5 Ideas to take the rush out of your morning


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It’s such a rush! It is always hard to get up and get ready and out the door in time to start your day.

There are so many things that need to be done, whether you work from home or from the office. Here are a few ideas that can take you from running out without your hair done to sipping your coffee before you head out.

Less is (really) More
Less makeup can equal more! Applying a quick powder/concealer combo evens your skin tone. Next apply a highlighting color to the top of your eye from crease to brow and your under eye, blend well. Place a line of dark eyeshadow on your top eyelid with a thin brush. Put lash lengthening mascara on top and bottom lashes. Choose a lip gloss that you can just slap on, and buy two so that you can pack one in your purse. Five minutes and you’re done!

Shower Power
Taking your shower at night will give you the time you need to shave luxuriously, and pamper yourself. In the morning just run a brush through your hair and off you go. If you wake up with greasy hair, use a dry shampoo. If you hair gets unruly at night, place it in a braid and fluff in the morning. It is time saving to work with what you already have, so no curling or straightening.

Wash and Wear
Design outfits as they come out of the dryer. Hang the clothes that you love to wear together in your closet on the same hanger. It’s grab and go perfection!

Drink it Up
Empty an instant breakfast into your coffee. You will feel full, and you will have the daily vitamins you need. If you need something to munch on eat an apple, or a handful of almonds. For those of you that don’t drink coffee, you can mix the breakfast with of heavy white cream, coconut milk, almond milk, or nonfat milk.

Sprint Savvy Bling
Here is a quick and easy accessory station that saves time and makes you a fashion diva! Place jewelry in a visible spot next to your bathroom mirror. Have 4-5 colors of your favorite nail polish sitting on the counter with your sponge/remover next to them. Make a game of how quickly you can choose your accessories and paint your nails. While your nails dry you can brush your teeth. Using one coat per day (or every other day) they will dry in no time. Fashion like you’ve never seen it before!

How do you get ready to bring the magic in the morning? Share in comments below!

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  1. Janie Bryan says

    Have you ever tried or heard of any comments on the Diettogo meals? I am by myself and these Low-carb meals would be good for me.

  2. If I know I have to get up and go the next morning, I sleep with my hair in a bun. That way when I un-twist it, it looks like I tried really hard! I also have breakfast (and lunch) made the day before – hard-boiled eggs and pre-cooked bacon are EASY to eat in the car (carefully at red lights). Just know what I’m going to wear for clothes and off I go! It’s 20 minutes and I can be out the door (I don’t bother with make-up…..just let my natural pretty shine through!)

  3. What kind of instant breakfast do you put in your coffee?

  4. I’m with you with the shower power tip, definitely helps save me so much time in the morning 🙂

  5. I have been following this routine…. And yes it did wonders for me!!!

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