Roasted kale chips, four ways


How do I love thee? Let me count thy kale…

Browning poems aside, the curly, purple-hued kale of my dreams makes its début from the winter market into my kitchen for a snack that’s a bit hard to put down, in more ways than one.

I mean, do you have to put it down? Well, the answer is no… not unless you feel you can overdo a good thing. It’s hard to not want to embrace, as an example, the benefits of kale, and embrace them tight. Like George Clooney if he was for sale in the produce section and glimmered with the moisture of a King Soopers’ fake rainstorm, as the mist slowly cascades down from the heavens. What? Too much?


Check out these crispy kale chips. Taaa daaaa! Now note the nutritional shakedown for one cup of chopped kale (in terms of daily recommended allowances):

Vitamin A: 206%
Vitamin C: 124%
Calcium 9%
Calcium 6%
Potassium: 299 mg

So much to offer per cup, so why worry? Four carbs per cup isn’t carby, but when you could easily eat 2-3 cups of roasted kale in a sitting, it really adds up. The cautionary tale? Share, buy less, or just prepare a serving at a time when prudent–unless you’re not likely to fall prey to the siren song of crispy, delicious kale.



What’s the flavor like? If you’re a fan of Brussels Sprouts, like I am, you will be happy. Kale takes on an earthy, slightly burned campfire marshmallows taste when roasted (I told you I was a supertaster). Here, in this image (above) I roasted purple kale with Parmesan cheese.

Kale, when raw (left), looks slightly different from the roasted kale on the right. This is another reason you measure kale when raw and not cooked. Notice that lovely, purple stalk throughout the winter lettuce. It’s like Prince and Donny Osmond approved, all in one delicately crisp little chip.



Kale, coupled with ingredients you probably already have on hand, is the basis for many, different snacking opportunities. I go with ingredients like shredded and grated Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, nutritional flakes, and garlic powder. One I didn’t try?

Another chip idea: Popcorn seasoning. Ranch, nacho cheese, or white cheddar, you can add any popcorn seasoning after baking to pop the flavors. Just be light with the sprinkles; since the kale chips are lightly oiled, a little seasoning goes a very long way.

How I like to measure kale: Loosely packed and torn from the stalks. Measure in a wider measuring cup (think glass) and not in a narrower, dry measuring cup when you’re figuring out how much kale is in a serving. You don’t want to smash the kale.



Madame. Wouldst thou likest some kale? My son posed for me for a few silly photographs. We have a lot of fun playing with our food in this house. Now it’s your turn.


Kale Chips, Four Ways

Zippy: 2 tsp Balsamic vinegar + 1 Tbsp olive oil + 1/2 tsp sea salt + 1 cup kale
Per cup: 94 Cals.; 4.5 g Carbs.; .5 g Fiber; 4 g Net Carbs. ; 1 g Protein; 7 g Fat

Umami: 1 Tbsp nutritional Yeast flakes + 1/2 tsp sea salt + 1 Tbsp olive oil + 1 cup kale
Per cup: 96 Cals.; 5 g Carbs.; .5 gFiber; 3.5  g Net Carbs. ; 1 g Protein; 7 g Fat

Tuscan: 2 Tbsp Grated Parmesan + 1/2 tsp garlic powder + 1 Tbsp olive oil +  1 cup kale
Per cup: 115 Cals.; 4.5 g Carbs.; .5 g Fiber; 4 g Net Carbs. ; 3 g Protein; 8.5 g Fat

Basic: 1/2 tsp Sea salt + 1/2 tsp pepper + 1 Tbsp olive oil +  1 cup kale
Per cup: 89 Cals.; 3.5 g Carbs.; .5 g Fiber; 3 g Net Carbs. ; 1 g Protein; 7 g Fat

Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and preheat the ungreased roasting pan with it. Wash kale and gently pat dry with paper towels to remove the grit. Rip irregular-sized kale from the stems. In a separate mixing bowl, lightly toss kale + oil + additions. Bake for 10-15 minutes, checking at 10 minutes, and then every 2-3 minutes, until kale is crispy. I don’t flip the kale. It seems to cook fine as it is.

Share. Maybe.




So, what do you say? How can thee love kale? Give a shot to this winter vegetable, and you, too, will be counting the ways.

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  1. Thanks!

  2. This is so timely, I have a HUGE bag of kale sitting in my fridge…*off to turn on the oven*

  3. just getting ready to look up a recipe for roasted kale when i deceided to check my mail and their it was first thing on the list——–thanks for knowing what i needed

  4. I absolutely love the photo of your son and the fact that he would dress up and pose for you! How fun! I’m surprised that kale has so many carbs and so little fiber – glad you told me – I’m one who would have eaten more than a cup.

    • I totally ate more than a cup. I have no guilt about it, but I want to make sure others don’t suffer the consequences! I am so glad you enjoyed seeing pictures of my kiddo. He is such a good sport. I have some other pictures of him holding other greens. It was hilarious…

  5. Nanabella says

    I season mine with garlic & onion powders, salt and cayenne. Super!

  6. Hmmm, never even tried Kale. I think I may have to try this.

  7. The ZIPPY sounds good! 🙂

  8. how do you store them if not eaten right away ??/ i put some in a plastic bag and they got soggy but they are awesome when out of the oven and my daughter would like some to take for lunch or just have around when the munchies start

  9. My 7-year-old loves the Tuscan one!

  10. Hi, I was getting ready to make this recipe and stuck the ingredients in my fitness pal to log my calories and noticed your calorie counts were off. 1 tbsp of olive oil is 120 calories so I was confused how you got your numbers. Is it supposed to be tsp?

    • Wondering about the calorie question and the olive oil? No response to this one??

    • I just made them and noticed how much oil was left in the bowl after I had put them all out on the tray. You don’t end up with the entire 1 tbsp on the chips so can’t be the total calories quoted on the different sites.

  11. Susan Mathewson says

    I just made kale chips. My oven was at 375% on convection. I checked at five minutes to make sure none was sticking or overlapping. It took about ten -twelve minutes to get crispy. My kale chips ten to stay crispy for days (if they last that long) in a covered pyrex bowl. Yum!


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