Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer
In his riveting book Cereal Killer, Alan L. Watson, Author of 21 Days to a Healthy Heart, shares the unintended consequences of the low fat diet  in small, easy-to-digest textual bites.

A quick, easy to follow read, don’t let this shortish tome fool you–it may be brief, but it’s no light-weight.

An inspired treatise of what low-calorie diets are doing to consumers, short, easy to follow sections, graphic information,and bite sized bits and pieces of information make their way into your hands (and your heart) for wiser eating choices.

Don’t know much about lipids? Leave it to Watson to shape up your saturated fats IQ. He even shares information on healthy fats, omega-3’s, and heart health.

Help for those worn down by low-fat diets, the book is set into short chapters and covers everything from the food pyramid, to Atkins (the diet) after the Dr. passed away due to a fatal fall on the ice. He discusses everything from Poptarts as an American Heart Association approved product to Praising the Lard in Part 2, and leaves readers with a powerful message: What are we being fed?

If the Center for Disease Control prediction is accurate, 45 to 50 million U.S. residents could have diabetes by 2050.

–Dr. Kevin McKinney, University of Texas

Thankfully, in the whirlwind of vital information, he offers support in the form of an ample appendix, numerous reading opportunities, and plenty of positivity for a more delicious, healthier tomorrow.

There’s even plentiful book recommendations within the book for further reading, along with a mini-review of each, to educate readers even more.

The one, minor issue I have with the book is that it’s so easy to read, it seemed to end almost too soon–but what better way to get you out there making positive change than to rouse your enthusiasm towards action. Watson shares so much information so well that the book’s beauty lies in its ability to hook you and keep you interested throughout its entire, thoughtful discourse.

Cereal Killer: It’s a smart read that doesn’t act haughty. Just… smart.

Cereal Killer
Number of pages: 139 pages
Size: 8.9 x 5.8 x 0.2 inches (paperback)
Available in Paperback and Kindle
Publisher: Diet Heart Publishing
To order: visit amazon.com
Disclaimer: This product was sent for review free of charge by the author of the book, but this in no way affected my review.

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  1. Thanks for your review! I just downloaded it on my kindle. (It’s free to borrow if you’re a Prime amazon member.)

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