Hot Tuscan Chicken Salad is Bliss

blisslikes us

It is always pretty freaky cool to see that a terrific website sees something in us.

Right now we’re featured twice on Bliss–once on their main food page and once in healthy recipes.

Click here to check us out! 

The recipe is for the amazing Hot Tuscan Chicken Salad, a favorite among readers (an my family). Click through the link or the image to give it a try for yourself, and let me know what you think. Also be sure to check out some of the other terrific recipes there while you’re visiting.

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  1. robinmermaid says

    Good for you! Well deserved! The Hot Tuscan Chicken Salad is now a fav in our home! I just made it a few days ago and….YUM!

    • Your Lighter Side says

      I am so glad to hear you like it! And thank you so much. There aren’t very many ways I like chicken, but this is absolutely one of the ones I like to make.

    • So do the two cheeses go in the dish or on top? By chance could you tell me that?

      • Your Lighter Side says

        Hi there! I would add most of the cheese to the mixture in the dish, and then save the tiniest bit for the top.

  2. I use Pinterest as a recipe box. How come you don’t allow pinning?

    • Your Lighter Side says

      Hi, Beverlee! I do allow pinning to Pinterest. I am not, however, a fan of Ziplist. It’s not good for site owners to hand another company their SEO while that company makes money from pageviews that legitimately should go to you for your efforts. It’s just more or less a glorified feed list of sites that doesn’t benefit individual site owners and in some cases shares all of your content sans permission. It’s not cool.

  3. Dean Barnwell says

    How can pasta be low carb?

    • Your Lighter Side says

      Hi, Dean! You can go one of two ways:

      1. You could use a non-pasta sub, like diced zucchini.
      2. Dreamfields (if you’re not gluten intolerant) Pasta is a low-glycemic pasta, so long as the noodles are cooked to precise instructions (or even slightly more al dente) and not stored with sauces, acids or are reheated with them. The matrix is pretty touchy. About half of the people eating Dreamfields absorb the promised 5 net carbs… the other half who tend towards gluten intolerance, absorb the full amount. How to tell? Read your blood sugar and give it a shot. If you feel full, you’e golden; if you feel like you’re starving afterwards, you should avoid it. It’s one of those YMMV products. I feed it to my kids (it doesn’t make them hungry), but as I’m gluten intolerant and it makes me hungry, I stay away.

      • Dean Barnwell says

        ok I understand. I’m diabetic and insulin dependent and ever since I went low carb I’ve not eaten any breads or starchy veggies. It’s really helped my blood sugars.

        • Your Lighter Side says

          I suspect I’m pre-diabetic since certain foods really affect my hunger. I know when I personally keep my sugars/starches low and my fats slightly higher, I feel so much better all the time.

  4. We tried this recipe last night – we found that putting in a cup of mayonnaise was way too much – it was drowning in mayo. We would definitely make it again but would probably only use 1/4 or mayo.

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