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Chocolate for health

The Good News About Chocolate I was the best day ever for chocolate lovers everywhere when we found out that chocolate has health benefits. Whether it's in the form of chocolate coating a cookie, in coffee, or even in this decadent, low-carb … [Read more...]

Crazy Pizza Pull Aparts

Good gracious. If there's something that's just so visceral and terrific, it's really becoming one with your food. … [Read more...]

5 Ideas to take the rush out of your morning

It's such a rush! It is always hard to get up and get ready and out the door in time to start your day. There are so many things that need to be done, whether you work from home or from the office. Here are a few ideas that can take you from … [Read more...]

Hot Tuscan Chicken Salad is Bliss

It is always pretty freaky cool to see that a terrific website sees something in us. Right now we're featured twice on Bliss--once on their main food page and once in healthy recipes. Click here to check us out!  The recipe is for the … [Read more...]

Low-Carb Pumpkin Praline Bites

A fun way to use pumpkin in the off-season, these easy peasy pumpkin bites can be frozen for those days you really need a small bite packed with vitamins and deliciousness. … [Read more...]

The benefits of pumpkin in low-carb

A pumpkin is a type of squash whose fruit arrives in the fall as opposed to the summer like zucchini. That’s why pumpkins are associated with fall holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. Interestingly, the ghoulishly grinning jack-o-lantern wasn’t … [Read more...]

Ooh La La Lavender Laundry Soap

I am going to make an admission: I have never made my own laundry soap. Like ever. Like never ever. … [Read more...]

Eggs are amazing. Here’s why

Humans have been eating eggs ever since they discovered that eggs were good and good for them. Then, maybe about 4,000 years ago, human beings began to domesticate wildfowl and eliminated the need to go out into the jungle and steal eggs from … [Read more...]

Zucchini Broccoli Cauliflower Cheesy Bake

When life hands you lemons, you make a delicious, low-carb drink to go with this fun, simple vegetable casserole. I didn't have anything in mind when I made this dish, save for to use up the vegetables in my fridge after other cooking experiments. … [Read more...]

Vitamin C and health

Yes, we all know that Vitamin C is good for us. Even the junkiest junk food will sell when the advertiser claims that it has a molecule of Vitamin C in it. But why is Vitamin C so good for us? … [Read more...]

Low-Carb Raspberry Chocolate Macaroons

Okay, so seriously? Yummo. I found these amazing little macaroons in a recent issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine, and knew I wanted to give them a try. As an aside, I think MSL has been such a fun magazine! Over the last year I've seen some … [Read more...]

Five Spring-into-Beauty Tips

From cheerful water bottles to lavender lotion, spring offers plenty of ways to pamper yourself. Here are five simple ways to make this your best spring ever: … [Read more...]

Crock Pot Sausage Bacon Mushroom Chowder

I am so excited about this recipe for several reasons: … [Read more...]

Vitamin D

About Vitamin D Some people wonder if Vitamin D is a vitamin at all. That's because it’s a vitamin that the body manufactures naturally. Some people believe it’s simply another hormone or even a derivative of cholesterol. But for our purposes, … [Read more...]

Slow cooker sweet and sour pork ribs

A sweet and sour sauce without grape jelly? What? That's right, my friends. And now that the days are growing warmer, you have more opportunities to turn off the stove and keep your kitchen cooler and tastier with your crockpot. … [Read more...]