Low-Carb Nutella


Here’s a quick recipe I just tried recently and wanted to share with you!

I am still experimenting with it, so be sure to let me know what you think. I love when we experiment together (not in a naughty way). This spread uses my chocolate glaze recipe, along with hazelnut flour for a yummy spread.

As an aside, the bread isn’t gluten-free, but it is lower-carb. It’s Sara Lee’s Bread, reviewed here.


Low-Carb Nutella

1/3 cup hazelnut flour
1/3 cup of my warm chocolate glaze
1 Tbsp room temperature butter
2 Tbsp warmed coconut milk


Process the flour slightly. Add chocolate glaze, butter and coconut milk. Process. If the grains of the flour don’t dissipate, allow to rest and process again. Refrigerate.

Makes roughly 4, 2 Tbsp servings.

Per 2 Tbsp: 135 Cals.; 5 g Carbs.; 1 g Fiber; 4 g Net Carbs. ; 2 g Protein; 14 g Fat 

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  1. Oh my, this sounds delicious. I’m definitely trying this because I’m ADDICTED to Nutella. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

  2. Jean B. says

    Obviously, having just received this recipe (great idea, BTW), I haven’t yet tried it. But I wonder whether baking or otherwise browning the hazelnut flour would give this more of the yummy roasted hazelnut flavor.

    BTW, many years ago, there was a sugar-free Nutella. I forget what was used as a sweetener. I still look in the Nutella areas of stores, hoping I will see such a thing again.

  3. Morachan says

    So I found a recipe last night for low carb bread. It’s even lower carb than this and you bake it at home! Its from this website: http://www.fathead-movie.com/index.php/2012/10/15/too-good-bread-and-almost-paleo-bread/ I made some last night and it is pretty good. Not as sweet as regular bread used to be but I guess you can add some sweeters to the mix if you wanted. All in all, I think it would be really tasty with your low carb nutella spread.

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