green), Grains (purple), Baking (red), Snacks (orange), and Beverages (green). The mentions of brand name products in the guide give shoppers a starting direction to go for research and shopping empowerment. Some cool, basic, recipes are also included for things like  almond milk and sprouted nuts.

There’s even a guide at the beginning of the book to help readers navigate the colorful pages, and helpful appendices at the end of the book allow for quick reference/review.

The one, minor issue I have with the book is its tendency to feel a little disjointed and a little too distracting. While I love the eye candy and sheer energy (hey–that almost sounds like a pantyhose ad), think of a kicky, colorful magazine article from the hip Bloomberg Business Report that goes on for over 300 pages: it’s fabulous fun in quick doses,  but not conducive  to a lengthy read. Thankfully, Mira Calton informed me the book is a reference guide and not meant to be read cover to cover in a sitting.

That said, I’d love to see more books employ some color, fun, and knowledge along with their topics. Life isn’t just black and white, after all…

Rich Food, Poor Food
Number of pages: 324 pages
Size: 9 x 6.5 x .08 inches (paperback)
Available in Paperback and Kindle
Publisher:Primal Nutrition, Inc (February 16, 2013)

To order: visit

Disclaimer: This product was sent for review free of charge by the authors of the book, but this in no way affected my review.

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