Broiled Salmon and Tomato

Broiled Salmon and tomato


Salmon is so good for you and majorly delicious too! One of the many great ways to have this marvelous fish is to broil it. I like this recipe because it is simple, fast, and tasty!

I always try to marinade my meat a day before I make it. So if you are reading this now, you can get to prepping and have it ready to go for tomorrow. It is a nice teaser for your family to see what is marinating in the frig when they open the door scavenging for food. I always hear, “Oh, we are having salmon tonight” Sorry no, maybe if you play your cards right I will make it tomorrow, pending your dish washing skills tonight, ha!

My daughter is not a big fan of the onion and garlic combo I broil with the fish, so after cooking I put them in a side dish. My hubby and I can top ours with the onions/garlic and she can have hers without and just the tomato on the side. This keeps everyone happy 🙂


2 4oz Salmon filets

 1tbs extra virgin olive oil2 limes

¼ chopped red onion

1 minced garlic clove

2 tomatoes


The day before:

Rinse your salmon fillets and pat them dry. Place them in a heavy duty Ziploc bag. Cut the limes and squeeze the juice onto the fillets. Throw the lime peels in the bag too. Add your onion and garlic in the bag and seal. Put in the refrigerator overnight.

The day of:

Preheat your broiler to high(500F) and line your broiling pan with foil

Put the fillets on the foil skin side down

Brush the meat with extra virgin olive oil

Throw away the lime peels and put the garlic and onion  around the salmon

Cut the tomatoes in halves and put skin side down

Sprinkle the top of the fish and veggies with salt and pepper

Put them under the broiler for 8-10 minutes

Plate them immediately and garnish with an herb of choice

Serves 2

 Per Serving: Calories 111, Carbs 9, Protein 12


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  1. Thank you for this recipe!! We are Bostonians that are used to really fresh ocean white fish but now exiled in GA with nothing but farm raised . This recipe is EXCELLENT and we actually enjoy eating farm raised salmon! THANK YOU!!!!

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